Weekly Recommendations 3/4/2009


I haven’t even finished reading last week’s crops, but here they are again, comics!

DC Comics

Batman: Cacophony #3 (of 3): You can say this about Kevin Smith and Walt Flanagan’s Batman mini series: it wasn’t plagued with delays like most of his comicbook work. Other than that, it’s a fairly standard and ordinary tale featuring the Joker and Smith’s own villain from Green Arrow, Onomatopoeia. So far I’ve enjoyed it, but the characterization of Joker is off from the current version and seems more like an R-rated cartoon character. But I’m holding out for a satisfying conclusion.

Gotham Gazette Batman Dead #1: I was going to get this, but I felt like this was trying too hard to be an important collectors issue than a Battle of the Cowl prequel, so I skipped it. Let me know if I’m wrong.

Solomon Grundy #1 (of 7): Scott Kolins writes and pencils this tale about our favorite Hulk/Hyde rip off. The one shot with Geoff Johns was pretty good, and I’m sure this will be too for fans of the character. Judging by the fact that this is a 7 issue mini series, this issue will focus on “Monday”, because after all, Grundy was born on a monday.


Daredevil #116: Kingpin’s back. Brubaker’s still here. That should be enough.

Dead of Night Featuring Werewolf By Night #3 (of 4): I’ve actually read the first two issues through a friend, and they’ve been quite good. I’m a big fan of the Marvel horror characters, even if I rarely read them. It’s good stuff if you’re into blood and the nonsuperhero variety Marvel stuff.

New Avengers: Reunion #1: Written by Brian McCann, this is a new mini series coming out of New Avengers focusing on the reunited Hawkeye and Mockingbird. If it didn’t have a manga-ish artist, I might be onboard. But I resent the fact that I have to buy another Avengers title to get this story. Put it in the main books, fellas.

Secret Warriors #2: The first issue was GREAT. Bendis and Hickman and Caselli made a good first impression, and while Bendis’ influence will slowly melt away, I have faith in Hickman after the cliffhanger from issue #1. Nick Fury rules.

Sub Mariner: The Depths #5 (of 5): So far this mini series has been a great thrill ride in the deep, but the full force of Milligan and Ribic’s tale rests on this issue, because it’s really the only issue that will feature Namor. Of course, I don’t even know that for sure. This mini so far would make a great movie, this issue determines whether it was a great comic.

War of Kings #1 (of 6): Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have forged a strong, cult following on their Marvel cosmic books, making Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy critics’ darlings. This is a big cosmic event, an orgy of sci-fi and fantasy, featuring the Shi’Ar, Emperor Vulcan, Havok and the Starjammers, the Inhumans and whoever else you can think of. And, that’s not all, the very talented Paul Pelletier is onboard with the pencils. If I did a Weekly Spotlight, THIS WOULD BE YOUR TITLE.


First Time: My first time was disappointing as is most, and so it follows that this adult graphic novel will also be disappointing. Thank you deduction!

MILF Magnet #1: There are two covers (Paul Gulacy’s variant is a $1 more, which seems unfair to the other cover artist), so collect both and support the everlasting joke from American Pie (the everlasting image will always be Shannon Elizabeth’s ta-ta’s). Or better yet, don’t, and watch American Pie instead (but not any of the others).

 Ultimate Muscle Vol 22: This book was actually the first in the Ultimate line (detailing the creative new origin of muscle in the human body, this time with HGH), and is so successful it’s now reached 22 volumes. Take that Bendis! With Spider-Man ending, THIS is the longest running Ultimate title.

And….the SPIFFY PICK ‘O THE WEEK goes to….

the MUNCHKIN BLENDER. It’s only $19 bucks. Helluva deal if it can chop and dice those pesky midgets into a nice, cool, refreshing smoothie.

 Spiffy bought: Cacophony, Cable, Secret Six, Sub Mariner, War of Kings and Secret Warriors


2 Responses to “Weekly Recommendations 3/4/2009”

  1. gokitalo Says:

    Yeah, Kevin Smith’s take on the Joker’s like a rated R version of the Batman: Animated Series version. I mean, the Joker’s characterization has been the BTAS one for over a decade now, so that’s fine, but the perverted side Smith has added is… unusual…

    I have a bigger problem with Smith’s Batman, who’s had waaay too much Frank Millerade.

    What else… huge month for the Man of Steel, as his new status quo is finally set up: Action Comics, by the awesome Greg Rucka, stars the mysterious Nightwing and Flamebird from the New Krypton story (and reveals their identities). Superman, still by James Robinson, ironically, doesn’t star Superman, but the guys filling in for him while he’s away. Finally, there’s Superman: World of New Krypton by James Robinson AND Greg Rucka (YES), which shows us what Superman’s up to while he’s off Earth (basically teaching the people of Kandor that it’s not nice to hurt Earth people… and that Zod’s eeevil).

    Daredevil #116: Kingpin’s back. Brubaker’s still here. That should be enough.


    Sub Mariner: The Depths #5 (of 5): So far this mini series has been a great thrill ride in the deep

    That’s what your mom said last night. OHHHHHH

    If I did a Weekly Spotlight, THIS WOULD BE YOUR TITLE.

    Hey Spiff, where were your Weekly Recommendations last week? OH WAIT

    MILF Magnet

    BWAHAHA, I heard about this one when it was announced!

    Munchin Blender is indeed the pick of the week. Good job!

  2. gokitalo Says:

    Oh duh, I almost forgot the comic that I WOULD have done for Weekly Spotlight: Spider-Man & The Human Torch in … Bahia De Los Muertos! The sequel to Fantastic Four: Isla De La Muerte, which I read last year (I think) and got a real kick out of. It’s by Tom Beland, whose work on a certain little title for Image has gotten quite a bit of critical acclaim over the years (even when it wasn’t at Image). Check it:

    The best part? There’s also an all-Spanish version coming out!

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