Highlights of the NY Comic-Con


New York Comic-Con is here! And when there’s a major con, there’s often major news. Here’s some stuff that caught my eye:

Flash: Rebirth– To whet the appetite, DC’s released five preview pages of the story poised to redefine the Flash universe. Don’t stop when you reach page five, however, since then you’ll miss… 

Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams on Detective Comics (nice segway, eh?)- Yes! Rucka and Williams back on Detective! Check out some lovely preview pages here: I especially love Dave Stewart’s coloring. Rucka says he’s going to be on for “12 to 14 issues,” guaranteed.

Mark Waid’s “Irredeemable,” “Unknown” and “Incredibles”- Mark Waid’s back with a vengeance at BOOM! Studios. Irredeemable, the story about the world’s greatest superhero becoming the world’s supervillain, was announced earlier, as was his upcoming Incredibles story, but I think this is the first we’ve heard of Unknown. It’s a detective story in which the female lead, upon discovering she has six months to live, decides to solve the greatest mystery of all: what happens to us when we die? Sounds like an awesome premise: frankly, I’m pretty excited about all three of these upcoming books. Read more about Waid’s projects here or check out his CBR video interview.

X-Men: Forever- or “what if Chris Claremont never left the X-Men titles in 1991?” Seriously, that literally is the premise. And to be honest… I’m intrigued. Now I know Chris’ writing hasn’t been the best since his return to writing X-Titles in 2000; far from it, in many cases. But this is the chance for Chris to return to his writing nadir. He can bring himself back into that same mindset he had in his original run and tell those stories he never had the chance to tell. As well as tell brand-new ones, no doubt. The series is set in 2009, but continuity-wise, it’s right after X-Men #3, so it’s not a TOTAL trip back in the Wayback Machine. Jim Lee won’t be coming back either, but Tom Grummett’s a pretty talented guy himself. Read more about the series here and check out Grummett’s new costume designs here. Although honestly, I was kind of hoping they’d stick with the Jim Lee designs at first…

New Mutants: the OLD New Mutants, that is. Yup, it looks like the original cast is getting back together to star in an ongoing. Zeb Wells writes and I hear he ain’t bad, plus I have an affinity for the 80s X-Men stuff (Claremont at his best). Cover artists include none other than Alex Ross and New Mutants artist Bob McLeod, which is pretty sock-rocking, I must say.

Blackest Night #0- the beginning of the next big Green Lantern story will be FREE! It’s coming out on Free Comic Book Day, after all. Also, Barry Allen fans may want to pick this one up…

Big story after Blackest Night already planned– says Geoff Johns at the DC Nation panel. Woo-hoo!

Superman things: The writing team for the Superman titles is just so great. Johns, Rucka, James Robinson and Sterling Gates. Plus, we get more on Adventure Comics and hints of some big things coming here and here. I’m pretty happy Robinson and Rucka are co-writing Superman: World of Krypton (ironically, the only one of the three Superman titles with Superman in it). No offense to Andrew Kreisberg, who was originally going to write the series, but Rucka’s usually great and Robinson is capable of being great.

X-Force: Sex &Violence- Buy it for your kids! More info here.

Jonathan Hickman and Dave Eaglesham on Fantastic Four- somehow I guessed Hickman, but that’s a pretty unexpected creative team to follow Hitch and Millar. I haven’t read a single thing Hickman has done, but Eaglesham’s work on Secret Six and Justice Society of America was so purdy. If the buzz is good, I’ll check their FF stuff out. IGN’s got a nice interview of them and their editor, Tom Brevoort.

UPDATE: another interview, this time with some art by Eaglesham. Reed Richards’ stubble makes him look like the Manliest Man in Manveria.

Dave Eaglesham exclusive to Marvel- another Eaglesham surprise! I know he loved drawing the JSA, but I guess after 20+ issues of drawing a bunch of DC heroes, he needed a change.

Dark Reign: Young Avengers- how do you use the Young Avengers without stepping on Alan Heinberg’s toes? You make new Young Avengers. Check ’em out. Then read about ’em.

Messiah Complex and Messiah War (upcoming crossover between X-Men and Eternals) are part of a trilogy- cool. I’ll probably only get Messiah Complex.

“Acts of Vengeance” is going to be collected- YES! This is the crossover where the villains decided to swap heroes. It’s also the crossover where Magneto pwns Red Skull for taking part in the Holocaust.

Bloom Country’s getting collected- good for it! I’ve only read Opus, which was alright.

All kinds of stuff coming out from Vertigo- seriously, check out this variety. They’re even publishing a book! A Vertigo first. I wonder how the recolored Absolute V for Vendetta (fantastic series, by the way) will look like… also, if they manage to finally collect more of Peter Milligan’s madly brilliant Shade the Changing Man, I’ll be happy.

Invincible: Conquest- no idea what that is, but Invincible‘s a comic I don’t check out nearly enough. I guess I don’t really like how killing has become almost a casual thing for Mark Grayson.

