Two new members! Count ’em: two!


Our family here at Groin Central just keeps getting bigger!  Say hello to Rob (hypergraffic) and Lia (dillonmania), the latest to join the ranks of the proud! The brave! The Grointastic! Both Rob and Lia are old friends who know a thing or two about awesome. Rob’s commented on our blog before as “robthesolarman,” “volcanorob” and “#1 Jeff Fan,” while Lia’s commented as… well, “Lia.”

Now, we at this here blog take new members very seriously, so I thought you might like a sneak peek at how we approached our latest contributors:

Gokitalo (7:26:07 PM): Rob! I will now bestow upon you the Mighty Powers of Grointasticness!
Gokitalo (7:27:32 PM): Hold my Enchanted Groin aloft and let the Power of Groinskull surge through you!
Volcano R o b (7:27:42 PM): uhhhhh

So everyone give us a nice, warm welcome to the new guys!


2 Responses to “Two new members! Count ’em: two!”

  1. dillonmania Says:

    Watch out for their groins, Rob; they’ll zero in on you like heat-seeking missiles.

  2. spiffyithaca Says:

    Welcome Rob and Lia!

    Love the Groinskull/Enchanted groin stuff Goki. You have a gift for loins humor.

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