Hindsight, Parts 1 and 2

Hindsight, Parts 1 and 2

Hindsight, Parts 1 and 2

Wolverine is haunted. It has been a year since the Xavier Institute was destroyed in an inexplicable explosion that left the X-Men splintered, and Charles Xavier and Jean Grey unaccounted for. Visions of the incident continue to plague his dreams. In the X-Men’s absence, the Mutant Response Division has begun detaining “dangerous” mutants. When the MRD goes too far by kidnapping and torturing a non-mutant family that has helped Logan recoup from injuries he sustained, he decides they’ve gone too far.

The series begins strongly, by thrusting you directly into a story already in progress. Foregoing the typical origin stories, or “get to know you” episodes, the first hour of the series focuses on establishing the tone of the series, and the current state of affairs for mutants in this universe.

The characters are very familiar, and maintain most of the characteristics and personalities that many are familiar with. Rogue maintains a close, yet troubled, relationship with Wolverine, a la the X-MEN films, as well as possessing simply her absorption abilities. Many more familiar faces show up, including Angel, who declines to officially rejoin the team, but will remain on the sidelines operating from within his father’s corporation, and a seemingly broken Cyclops,who has no interest in tackling the problems facing mutantkind without Jean Grey by his side.

The X-Men are also up against quite a lot in the way of antagonists. Not only are the MRD on their heels, headed up by who appears to be Colonel Wraith (with what seem to be Wolverine-inflicted facial scars), but they’re also under political attack from Senator Kelly, supported in part by Worthington Industries. On the mutant angle, The Brotherhood of Mutants, led by Domino and Quicksilver, are heading the X-Men off at every turn. In the first hour alone they’ve recruited Rogue, and faked the X-Men into appearing to be responsible for an attack on Senator Kelly’s life.

With such a fast-paced start, the questions and mysteries that remain unanswered are many. Who attacked the mansion? What exactly happened to Jean and Charles? Whose side is Rogue truly on? And where are the rest of the X-Men? It looks like a pretty good set up for season one.

I don’t have any kind of rating system for the series, but I would say this was an A+ start. Definitely worth a watch!


5 Responses to “Hindsight, Parts 1 and 2”

  1. dillonmania Says:

    Needs moar Pyro and Avalanche!

    Beast is the best character in the show by far.

  2. hypergraffic Says:

    Beast IS pretty awesome. Whats up with Avalanche’s weird accent? I can’t place it. Not that he’s had many lines to let me figure it out…

  3. spiffyithaca Says:

    I definitely didn’t like it as much as you Rob, but there are definite strengths which you pointed out, such as thrusting us in this story. I love the fact that we start out “one year later”, something that seems pretty intense for a children’s show. I haven’t been impressed by the dialogue or action so much yet, but I’m staying open minded.

    I love that Domino is apart of the brotherhood. She’s a babe, and an interesting choice.

    The best part of the show are the commercials with the kids expressing how awesome every thing is, and the key on the screen, like “Tim — on the steps” or “Stephanie — up a tree”. Loved it.

  4. dillonmania Says:

    Comics Avalanche is Greek, and I suspect they’re trying to go for that (much to my delight, as his origins are usually forgotten). The accent is erratic, sometimes seeming Russian, but occasionally he does sound a bit Greek.

  5. Gokitalo Says:

    Saw part one, wasn’t bad. Going to check out part two (and this week’s episode) soon…

    The best part of the show are the commercials with the kids expressing how awesome every thing is, and the key on the screen, like “Tim — on the steps” or “Stephanie — up a tree”. Loved it.


    Nah, they grew on me.

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