Jim Lee might contribute to Image United crossover- When most people online talk about the Image founders, they basically say, “MY EYES!!!!” Jim Lee’s generally the exception to this rule.


10 Responses to “Highlights of the NY Comic-Con”

  1. dillonmania Says:

    Well, I’ll be all over Flash: Rebirth, natch. And Blackest Night, because I suspect some of my guys will be zombies (sob).

    And I think poor Claremont’s long past his prime, but I’m intrigued by that series too. Maybe he can write the characters I like again and I can enjoy them without the shit done to them in the 90s.

    LOL at them finally collecting Acts of Vengeance….

  2. gokitalo Says:

    I love, love, love Marvel’s TPB program.

    More on Claremont’s plans for X-Men: Forever below:

    Quite the, ah, interesting line-up there. Nick Fury as an X-Man would certainly be bizarre, if that’s what Claremont meant. Although it might make sense for him to be around, given his involvement in X-Men #1-3? I forget.

    UPDATE: wow. Here is MUCH more about the series, including key plot points.

  3. dillonmania Says:

    Awww, no established villains? Nuts, I was hoping Freedom Force might show up…..

  4. gokitalo Says:

    Hmmm, maybe they won’t show up as Freedom Force, but maybe some members’ll make cameos! I mean, if Sabretooth’s going to show up, as that bit of promo art implies, Claremont might be open to having some familiar, formerly-villainous faces show. So long as they’re formerly villainless, I guess.

    I just hope he makes some great villains. I don’t think we need a repeat of the Crimson Pirates and the Neo!

  5. dillonmania Says:

    Yeah, he’d be better off using established villains than his own if we see guys like the Crimson Pirates. Though the Neo grew on me (well, I liked Rax…so of course he died).

  6. hypergraffic Says:

    Honestly I’m a bit annoyed about X-Men Forever. Claremont has had chance after chance to come back to the X-Men and make something memorable. X-Men in 2000 before the movie. X-Treme X-Men. Excalibur. New Excalibur. New Exiles. Am I missing anything? He’s proven that he a) can’t operate within present continuity, b) he can’t operate OUTSIDE continuity (New Exiles), and b) he can’t stay focused in his writing (just about every single series I mentioned).

    A reboot or relaunch or rebirth of a character or concept is one thing, but almost sarcastically and arbitrarily going back and picking a point to pick up and start again seems so… cheap.”Look how I would’ve done it.” Get over yourself, Claremont. Lobdell, Waid, and Nicieza wrote some of the most compelling X-Men stories ever after he left, and they’re nothing to scoff at.

    From the IGN article: Claremont: As with any series – as with any group of characters, especially when you’re working from a foundation that is as rich and varied as the X-Men – the minute you start kicking things back and forth and mixing things up, new inspirations pop out of nowhere. New directions visit themselves.

    The guy just can’t stay focused.

    Ok, rant over. GAH!

  7. hypergraffic Says:

    Oh and THE NEO, Lia? THE NEO?! You really are a champion of the under-exposed. lol

  8. dillonmania Says:

    To be fair, Claremont has a legion of dedicated fans who obsess over his past run, dropped plot points, and love to imagine “What If?” he’d stayed on the X-Men way back when (I’m still a mod at Comixfan, I see ’em every day). This project is for them, and unless it’s totally not what they expect, they will absolutely love it. They are already salivating over it.

    People seemed to reasonably like his Exiles, Sage fans excepted (and they are a notoriously finicky bunch). He might well crash and burn on this, but I think it’s tailor made for him, and if Marvel’s willing to give him the chance, he might as well be allowed to sink or swim. It’s non-continuity, so he can’t hurt anything (except maybe old school fans’ fond memories).

    Yeah, I know, I love unloved villains 😀

  9. spiffyithaca Says:

    I could care less about X-Men: Forever.

    Waid’s BOOM! Studios work sounds awesome, especially Unknown.

    Also, I’ll definitely be interested in the Messiah War stuff, even though I may have it on a short leash, because I can’t handle too many crossovers.

    The stuff I’m most excited for is Flash and Blackest Night, of course.

  10. gokitalo Says:

    Same here, along with Detective and Waid’s upcoming titles.

    Lobdell, Waid, and Nicieza wrote some of the most compelling X-Men stories ever after he left, and they’re nothing to scoff at.

    Ummmmmmmm… honestly, I don’t think Lobdell told too many good X-Men stories. I did like some of the more character-driven issues he did, but other than that? He was generally okay, at best. Also, Lobdell and, to an extent, Nicieza, made X-Men continuity way more complicated than it needed to be. Although a lot of this could have been due to the heavy editorial control over the X-Men titles during the 90s…

    I agree with Lia that X-Men: Forever’s main target audience are his diehard fans. But I think Marvel’s also trying to reach out to people who liked his original X-Men run, where most folks (myself included) think he did his best work. Unlikely as it may seem, I think that continuing from where he left off could bring out the good in Claremont. Then again, I am an optimist…

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