Hindsight, Part 3


Hindsight, Part 3

Zordon, I mean Xavier, appears to the X-Men.

At the end of last episode, Rogue’s betrayal became… Obvious? The question remains as to her true motives, but Logan and Warren seem to be under the impression that she was simply used by The Brotherhood to set up the X-Men, running off afterward due to guilt. When she returns to The Brotherhood’s headquarters, she’s welcomed backed with a pretty nasty grin on her face.

As the show opens, the X-Men are regrouping, with Warren taking it upon himself to rebuild the mansion using his father’s funds, and the introduction of Forge, the team’s… I guess you’d call him their Chief Engineer, charged with reconstructing the technical aspects of the mansion, including Cerebro and the Danger Room. He happens  to be a tad overwhelmed by the amount of work on his plate at the moment.

A couple of familiar faces join the team, including Emma Frost, whose motives are questionable, and Cyclops, who returns somewhat begrudgingly after an 2nd visit from Wolverine, who has info on Xavier’s whereabouts.

Those whereabouts happen to be Genosha, home to Magneto and his peaceful country of mutants. While Beast has uncovered no evidence that Magneto was responsible for the explosion at the mansion the year prior, Wolverine still decides to go in with claws popped. I’ll leave the rest for you to see for yourselves.

This episode is a bit light on the action, and heavy on build-up. This easily should’ve been it’s own episode, rather than billed as part of a three-part opener. The pacing is solid, and is giving us a chance to get a look at the personalities of the team. We get glimpses at a young, somewhat goofy Forge, a very calculating Emma (“Ask Logan, if he has his way I’ll be gone by tomorrow”), and a reckless Cyclops, who seems to have only one thing on his mind. You also get to see the fairly young members of the team hold their own against an extremely pissed, yet cool, Magneto.

Lots of set-up going on, and to me that is a pretty good thing. My only real concern, now that I’m sure everyone saw last week’s premier, is the Rogue situation. Attention Craig Kyle and Greg Johnson: Please get over your boner for Rogue flip-flopping between the X-Men and The Brotherhood. You’ve done it before. Okay, I get that it happened in the previous X-Men animated serious as well. But you wrote that too.

Next Episode: A warning from the future sends the X-Men on a mission to save one of their own from herself.



4 Responses to “Hindsight, Part 3”

  1. spiffyithaca Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly about Rogue. Just get her back on the X-Men. Or hell, make her on the brotherhood for good, that’d be interesting.

    It was a pretty good episode, and I really think Emma Frost’s presence will do a lot for the show. Hopefully loosen Scott up a bit.

  2. hypergraffic Says:

    I don’t think Scott is gonna loosen up much. And Emma is doing a pretty good job of securing herself a place on the team.

  3. dillonmania Says:

    Emma is fucking annoying. So is Rogue, for that matter. They’re pretty much the only characters in the show I dislike.

  4. gokitalo Says:

    Finally saw it, as well as part two of “Hindsight.” Not bad. I agree with Lia about Rogue, but not Emma. I don’t have strong feelings for Emma either way at this point: she’s not as entertaining as Morrison’s version, but she doesn’t drive me up a wall, either. Her addition does add an extra something to the character interactions, I admit.

    I’m a little surprised to see Wolverine and Rogue have the same relationship they had in the X-Men movies. I was hoping to see that kind of bond between Logan and Kitty, but hey, there’s plenty of time for that to happen.

    We didn’t see her much this episode, but I’m kind of wondering what Domino’s doing with the Brotherhood. Is there a legit, in-character reason for why she joined, or are they taking liberties with her personality, I wonder (like they’re doing with Quicksilver, ARGH)? I’m also wondering when Mystique will show up…

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