Spiffy’s NFL Playoff Picks

This year is one of the toughest to pick. Ever. Last year I was pretty good with everything except underestimating the Giants, but here I could see anyone except Miami and Arizona winning it all if everything went right.

My picks follow.

These cheeks never lie. Panthers will be crowned Super Bowl champs!

These cheeks, like Spiffy, never lie.

Baltimore vs. Miami: Baltimore (Imagine if NE was the matchup, that would be crazy)
Stud of the Game: Le’Ron McClain (because I drafted him at fullback on Madden)

Indianapolis vs. San Diego: Indianapolis (Although I really want to pick San Diego winning a game, I can’t go against Peyton)
Stud of the Game: Peyton Manning. Duh (but Dominic Rhodes will continue to make anyone who liked Addai ever want to cringe).

Tennessee vs. Baltimore: Tennessee (I definitely think the Ravens could stifle all aspects of the Titans offense, but I like the Titans more)
Stud of the Game: Cortland Finnegan.

Pittsburgh vs. Indianapolis: Indianapolis (I hate the Steelers more than any other team, and I don’t think their offense is good enough to make a big run in the playoffs, even with their awesome D. Peyton is the worst draw they could get.)
Stud of the Game: Peyton Manning.

Tennessee vs. Indianapolis: Tennessee (The Johnson/White duo will be too much, and I think we’ll have a Justin Gage sighting).
Stud O’ the Game: Chris Johnson.


Philadelphia vs. Minnesota: Philadelphia (I predicted the Eagles making the playoffs ever since the Bengal tie debacle, so I gotta keep on the train)
Stud O’ the Game: Donovan F. McNabb (although Westbrook dominates in games that I don’t predict him to, or don’t start him, or think he’s injured).

Arizona vs. Atlanta: Arizona (This one I think is the biggest toss up in the first round. The Cardinals aren’t very good, but I think that they can air it out nicely, and it’s at home).
Stud O’ the Game: The Bearded One.

NY Giants vs. Eagles: Giants (Yes, the Eagles dominated the Giants in the regular season, and I could see that happen again, but I think the Giants will be ready, especially with Jacobs to punch them in the mouth)
Stud O’ the Game: Brandon ‘Behemoth Cock’ Jacobs and the O-line.

Carolina vs. Arizona: Carolina (Easy)
Stud O’ the Game: Jake Delhomme, actually. I’m tired of DeAngelo Williams being unstoppable.

NY Giants vs. Carolina: Panthers (I keep going back and forth on this, but I’m going with my 3rd favorite NFL team, after the Seahawks and the Texans)
Stud O’ the Game: Steve Smith and D-homme.

Super Bowl:
Carolina vs. Tennessee: Panthers baby!

Yeah I don’t know, but I’m still hurting from being oh so close to being right when I picked them to beat the Patriots in 2003 (or was it 2002?). I think they can go the extra mile this year.

Sidenote: I’d pick the Eagles, Panthers and Giants over any team in the AFC (because I hate defense apparently: Baltimore and Pitt must hate my guts).

Also, if I picked the Chargers to beat the Colts, I would’ve picked them to beat their next opponent. I love me some Darren Sproles.



3 Responses to “Spiffy’s NFL Playoff Picks”

  1. davidry214 Says:

    Good picks. Now for what will really happen. 😉

    Indianapolis @ San Diego: San Diego
    Players O’ the Game: Phillip Rivers and Antonio Cromarte. Yes, LT is hurt, but he hasn’t exactly been stellar all year. Even if he doesn’t play at all, I like SD (Sproles might be as good now anyway). This is Rivers’ team now, and I think he pulls the upset. Cromarte plays well against Peyton, too.

    Baltimore @ Miami: Baltimore
    Player O’ the Game: Ed Reed. It’s all about the Baltimore D in this game, and Reed, the league leader in interceptions, has a penchant for picks in big games. He and the other will keep Pennington rattled, and as Pennington goes, so go the Dolphins.

    San Diego @ Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh
    Players O’ the Game: Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu. I think this will be a great game, and I would take the winner over anyone from the other divisional game.

    Baltimore @ Tennessee: Tennessee
    Player O’ the Game: Chris Brown. Like you, I think the Ravens match up well here, but I can’t quite pick them. I think it’ll be close, and maybe this is where Flacco’s inexperience makes just enough of a difference.

    Pittsburgh @ Tennessee: Pittsburgh
    Player O’ the Game: James Harrison. Defense wins championships, and while it might not win one for Pitt, the Steelers are going to have a shot, me thinks. Harrison should’ve gotten more MVP votes, and I think he’ll be all over the Titan RBs in this one.

    AFC Champs: Pittsburgh

    I like this pick, but my confidence is hardly through the roof. I could see either team winning between the Colts and Chargers, and I feel confident it’ll be between that winner and the Steelers to win the AFC. But did I pick the correct one of those three, given Pitt’s offensive woes? Fuck if I know.

    Atlanta @ Arizona: Arizona
    Player O’ the Game: Larry Fitzgerald. Most people are taking the Falcons, and it’s not hard to see why, given how much this game favors big numbers from Turner. But I think the Cardinal air assault wins out in a fairly high-scoring game.

    Philadelphia @ Minnesota: Minnesota
    Players O’ the Game: the Viking D-Line. My gut says Pat Williams plays, and that might push Minnesota over the top. He, K-Will and Jared Allen might be the most morally questionable D-front in the league, but they can stifle Westbrook and hassle McNabb. Add in Peterson controlling time of possession for the Viking offense, and I think Minnesota squeaks by.

    Arizona @ New York Giants: New York
    Player O’ the Game: Derrick Ward, the coolest of the Giant RBs. 😉

    Minnesota @ Carolina: Carolina
    Player O’ the Game: D’Angelo Williams. I think this is actually a great game, but since D’Angelo turned into this year’s fantasy Billy Volek, I’ll pick him and the Panthers to keep it up.

    Carolina @ New York Giants: New York
    Player O’ the Game: Eli Manning. I think this is a mini-Super Bowl in its own right, but I like the Giants at home.

    NFC Champ: New York Giants

    I feel more confident on this one. The NFC has the better teams from top to bottom, but I’d be surprised if someone other than NY or Carolina made it out of the conference. Of course, as you so nicely brought up, I had the Giants losing in the first round last year, so who knows, maybe we’re in for another surprise team.

    Super Bowl
    Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New York Giants
    Winner: New York, 27-17, giving us the first back-to-back winner in more than a decade.
    Super Bowl MVP: Brandon Jacobs (who scores three touchdowns).

    Will I be right, or will the more logical thing happen, and not a single prediction will be correct? The first game starts in 45 minutes, so we’ll start to find out soon. Get excited; this is a great playoff year.

  2. spiffyithaca Says:

    Well, the Patriots won back to back titles like 3 years ago, but I definitely think your picks are very likely to happen. I really love the Giants a lot, but I think the absence of Burress will hurt.

    The Steelers could easily be the dominant team in the AFC, I just think their offense is shaky (if they benched FWP and started MeMo, they’d win it all), I’m biased, and the Titans beat them fairly convincingly during the regular season.

    Also: Darren Sproles rules

  3. #1 Jeff Fan Says:

    Comics please.

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