Thieves’ Gambit


Last time, the X-Men came to the rescue of one of their own, narrowly avoiding a disaster that would’ve no doubt brought the human/mutant struggle to a quick boil. With the vital assistance of Emma Frost, the team defeat the Shadow King, and Storm rejoined the team.

Today is a bit different. Mysterious forces are moving against the X-Men. And it all centers around a convenient little device developed by Forge that negates a mutant’s abilities. The device, a collar, manages to curb Amara Aquilla, aka Magma’s abilities before they bring down a block of apartment buildings that the MRD forced her into. After releasing Amara to her father, Wolverine brings the collar home where it is safely locked away.

But while the X-Men sleep, a familiar face, contracted to steal the device, sneaks in and out of the mansion without being seen. But Logan’s heightened senses make finding him a snap. And all it takes is a little cash to convert this thief to Wolverine’s point of view and help him steal it back.

Do us all a favor, Wolverine!

Do us all a favor, Wolverine!

Yawn. I’m not a huge Gambit fan. The episode doesn’t serve much of a purpose other than to introduce him. And if he isn’t going to be part of the team, it seems a bit gratuitous to introduce him in the 5th episode. The accent is also a bit off, and the voice-acting for Gambit in the 90’s cartoon was much better.

Other than that, there is the introduction of a mysterious woman in white, as well as Bolivar Trask, who attempts to reverse engineer the collar (whether he is successful or not is unknown). Trask mentions the woman’s name but it is drowned out by background noise.  We also get a peak at plans for a Master Mold, which could lead to something down the road. We also get a moment between the comatose Charles and Logan where he reveals that he doesn’t feel he is up to snuff when it comes to guiding young mutants.

Wolverine enjoys conversations with vegetables.

Wolverine enjoys conversations with vegetables.

Next time, however…

One of the X-Men that hasn’t been around since the explosion at the mansion returns. And he’s in quite a bit of hot water.


6 Responses to “Thieves’ Gambit”

  1. gokitalo Says:

    I agree that the accent isn’t quite there yet and that the 90s’ cartoon version was great, but I actually found myself enjoying Gambit quite a bit in this episode. It was kind of refreshing to see Gambit in a more morally ambiguous role, while retaining his classic charm.

  2. Lia Says:

    He has a Caribbean accent, not a Cajun one….

  3. Gokitalo Says:

    See? Not quite there yet!

  4. spiffyithaca Says:

    This was a pretty good one, but….drunk Andy did not much enjoy the Nightcrawler ep this week X-Calibre

  5. Lia Says:

    Hey, this is a stupid question, but how do you make a page cut on WordPress? You know, to click on to have to see the rest of the post.

  6. hypergraffic Says:

    Hey Lia!


    Also theres like a little button to the left of Spell Check button 😀

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