DC April 2009 solits highlights


DC has released its April 2009 solicitations and they’ve got some pretty interesting stuff coming out! I’m not going to do a full rundown in case AA and Spiffy decide to do one of their legendary Preview Reviews (also, I’m lazy), but here are a few things that caught my eye:

Action Comics $876- Ursa!

Superman: World of New Krypton #2- mainly because Greg Rucka’s co-writing. Rucka and James Robinson could make an interesting writing combo…

The Flash: Rebirth #1- The comic poised to restore Barry Allen as THE Flash of the DCU premieres this month, written and drawn by the awesome Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver, respectively. I know some people are a little skeptical about Barry’s return, but if there’s one creative team that can pull it off, it’s Johns and Sciver. They did an excellent job bringing Hal Jordan back in Green Lantern: Rebirth and an even better job of kicking off the “Sinestro Corps War” storyline, so expect to see that same magic here. Not to mention Final Crisis: Rogues Revenge was the best of the Final Crisis tie-ins and a reminder that Geoff Johns’ Flash-fu is very, very strong. That said, the solit says another speedster is going to turn up dead, which could tick some people off…

Justice Society of America #26- After 10 years of JSA stories, Geoff Johns is saying good-bye. Honestly, Johns’ reboot of the JSA was a little slow for my taste. Still, the man has brought so much to these characters, and I loved the work he did with David Goyer in the previous series. This is artist Dave Eaglesham’s (whose art has been incredible on this series) and editor Michael Siglain’s last issue too: it really feels like the end of an era. No idea if Alex Ross is going to continue painting covers for the series, but if not, this is a great cover to go out on.

Teen Titans Annual 2009 #1- Wait! That guy on the cover with the hoodie! Could it be… Bart Allen?! Geoff Johns had hinted Legion of Three Worlds would make Impulse fans very happy… that said, I probably won’t pick the annual up. Just cuz.

Solomon Grundy #2- Scott Kolins is drawing AND writing? I’m intrigued.

Batman: Scarecrow and Two-Face TPB- this is a weird one, but it includes Bruce Jones’ two-issue retelling of Scarecrow’s origin. I liked #1, but forgot to buy issue 2…

The Flash Presents: Mercury Falling TPB- wow, this is the second Impulse trade DC’s going to put out this year. I’ve always wanted to check out this story anyway, which I think deals with the fate of Impulse’s mentor, Max Mecury.

The History of the DC Universe: New Printing- originally published not long after Crisis on Infinite Earths, this series was basically a primer of the DCU in a post-Crisis world. I’ve always wanted to get it, even if some of that information is probably out of date by now.

JLA Deluxe Edition #2 HC- I have all the stories in here except JLA/Wildcats, so I’m not sure I should buy it. If you haven’t checked out Morrison’s JLA, however, do yourself a favor and buy this and Volume 1. Morrison’s JLA redefined superhero teams.

Robin: The Teen Wonder TPB- I like how Alex Ross tastefully obscures Robin’s crotch. Plus, collecting stories of all the Robins isn’t a bad idea.

Starman: Omnibus Vol. 3- It would’ve been nice if DC included The Shade mini-series when it was collecting Starman the first time around, but better now than ever. Starman‘s a great series, by the way.

Static Shock: Rebirth of the Cool TPB- I actually found out only a few weeks ago while browsing the archives of The Fourth Rail that this series existed. I’ve read bits and pieces of Dwayne McDuffie’s original Static series and liked it, so count me onboard for this one. Perfect timing too, what with the Milestone characters being introduced to the DC Universe and all.

Superman: Ending Battle- I’m surprised they didn’t collect this years ago! This was a big, 8-part crossover in the Superman titles, in which someone who knows Superman’s secret identity sics a bunch of his worst villains on him and Metropolis. I heard the story was a bit uneven, but Geoff Johns and Joe Kelly did the best parts.

Point Blank New Edition TPB- I actually own this already, but I bring it up because not many people may know that this was a prelude to Ed Brubaker’s critically-acclaimed Sleeper. So if you liked Sleeper, you might want to pick this up.

Absolute Promethea Vol. 1 HC- I’m pleasantly surprised this is getting the Absolute treatment. Then again, this is Alan Moore we’re talking about here. Although 99 bucks ain’t cheap…

Bayou Vol. 1 TPB- For those who don’t know, Bayou is a beautiful web-comic by Jeremy Love about racism and fantastical beings (I think) in 1930s Mississipi. Been a while since I’ve read, but trust me: this series is totally worth your time. Not convinced? Then read it online for free and see for yourself!

Fables #83, Jack of Fables #33, The Literals #1- Crossovers are pretty rare in Vertigo titles, so this is kind of a big deal. Especially since almost everyone loves Fables: davidry can tell you why. A friend of mine gave me Fables Vol. 1 as a Christmas gift, so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do…

Seaguy: The Slaves of Mickey Eye #1- finally, Grant Morrison’s back to creator-owned stuff! He probably needed a break from mainstream comics anyway, judging by the uneven quality of Final Crisis. Anyway, Seaguy’s the story of a normal guy who fights crime in a scuba suit and has a floating fish sidekick and is in love with a bearded woman and… you know what, just Wiki it. I read issue 1 of the first series and it was weird in that good, Morrison way.

Unknown Soldier #7- I’m just mentioning it because I had wanted to check out this series, but completely forgot about it. I hear it’s good, though.

Uncle Sam Deluxe Edition HC- I own Uncle Sam and you should too. It’s gotten praise from Alan Moore and it’s one of the few non-superhero comics Alex Ross has worked on (his art is as beautiful as ever, by the way). Most importantly, it’s a story that makes you take a good, hard look at America’s history through one of the country’s most prominent icons.

Blackest Night Series Action 1 Action Figures- at last, a Black Lantern stands revealed! His body has been shadowed out, but you could narrow it down to a few people easily. Besides, the solit tells you who it is anyway. SPOILER IN WHITE TEXT: It’s Earth-2 Superman.

I might to a Marvel one next, or post up some reviews. Either way, stay tuned!


3 Responses to “DC April 2009 solits highlights”

  1. dillonmania Says:

    The action figure ad also spoils another Black Lantern — this one’s not as big a spoiler, but interesting nonetheless…

    I’m probably just getting Flash: Rebirth.

  2. gokitalo Says:

    Your wallet must be thanking you, Lia! Yeah, if I only got one comic in April, it’d probably be Rebirth.

  3. spiffyithaca Says:

    As far as the stuff highlighted, Flash: Rebirth is the only thing I’m buying for sure, and then I may check out Grundy’s mini series. Kolins doing both writing and art is curious indeed (he did co-write the oneshot).

    Good stuff Goki. I don’t think Preview Reviews will return until summer time, which is sad, but ah well. You never know though!

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