Weekly Recommendations for 1/14/09


Welcome to another week of what Time Magazine calls the “tits”, but I apologize in advance for what is a flimsy, clumsy and unfunny edition of Weekly Recommendations.

DC Comics

Faces of Evil: Prometheus #1: I would’ve skipped this, but Goki mentioned it in our Weekly Spotlight, so I guess it’s important for the ole FOE crossover thing. Uh, get it (was that convincing enough?)

Final Crisis #6: Goki’s spotlight of the week!

Green Arrow/Black Canary #16:¬†After his first issue, Andrew Kreisberg looks like a promising addition to the series, bringing the focus back to Ollie and Dinah. Hopefully, it’s the first step toward making this one of the better DC titles out there, something Green Arrow consistently was when Kevin Smith brought him back to life.

Image Comics

I Hate Gallant Girl #3 (of 3): Because she likes Giants, that bitch! Why does that make me angry, you ask? Because…

I Kill Giants #7 (of 7): The stunning conclusion of a series AA hated, and IGN loves.


Wonderful Wizard of Oz #2 (of 8): Wizard of Oz was the first movie I ever saw as a kid, and I still love it to this day. So you’d think I should be interested in reading this, then, but I’m not. That said, I hear it’s excellent (run in circles much?).


Battlestar Galactica: Cylon War #1 (of 4): I don’t read the comics, but I may have to after the incredible fucktastic Sci-Fi Channel original series ends this year (it returns with new episodes this Friday at 10 PM, ‘natch), because I’ll be suffering from awesome withdrawal (look it up, it’s a serious medical condition replete with warts and diarrhea). Which is what happens to those of you who stop reading this here blog.

My Grandparents Are Secret Agents GN: How much would this suck? Instead of getting lavish gifts, money and delightful company from your elder family members, you have to deal with lies, secrecy and sex appeal (because all secret agents are sexy; I think that’s what the underlying theme of Alias was, aside from the¬†whole Rambaldi bit). Rough city, dude.

Hannah Montana Cinemanga GN Vol 7: I feel bad for Miley Cyrus. She’s a 16 year old demi god who gets to go to the Golden Globes, but darn it, she got a “hand me down” porsche for her birthday. Bummer! I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that come 2014, her and I will be married.

What’s Spiffy buying? No Marvel for the first time ever. Final Crisis, Booster Gold and Green Arrow/Black Canary. And I’ll check Green Lantern Corps out.


7 Responses to “Weekly Recommendations for 1/14/09”

  1. gokitalo Says:

    I mentioned Faces of Evil: Prometheus not just because it was a FoE tie-in, but because Prometheus is one of the few non-powered villains to almost single-handedly beat the entire JLA. He’s also going to be the major villain in the first story of the upcoming Justice League series, which this story’s going to lead into.

    In other words: Prometheus is pretty rad.

    I read issue one of I Kill Giants online. It was alright, but not spectacular.

    I think you may have summed up the way most people feel when they hear about a Wizard of Oz comic. Which is a shame, because Eric Shanower is a pretty awesome creator (Age of Bronze for the win!). Given the strength of Age of Bronze (which I just started reading a few weeks back), I’m tempted to give this one a book…

    Just because you’re not marrying Miley Cyrus until she’s legal doesn’t mean you’re not lusting for her now. I call pedo!

    By the way, remember when I picked Beanworld for one of our Weekly Recommendations? I BOUGHT IT

  2. spiffyithaca Says:

    He does sound pretty rad indeed. What’s also rad? The fact that you love to use the word “rad”.

    Buy Oz Goki! Buy it, review it and make love to it!

    You’re probably right about Miley…although her teeth are weird.

    How was Beanworld? Review it! Or just tell me via e-mail or AIM sometime.

  3. dillonmania Says:

    Prometheus is one of those characters I know very little about, but am curious to know more. I loves my villains.

  4. hypergraffic Says:

    Prometheus is the MAN.

    He beat up Batman, turned J’onn into a pile of melted boogers, took control of Steel’s armor, made Kyle’s ring worthless, and mind-fucked the Flash so hard that I will never forget it.

    He has been pretty lame since then though. Maybe his return in Justice League will be a return to glory.

  5. gokitalo Says:

    Rob summed up Prometheus’ awesomeness so beautifully. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find Face of Evil: Prometheus or Faces of Evil: Grundy at my store! They must’ve sold pretty fast. On a slightly related note, I’ve had trouble finding some of Marvel’s “Dark Reign” issues too…

  6. gokitalo Says:

    Oh, and I’ll get to Beanworld. Soon.

  7. spiffyithaca Says:

    You best.

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