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Comic reviews- Batman: Battle for the Cowl #1

March 27, 2009


I had planned on waiting until Battle for the Cowl was collected in trade and skip straight to Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin series in June. Yet when I saw it had been added into my pull list box, I thought I should at least give the first issue a shot to see if I wanted to pick up the whole thing. After reading issue 1, I think I may not tradewait Battle for the Cowl after all. Tony Daniel crafts a solid story of what Gotham might be like without a Batman and without any solid replacement.



Weekly Spotlight for 3/25/09

March 25, 2009

That’s right, we’re back! This week we spotlight…

Showcase Presents: Ambush Bug Vol. 1

I like the curveballs, don’t I?


Bits and pieces

March 19, 2009

Traveling this week (and I still haven’t seen Watchmen), so I thought I might leave you guys some interesting news tidbits (with commentary):

Battlestar Galactica visits the United Nations. Seriously. With real UN delegates! Also, real-life astronaut Garret Reisman might appear in the finale. Talk about fiction meeting reality…

DC’s confirmed its next weekly series: Wednesday Comics. It’ll only be 12 parts this time, with 16 pages per issue. Instead of one ongoing story, there’ll be 15, including a Hawkman story by Kyle Baker (click the link for art, it’s loverly) and that Neil Gaiman/Mike Allred Metamorpho story I talked about earlier. Other characters include Batman, Adam Strange, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Supergirl, Superman, Etrigan, Teen Titans, Kamandi, Sgt. Rock, Deadman and the Metal Men. The creators sound good, too (see the link). The stories are going to be out-of-continuity, but are meant to be accessible for new readers. Which is fine by me. We really, really need new readers.

-Hey look, Blackest Night #0 preview pages! Spoilers for Final Crisis, if you haven’t read it yet. It’s just two pages, but they definitely intrigue…

Dark Reign: Elektra #1 preview is up too. Frankly, I stuck it up here for the pricess/chilling line about “Hawkeye.”

-Grant Morrison and Jim Lee’s Wildcats series is now going to finished as a graphic novel. Probably the way to go at this point, but it does make the wait even longer…

It’s Webcomics Weekend in Massachusetts! I’ll never make it…

-Double your Morrison with two interviews: a CBR interview where he elaborates on Batman and Robin (I’d personally love to see a Batman/Batwoman team-up) and a Wired interview where he talks about his recent work, namely Final Crisis and All-Star Superman. The Wired one is especially FUDOtastic, but both are worth checking out. They even hint at future projects, including not one, but TWO books about DC’s multiverse.

I’m going to bed. Enjoy!

Watchmen: does it change everything? Or anything?

March 15, 2009

I think a lot of us were expecting the Watchmen movie to make an impact when it came out. I mean, it IS based off one of the most celebrated graphic novels of all time. Yet for some reason, it hasn’t done as well as people might have thought. It brought in $56 million domestically on opening weekend (55.7 to be precise), which ain’t bad, but isn’t spectacular, either. It certainly didn’t meet Warner Bros. $70.9 million expectations.

This weekend, Watchmen may only bring in $18.1 million. A big drop, but apparently consistent with Warners’ other event titles. Although some say the film’s inaccessibility and Doctor Manhattan’s “glowing phallus” is to blame (because while the world can handle boobies in their Rated R films, they can’t handle glow sticks). Which may not surprise Alan Moore at all, who has repeatedly said he doesn’t Watchmen would translate well into a film. I haven’t seen it YET, but I see his point: Watchmen was groundbreaking for comics, but perhaps not necessarily for movies. Except the ending, which even trumps Hollywood’s “the protagonist always wins (or wins… BUT THERE’S A TWIST)” cliche. Although that may have been what the audience wanted.

So is Watchmen‘s performance worrisome? A little. Yet the New York Times has just launched its “Graphic Books” Bestseller Lists. Heath Ledger actually won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor as the Joker, marking the first time a comic book movie has won an Oscar for the acting.

Watchmen may not set the world on fire, but things ARE changing. They’ve been changing ever since X-Men came out in 2000 (sorry Blade: there are people to this day who STILL don’t know you were based off of a comic book). The past nine years have been incredible for comic fans. Look how far we’ve come! People around the world are loving the characters we’ve loved for years. Spider-Man, Batman, Iron Man… can you believe Iron Man is practically a household name by now? In fact, I can remember being able to read comics with my head up high as early as 2001.

Besides, it’s not like Watchmen has put an end to comics being translated to film. Marvel’s got plenty more coming out to win fans over, like Thor, Iron Man 2, Captain America and of course, The Avengers.

By the way, if you liked Watchmen (the comic, the movie or both), DC’s launched this great mini-site called “After Watchmen: What’s Next?” It’s got a whole list of great titles from DC’s huge library: I recommend pretty much everything listed on there that I’ve read. Kingdom Come, Superman: Red Son, Planetary, Sandman, Batman: The Long Halloween… the list goes on. Click on the link below and have a look!

Diggle to write Daredevil? And DC animation news

March 15, 2009

Apparently Joe Quesada revealed (before the comment was promptly removed) that Andy Diggle’s going to be taking over Daredevil when Ed Brubaker’s done. Certainly interesting, but was it really that long ago since Brubaker started writing the series? Guess that’s what happens when I stop following the series regularly. Greg Rucka would make a fine replacement for Brubaker too, though…

Also, DC’s revealed that after it does its Green Lantern Direct-to-DVD video, it’s adapting the Superman/Batman: Public Enemies story by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuiness, in which they faced off against then-President Lex Luthor. The story had its ups and downs, but maybe they’ll fix the flaws in the animated version. Personally, I just hope they get Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly and Clancy Brown to voice Batman, Superman and Lex Luthor respectively: you can tell those are the voices in Loeb’s head when he writes the characters.

Next on GGG: Watchmen! We might do something before then, but either way, we WILL be talking about Alan Moore’s masterpiece… and a little movie they made about it.

The Belated Top 25 Films of 2008

March 12, 2009

I know, I know. It’s March of 2009. But honestly, unless you’re a critic it takes you at least through January to get to see all the films you need to see to make judgment. And while I definitely missed a bunch of the foreign film and documentary variety, I think I did good for a 20 year old college student with $60 in his bank account.

For my money, 2008 was one of the best years for movies in awhile, especially from a comic book fan standpoint, as 3 comicbook films grace this list. We also got another Kevin Smith film. And hey, a film written by JMS (Changeling). And then there was some of the best acting, both male and female in leads, that I’ve ever seen. Kate Winslet and Sean Penn, I’m talking to you.

Without further ado, I present you my humble list and humbler opinions. I hope you take the time to see all of them.

And goddammit I want to be on a gameshow.



Frank Quitely and the Weekly Spotlight for 3/11/09

March 11, 2009

That’s right, loyal readers, Weekly Spotlight is back! But first… All-Star Superman fans like myself will be happy to hear that the artist pairing up with Grant Morrison when Batman and Robin begins in June is none other than Frank Quitely. Click below for some preview art featuring a Batmobile that does what few Batmobiles have ever done:

Here’s the cover, which kind of spoils who Robin is going to be (so don’t click if you want to be surprised):

Now onto business! This week we spotlight…

Action Comics #875 and a runner-up title!


Weekly Recommendations 3/4/2009

March 5, 2009

I haven’t even finished reading last week’s crops, but here they are again, comics!