The Eyes of Despero


Hey! Kinda forgot about this last week. “The Eyes of Despero” was the latest episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. We’ve got Batman in space, Despero on a path to control the minds of the entire universe…and it’s loaded with Green Lanterns. The uh, sad part? It ain’t exactly Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner you’re gonna be watching save the universe.

Instilling the universe with uh... "hope"... Right.

Instilling the universe with uh... "hope"... Right.

Yeah. It’s G’Nort, Sinestro, and Guy Gardner. What the hell? Well let’s slow down. We open with a Doctor Fate/Batman team-up against the master sorcerer, Wotan. Its a trippy little segment, with some weird visuals in the Library of Infinity.

As we move on to the main story, the Green Lantern Corps in its entirety is taking on Despero near the planet Oa. Despero seems easily capable of overpowering their will and using them as his personal army to conquer the universe. Hal Jordan takes matters into his own hands and destroys the Corps… Only one thing remains of the Corps. A ring. And it is seeking out the most qualified individual it can find… Batman. The ring transports him to Oa where he finds the GL Corps reject club, locked in the brig.

Unable to wear the ring, the remaining Lanterns use their ring to augment Batman and provide him with armor and ring-like powers. But Batman’s got a few issues. One hot-head, a subversive GL with ulterior motives, and one useless GL doing a great Woody Allen impression.

"One punch." You know you saw it coming.

"One punch." You know you saw it coming.

As I’ve mentioned, this series seems to flip-flop between awful and compelling. This episode is firmly on the positive side, with some great voice acting. Doctor Fate, voiced by Greg Ellis, is a pleasure. Despero and Sinestro are particular highlights as well. As a side note, the episode was written by J.M. DeMatteis

The animation is typically colorful, consistent, and crisp. There really isnt much to say about it other than that, other than an odd scene in the solar system’s asteroid belt with computer-generated asteroids floating by in the background. It reminded me of a scene out of the old Reboot cartoon!

Thumbs up over all though. It’s a fun introduction to the Green Lantern Corps, and I’m starting to see how this series may put younger viewers on a track to becoming more and more curious about the DC Universe and these characters.

What I’m really looking forward to, however, is…

Next time: Batman and Owlman of Earth 2 switch places. Batman is determined to stop the Crime Syndicate, while Owlman is framing Batman for terrible crimes. Guest staring the Flash and Red Hood!


2 Responses to “The Eyes of Despero”

  1. gokitalo Says:

    The Red Hood? I just hope it’s not Jason Todd!

    From the sounds of it, this series’ timeline kind of takes place early on in DC history (Sinestro as Green Lantern, the Joker may still be the Red Hood), but with modern guys like Jaime Reyes thrown in. Kinda crazy, but animated shows can take liberties like that.

    Anyway, I didn’t see all of this episode, but I thought Batman’s armor looked great. Seeing Bats “one punch” Guy Gardner in animation was all kinds of awesome.

  2. spiffyithaca Says:

    This episode was great aside from G’Nort. That was painful to watch.

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