Weekly Recommendations for 2/18/09


I’m back, and as mediocre as ever!

DC Comics

Watchmen Rorschach Gun and Mask Prop Set: You can now be a vigilante with a creepy deep voice and avenge others, and all for a trifle ($295). Seriously, this is the always arbitrary, and always fun, SPIFFY PICK ‘O THE WEEK

I’ll let Goki handle the DC titles this week, because I don’t give a damn about any of them.

Image Comics

 Johnny Monster #1 (of 4): Johnny Monster, meet Spiffy Sucker Punch to the Face, because that’s as highly as I think of your title.


Dark Avengers #2: I haven’t yet discussed the first issue on this here website, but suffice to say, it was good, and the combo of Bendis and Deodato Jr should be enough to check it out on most weeks. This, more than likely, will be where the action happens during Dark Reign, so there’s that.

Spider-Man Noir #3 (of 4): Buy it, Ben Urich’s a crack addict and a prick!

X-Factor #40: I think I’d be murdered if I forgot to mention this one, the follow up issue to Groin’s issue of the month for January. Things happen, bad things. Trust me. You’ll want to be there for the next two pieces to the bloody puzzle.


Angel Smile Time #2: This sounds like one of those really creepy places at the mall where you give your kid to the pizza faced 43 year old he-she with a camera. Awesome.

Jungle Girl Season 2 #3: In this season, Jungle Girl meets Jungle Boy and makes Jungle Babies, but then she realizes she really loved Jungle Man, who had rad chest hair and a fun Jungle Monkey, so she begins to go forth with the Jungle Sex until Jungle Daddy came and stopped her from wrecking the family name (because Jungle Girl was a whore), but then Jungle Girl found a magic hatch with all these numbers on it, and eventually Jungle Girl found Jungle Doctor and Jungle Shirtless Dude and that was when Jungle Boogie started playing…..

Just wait for season 3.

Whatmen (One Shot): I’d make fun of it, but I’m actually kinda intrigued to see a Watchmen parody, if that is indeed what this is.

Zombies That Ate The World #1: And they’re still hungry. But seriously, if this was true, then is this Zombies in SPACE?! If so, I regret the following conversation (hell I already regret it anyways):

Andy: Self, what have I always said?

Self: I don’t know Andy, what have you always said?

Andy: That if there’s anything lacking in this world, it’s Zombie stories!

Self: That’s right, you do say that a lot!

Andy: Was I going somewhere with this conversation?

Self: Why are you asking me? I’m you.



What am I getting? Dark Avengers, Spider-Man Noir, maybe Uncanny X-Men, X-Men Legacy and X-Factor


One Response to “Weekly Recommendations for 2/18/09”

  1. Gokitalo Says:

    Spider-Man: Noir #3 and Jungle Girl Season 2 #3 are tied for Recommendation of the Week!

    Just wait for season 3.

    A.k.a. “The Aristocrats.”

    I’ll let Goki handle the DC titles this week, because I don’t give a damn about any of them.

    Robin and Birds of Prey are ending. That is all.

    … also, Black Lightning #4 continues the radtacular mini-series. Volume 2 of Chuck Dixon’s acclaimed Batman and the Outsiders run comes out. Supergirl #38 continues the best comic series out this week that I stopped reading. Diana Prince: Wonder Woman looks like a crazy LSD trip. And Superman Chronicles Vol. 6 is filled with manly, chain-breaking action.

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