Get drunk with X-Men The Animated Series return to DVD



“Hey! Don’t forget us,” says Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. According to TV Shows on DVD they’re bringing the original X-Men Animated Series back to DVD, with Volumes 1 and 2 of the ’90s favorite. What is in these volumes exactly? Who knows. But they’ll each be two discs and retail for $23.99. Will there be more volumes to come? We don’t know that either. Maybe no more trolling eBay for the burned (and illegal) DVD sets of every episode! How did DISNEY get their hands on these rights? The Mouse has power, guys.

But the good news is now you too can relieve all your old favorites crammed into a couple of discs, AND play the companion X-Men Drinking Game! Gather your friends and follow the instructions after the jump!

Drink if:

1. Storm gets claustrophobic or says “WINDS, HEED MY CALL!”
2. Rogue complains about not being able to touch someone
3. The replay the scene of Morph saving Wolverine. “Wolverine! Fall back!” ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP.
4. Gambit makes a G-Rated sexual innuendo that makes no sense.
5. Wolverine can’t remember something.
6. Charles makes a REALLY weird face while experiencing some sort of psionic flash.
7. Jean screams: “I… AM…. PHOEEEEENIIIIIIX!”
8. You see that totally non-canon electric current Wolverine’s claws make in the opening theme when he spreads his arms.
9. Jubilee says some 90s slang that you wouldn’t be caught dead saying now. “As if!”
10. Cyclops tells somebody to follow orders.

Now, chug your drink if:

1. Jean dumps the “Christmas food” on Gambit’s head.
2. A comics-canon member of the X-Men appears and the team acts like they’ve never seen/heard of him/her before.
3. Somebody time-travels. (Bishop, Cable, Apocalypse…)
4. One of Charles’ ex-girlfriends shows up. Gabrielle Haller, Moira, Amelia Voght, Lilandra… Dude gets around!
5. The X-Men actually use the Danger Room.
6. Wolverine actually cuts someone with his claws.

You should be hammered by disc 2!


4 Responses to “Get drunk with X-Men The Animated Series return to DVD”

  1. Gokitalo Says:

    Here’s one more: chug every time Professor X screams. Trust me, he has one of the funniest screams on television.

    X-Men TAS on DVD. I’m so happy.

  2. hypergraffic Says:

    Haha, I just noticed he screams in the new series too. AND makes faces. In the first episode! Some things just never change!

  3. spiffyithaca Says:

    Yeah I laughed out loud when that happened, especially after reading this post. Great stuff here Rob, I’m definitely going to have to play this game.

    As far as buying the DVD’s we’ll see, but it definitely was one of the better superhero cartoons ever.

  4. dillonmania Says:

    Pyro has a really weird/girly scream in that show too. I was not impressed!

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