Weekly Recommendations for 4/22/09


Been a while since we told you what to buy, eh? Then let’s not waste any more time!

DC Comics

Azrael: Death’s Dark Knight #2- I got issue #1 of this last month and it was kind of interesting. The big selling point isn’t the writing (at least not yet), but Frazier Irving’s gorgeous art. And Azrael’s flaming sword.

Blue Beetle Vol. 5: Boundaries- In case you missed Jaime Reyes’ adventures when it was coming out in single issues (like me), DC’s got you covered. I’m happy to see the push DC’s been giving Jaime lately: not only is he getting his own back-up stories in Booster Gold, but he’s also one of the main characters on the Batman: Brave and the Bold TV show. I’d only wish they’d done it sooner…

Justice League of America #32- The solit says it’s by Dwayne McDuffie, but it’s actually by classic JLA writer Len Wein. If you’re a fan of his work, I’d definitely buy this issue: Wein lost his house in a fire recently and the cash could help.

Supergirl #40- Nowadays comic book covers can “lie” sometimes, but if this one isn’t, then this mean’s Superwomen’s finally going to be unmasked. Don’t tell me who it is– I’m trade-waiting. (Besides, it’s obviously Spiff– you can tell by the feminine curves)

The Question: Welcome to Oz- Everyone knows Denny O’Neil’s classic run on the Batman comics, but not as many know (or have read) his excellent series from the 1980s, The Question. It blended the street-level crime of O’Neil’s Batman, the social relevance of his Green Lantern/Green Arrow series, martial arts and Eastern philosophy into one well-written comic book. It may have been one of O’Neil’s most personal works for DC and, like Watchmen, it was experimental for its time in many ways. For one, it stars one of the only people in the world with the guts to do this:


That’s right. The Question just dissed Rorschach.

Marvel Comics

Amazing Spider-Man #592- We don’t often recommend Spider-Man comics (you can thank “One More Day” for that), but I heard about the big surprise at the end of last week’s issue. Let’s just say it really, really got my attention. Want to know what it is? Click here.

Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. So, of course, you can’t help but wonder: what happens next?

Daredevil #118- The Kingpin’s back. ‘Nuff said. But I’ll say a little more anyway: the Kingpin-centric issue of Daredevil #116 was one of the strongest issues Ed Brubaker’s written on the title. If #117 and this month’s issue follow in that vein, then we’re in for another DD classic.

Dark Reign: Elektra #2- I actually heard #1 was really good. Oh, and that it could be leading to a confrontation between Elektra and the new Hawkeye.

You do know who the new Hawkeye is, don’t you? 😉

Deadpool #8- Deadpool vs. the Thunderbolts. Is anyone else pegging Deadpool and Ant-Man as the Character Duo of 2009?

Fantastic Force #1- Remember the New Defenders that showed up in Millar and Hitch’s Fantastic Four? Well, they’re getting their own series! Not by Millar and Hitch (although Hitch’s drawing the first cover) but by Joe Ahearne and Steve Kurth. I’d never heard of Ahearne, but he’s apparently pretty good: he won a BAFTA award for a “Doctor Who” episode. And he loves Millar’s work, so you know he’s going to try to do these characters justice. Here’s a spiffy interview (you know how big we are on spiffy here).

Incredible Hercules #128- I finally got a full issue of this series (the extra-sized Incredible Hercules #126) and it was great. Now I see what everyone’s been raving about. If you want laughs, I’d say Incredible Herc’s for you. This issue, Herc and Amadeus Cho fight the Dark Avengers and the Olympus Group (a corporation run by the Greek goddess Hera). Don’t you pity them already?

Thor #601- If you dug the big status quo change for Thor in #600, then why wouldn’t you buy this issue? Plus, the alternate cover has Thor with an iPod. What music do you think he’s got on there? “Ride of the Valkyries”? Heavy metal? Abba? Also, I love how he’s listening to it through his helmet ears.

Wolverine #71- Part six of Mark Millar and Steve NcNiven’s “Old Man Logan,” in which Clint Eastwood Wolverine and Hawkeye try to outrun a Venomsaurus Rex.

You heard that right. A Venomsaurus Rex. Can someone say “instant classic”?

Wolverine: First Class #14- The solit reads: “What do you get when you take KITTY PRYDE, DAREDEVIL, ELEKTRA, THE HAND, and the willingness of ALL of them to beat the SNOT outta each other?” Answer: a potentially great comic. And if Peter David’s writing it (which he is), the chances of greatness double. It also comes with a hilarious Wolverine Art Appreciation Variant Cover.

Gambit Classic Vol. 1-  I have mixed feelings about Gambit: sometimes he makes me want to kick myself in the head. Other times, I think he’s a pretty fun character. Either way, three of the issues in this trade are vintage Claremont (Uncanny X-Men #265-267), and I loved his classic Uncanny X-Men stuff.

Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 1- Rarely has the term “blast for the blast” been so ironic. Still, Spidey 2099 was one of the flagship titles of the 2099 line… and I heard it was pretty good to boot. Peter David wrote most of the issues, so you know he’ll bring the funny that virtually every version of Spider-Man needs.

The X-Men Omnibus Vol. 1- if you’ve got 100 bucks to spare, get it. If not, just get the Essentials verison.

Wolverine: Not Dead Yet Premiere HC- Years ago, Warren Ellis did a critically acclaimed Wolverine story with Lienil Francis Yu. Apparently someone at Marvel remembered how good it was and finally decided to reprint it. The great thing about Warren Ellis’ stuff is that it lends itself easily to a drinking game. So Drink if there’s (a) a character in a trenchcoat; (b) a character who smokes (c) extensive, but snappy technobabble is used; (d) a character jokingly threatens to kill or seriously harm one another

The rest

Buck Rogers #0- You won’t be laughing when you see his new costume.

Junior Escort GN Vol. 3- Now you know why David’s too busy to post

Chocolate Surprise GN- the jokes just tell themselves, don’t they?

Idol Pleasures- Shows just how far Idol contestans are willing to go to impress Simon Cowell.


One Response to “Weekly Recommendations for 4/22/09”

  1. spiffyithaca Says:

    Wow this was quite the week. Sorry I couldn’t appreciate at the time Goki, but it makes me even sadder that I’ve been unable to read comics for the past couple months.

    -I really want to read Herc. It seems right up my alley.

    -I love that Blue Beetle gets a spotlight as a back up in Booster Gold. That’s an awesome idea.

    -It’d take a lot more than Jonah Jameson becoming mayor to get Amazing Spidey again.

    -I miss Daredevil and Brubaker. I NEED ME SOME KINGPIN

    -I really liked the Millar story with the Fantastic Force, and while I love the group and the characters, I don’t like the idea of anyone else writing them, but it sounds like they found an able replacement. I’m not entirely convinced that it would’ve been cooler for them to only show up once, however.

    -I loved Thor 600…SO GREAT. JMS rules.

    -Nice joke with Warren Ellis

    -I want a chocolate surprise

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