The Fall of the Blue Beetle

"The Fall of the Blue Beetle"

Batman teams up with Ted Kord, the old Blue Beetle. Image Credit: ComicMix

I’ve got to admit, I’ve been watching this show since it’s debut in November, but I’ve yet to really come to a final determination on how I feel about it.

The concept is 100% there. A fresh take on an animated Batman, removing him from his element in Gotham City (a necessity for this concept), and dropping him into a different situation with a different hero or anti-hero (shout out the Goki!) each episode. The animation quality is excellent. The pacing is speedy. The voice-acting (when the right voice is chosen) is tops. Pretty solid basis for an animated series.

But there’s something about a more talkative, Silver Age-esque Batman that rubs a fan like me the wrong way. I’m used to a “silent yet brilliant” Batman who makes even the biggest foe pause with just a narrowing of his eyes. A major point of contention for me is the villains and heroes that Batman is teaming with… They aren’t A-List, which is part of the point, but they also aren’t very gripping. Aquaman as an overly aloof monarch, Kamandi, and Wildcat are some of the low points of his partners. The Gentleman Ghost (sorry, WHO?) Kanjar Ro (whoa, blast from the past, kids) and an odd incarnation of Toyman dubbed Fun Haus include some of the odd choices of villains.

Something keeps me coming back, though. And one of those things is the new Blue Beetle. Jaime Reyes as Batman’s occasional side-kick/protege brings a little excitement and inexperience to the series. So I was pleased to see that this week’s episode, “The Fall of the Blue Beetle” dealt not only with Jaime, but with Ted Kord, his predecessor to the mantle of Blue Beetle.

The plot to this episode brings something that, to a viewer like me, the series has been severely lacking: a sense of continuity! Batman has mentioned Jaime’s predecessor in the past, and Jaime takes the initiative to find out who he was, and what happened to him. Batman’s reluctance to help only eggs him on.

There are a couple of cool plot twists to the episode, and some throwbacks to some classic DC stuff. A highlight of the episode is definitely Batman and Kord’s affinity and shared-interest in techno-gadgets.

Certainly an episode worth catching if you’ve been watching the series, and a nice place to jump in if you haven’t. Hopefully this marks a shift in the series that will allow for a little more continuity from episode to episode.



6 Responses to “The Fall of the Blue Beetle”

  1. dillonmania Says:

    Hey, no dissing Gentleman Ghost! He’s awesome!

    There’s even going to be a GG action figure in an upcoming wave of DCU Classics.

  2. hypergraffic Says:

    You WOULD stand up for the random rogue. Haha.

  3. dillonmania Says:

    I loves my minor villains ❤ Actually, the first story I saw him in was Flash v.2 #19, when he attended Captain Cold’s party for some reason. Why they invited a ghost they’d never been shown to have met before, I have no idea, but a polite ghost with an English accent is kickass.

  4. Gokitalo Says:

    Seconded. Even though I’ve never read a comic in which the Gentleman Ghost plays a big part, I think the concept’s awesome.

    Glad to hear this week’s Brave & The Bold was awesome! I’d heard about this episode when Will Friedle (a.ka. Blue Beetle) plugged it in an interview, so I’m happy to hear it met the hype. Plus, Ted Kord’s just awesome.

    It was a tough call between this and the Wolverine & The X-Men premiere. Thanks to the wonders of TiVo, however, I didn’t have to choose between the two! Now I just need to WATCH them…

  5. spiffyithaca Says:

    What channel is this on? I had no idea it existed, but it sounds pretty sweet, and I love me some Blue Beetle (Ted Kord’s death still saddens me greatly, as I feel like he would’ve grown to be my 2nd favorite DC character).

    Does Booster Gold show up in this at all? I’ll have to go find this online…

  6. hypergraffic Says:

    Spiff, it’s on Cartoon Network! 8:30PM Fridays, right up against Wolverine and the X-Men. Thoooose sneaky bastards.

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