NY Con highlights, Day 2, part 2 (UPDATED- see Doom Patrol)



Post-“Battle for the Cowl” Batman series announced- They are all here, my friends! Paul Dini’s staying, Grant Morrison’s coming back to Batman in June, RUCKA’S WRITING DETECTIVE, we’re finally going to learn how Bullock got his badge back AND I am 90 percent certain Dick Grayson will either be Red Robin or the new Batman when “Battle for the Cowl” is done. There’s going to be a new Nightwing in Action Comics, after all…

Keith Giffen is writing the new Doom Patrol series- Giffen says that if you liked Morrison’s Doom Patrol, “You’re going to be really disappointed.”If you liked the original Doom Patrol, he says, “You guys are going to be really disappointed.” That’s like, the perfect sales pitch for old Doom Patrol fans. Still, they needn’t worry, according to this interview, Giffen’s focusing on Elasti-Girl, Robotman, Negative Man and the Chief. Also, fans of 52 rejoice: they’re moving to Oolong Island, home of the Science Squad! Nothing beats an island full of mad scientists, does it?

UPDATE: Apparently DC neglected to mention this, but according to Lying in the Gutters, Matthew Clark will be pencilling the series. I loved Clark’s work on Adventures of Superman: he draws more detailed hair than just about anyone! And just check out his awesome Robotman redesign.

Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire are doing Metal Men back-up stories in Doom Patrol- that’s right: the JLI International gang is getting back together. Only one word can express my joy: YES

Keith Giffen is doing a Booster Gold story- The Keith Giffen Trilogy concludes! It’s about time Giffen got a chance to write Booster again. I wonder if they’ll have J.M. DeMatteis do a future story, too…

Final Crisis Aftermath- four Final Crisis spin-offs:

Final Crisis Aftermath: Run! stars the Human Flame, a.k.a. the below D-List villain who sold the villains out to Libra, I guess. It’s by Matt Sturges, who apparently did great work on Blue Beetle and co-wrote the “prequel” to this story, Salvation Run. Could be good.

Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape stars Nemesis, a.k.a. the master of disguise and Wonder Woman’s boyfriend. It’s supposed to be “a combination between The Prisoner and Saw.” So I’m guessing Nemesis will be on the run half the time and trapped in elaborate torture devices the rest of the time?

Final Crisis Aftermath: Ink is about the Tattooed Man. Because you demanded it! It’s basically a continuation of his attempt to reform (as seen in Final Crisis and Final Crisis: Submit).

Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance is the manliest title ever. It’s also a series about the Super Young Team, Grant Morrison’s materialistic superhero team as they struggle to be heroic while maintaining their celebrity status. I have to admit, I am kind of interested in reading a series about a team whose leader, Most Excellent Super-Bat, thinks wealth is a superpower.

Rob is dying for me to get to my Final Crisis review, so I’ll say this: I hope all the Final Crisis Aftermath titles blow Final Crisis #7 out of the water.

Flash Rebirth’s launch date is important- April 1st. We’re gonna get fooled.

Adventure Comics is the culmination of Geoff Johns’ Superman stuff- his Superman stuff has been pretty good (and critically acclaimed), so there you go.

Evan Dorking is doing something with animals- my brain is too overloaded to figure out what, so read it yourself! Props for naming it after one of my favorite Rolling Stones songs.

Wolverine and the X-Men is the No.1 rated kids’ show in the U.S.- apparently, a lot more people get the Nicktoons channel than I thought. Other than that, this comes as no surprise at all. Now you can all read Rob’s reviews and realize how right he was.

Classic 90s Marvel cartoons soon to show up at Marvel.com YES

Aaand we’re done with Day 2. Let’s see what Day 3 brings!


4 Responses to “NY Con highlights, Day 2, part 2 (UPDATED- see Doom Patrol)”

  1. dillonmania Says:

    Needs moar Rogues.

    I like villains, so I might read the Human Flame series.

  2. hypergraffic Says:

    Of course I was right! haha

    Well, the FLash Rebirth on April 1st has me fascinated…

  3. spiffyithaca Says:

    Nothing really catches my interest here, except the fact Giffen’s doing a Booster Gold story. Is it an arc in the monthly, a mini series, or do we know? I’d love the JLI team to take over Booster Gold, actually.

  4. gokitalo Says:

    It’s an arc in the monthly. And yeah, I’d love it if the JLI team worked on the Booster Gold series.

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