Weekly Spotlight for 1/13


I was chatting with my Spifftastic compadre the other day and he came up with a new feature: Weekly Spotlight! Here we pick one comic coming out this week that we’re pumped for, or at least one we think is noteworthy.

This week we spotlight…

That's not a Batarang in his pocket.

 Final Crisis #6

 D’uh, right?

This is a big week for DC, with “New Krypton” concluding in the Superman titles and the Faces of Evil: Prometheus special coming out this week (a whole lot of “Faces of Evil” titles come out this week, actually). But the biggest, however, is Final Crisis #6. Not just because it’s DC’s biggest crossover and is written by Grant Morrison and is J.G. Jones’ last issue on artwork. This issue promises to reveal the final fate of Batman, who we keep hearing could actually die for real. Oh sure, we heard the same thing about “Batman R.I.P.” and look what happened, but apparently it was Morrison’s plan all along to save Batman’s last hurrah (assuming it is his last) in the pages of Final Crisis.

Personally, I’ve found Final Crisis to be a very mixed bag so far: I liked issues 1 and 4 and the “quantum blunderbuss” in issue 5 (classic Morrison awesomeness), but wasn’t too enthralled by 2, 3, and the non-blunderbuss sections of 5 (hint: it only showed up in one panel). Still, this could be the issue where things pick up, since it’s the second-to-last issue of the series and one of DC’s most iconic characters’ life hangs in the balance. I also hear that one of Morrison’s biggest concepts from his original JLA run is coming back. And I mean BIG. Maybe not Goki’s Giving Groin big or even Spiffy’s Canadian-sized Jack Johnson big, but let’s just say you might have trouble seeing the sun in the sky when Final Crisis #6 comes out…


6 Responses to “Weekly Spotlight for 1/13”

  1. Weekly Recommendations for 1/14/09 « Goki’s Giving Groin Says:

    […] Final Crisis #6: Goki’s spotlight of the week! […]

  2. spiffyithaca Says:

    I agree on all accounts, even though I didn’t jizz over the blunderbuss section, because I’m not even sure what the fuck that even means. Another thing completely over my head in Final Crisis!

    I’ve enjoyed it, but it’s going to take a strong final two issues for all the hubbub to even be worth it. This issue, however, practically promises to be my favorite, just because it follows the excellent RIP/Last Rites stories in Morrison’s Batman.

    Who takes over for Jones after this issue? Pacheco?

  3. gokitalo Says:

    I’m not sure if Pacheco will draw anything next issue (although he’d do an awesome job), but the main artist will be Doug Mahnke, who’s currently drawing the Final Crisis tie-in Superman Beyond. Mahnke used to be pretty hit-or-miss for me, but his artwork’s gotten pretty good lately. I think he’ll definitely add more energy to the fight scenes; J.G. Jones’ fights were a little too static-looking for my tastes.

  4. spiffyithaca Says:

    I loved his art on the Requiem, so I’m not too brokenhearted by this news, and in fact, I feel like you’ve told me this before, or at least I knew it. Mahnke needs a title to call his own after FC is said and done.

    Bought FC, and will read it soon!

  5. dillonmania Says:

    It was too fucking cold here to walk to the comic store, so I’ll get it later. When is spring going to get here?!

  6. gokitalo Says:

    To quote the scans_daily people: MOTTO.

    Then again, spring makes my allergies act up. Still, warm weather…

    I’d forgotten Mahnke did Requiem. He DID do a good job on that.

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