Site pimpin’


Check out the new category on the right: “Our sites!” Here’s where we’ll put up links to sites we own/co-run in alphabetical order. First up is Lia/dillonmania’s America’s Heroes: Freedom Force site, which focuses on the old Marvel Comics super-team made up of mostly ex-Brotherhood of Evil Mutants members. Next is Lia’s Hail the Rogues! site, a LiveJournal about, you guessed it, the Flash’s Rogues gallery. Then there’s Rob/hypergraffic’s Ultimate X site, your place for Ultimate Marvel news.

Of course, I can’t go without mentioning Spiffy’s Comic Castle 4 message board, which in many ways is the granddaddy of this here blog. It’s one of the places where the five us of us really got to bond and talk about comics, movies, TV… “everything awesome, really.”  Though it’s no longer active (Spiffy hasn’t picked a completely arbitrary date to bring it back yet), it’s a great time capsule for us in terms of comics and in terms of our friendship. Although I have to admit that some of the things I said back then make me cringe today…

And yes, I know that Comic Castle 5 link at the top of the page doesn’t work anymore. That’s because there no longer is a Comic Castle 5. D’urh.


One Response to “Site pimpin’”

  1. dillonmania Says:

    I’m so excited to be pimped!! …er, wait.

    The Rogues comm: more fangirls than you can shake a stick at! Also, a little bit of porn.

    Everybody’s embarrassed by things they said on the Internet years ago. I think that’s what the Net was secretly intended for.

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