What to buy: October 7, 2009


The return of a weekly (hopefully) rundown of what to buy!

It’s worth noting that these lists will always focus almost entirely on DC and Marvel. If you have an indie suggestion, let me know!

The Essentials:

Peter and Max: A Fables Novel

Fables mastermind Bill Willingham makes his novel debut, and it should be a doozie. The story focuses on Peter Piper, a legend not previously touched on in Fables or its spinoff, Jack of Fables, as well as Peter’s mysterious brother, Max. The first chapter was excerpted at the end of a recent Fables issue, and it was an amazing set-up for what should be a great, great book. Sparse illustrations are provided by Steve Leialoha, the regular Fables inker. If you’re new to Fables but enjoy books, this might be a great jumping-on point. It is a 400-page hardcover, so it checks in at the steep price of $22.99, so some of you who are interested might still want to wait a few months and hope it comes out in paperback. For me, though, this is the most highly anticipated release of the month, so although I’ll struggle to find time to read it, I’m buying it now.

Batman and Robin #5

Grant Morrison continues to re-invent Batman and Robin as we know them, as the awkward and lovable team of Dick and Damian continue to grow into their new roles. With the possible revelation at the end of last issue (check out the comments in the recent Bat Books thread if you want spoilers), this could be a very exciting issue.

Other books I’m buying

Torch #2

I’ve always had a soft spot for Jim Hammond, the original android Human Torch. I’m not really even sure why, but I am a fan. Between this series and the also enjoyable The Marvels Project, the old Human Torch is back in the spotlight. This miniseries seeks to possibly bring him back to life, and hopefully back into the main fold of Marvel. We’re also getting a great look at Toro, Hammond’s old partner who is also apparently alive. Plus, the Mad Thinker, one of the few good Marvel villains who hasn’t been overused. This might not be for everyone, but I think it’s pretty good.

Justice League: Cry for Justice #4

The fourth of seven issues from James Robinson and Mauro Cascioli. It’s a good concept, and Cascioli’s painted art is absolutely gorgeous. The dialogue, on the other hand, has been very weak. But I’m glad to see Prometheus restored to a prominent villain, and some of the character interaction has been pretty promising, considering Robinson is also taking over the main JLA title this month.

Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural #1

Marvel’s new Sorceror Supreme is a good character who has always stayed in the background. I became a fan when Christopher Priest used him in Black Panther several years ago. Although I didn’t really get the decision to have Doc Strange step down from the top magical role, Voodoo was a good choice to replace him. I’m not really clear whether this is a one-shot, mini, or even ongoing, but I’d like to try it.

Books I’m not buying (but possibly should)

Batman Annual #27

This annual is supposed to set up the new Azrael ongoing series, but I just never got into Az. A part of me wants to now, just because Fabian Nicieza, a great writer whom I’ve long been a fan of, is writing both this annual and the new series. However, I just don’t see me going for it.

Magog #2

Magog has been great in JSA, but I didn’t get the first issue and doubt I’ll ever buy this. He’s a good supporting character to mix things up in a group, but I don’t think he’s strong enough for his own book.

Black Panther #9

I grew to love Black Panther under Christopher Priest, but I’ve never gotten into it since. I’d like to jump on at some point, but who knows.

Cable #19

Isn’t the entire premise of this book Cable vs. Bishop? That sounds awesome. But I’d be lost right now. 

Daredevil #501

A new creative team comes on board to set a new status quo for DD. I might still buy this; everyone who’s read Andy Diggle (I haven’t) seems to like him.

Dark Reign: The List: Secret Warriors

Norman Osborn going after Nick Fury? Sounds sweet, but will it really be? Dark Reign is going slowly, as all Bendis stories always do, and I doubt there will be anything “conclusive” about this one-shot. Five to ten years from now, when Bendis actually shows that Dark Reign is going somewhere, maybe I’ll get that Norman vs. Fury showdown.

Amazing Spider-Man #608

Thought Marvel wanted everyone to forget about Ben Reilly, the clone of Peter Parker? Well, apparently not, as Marc Guggenheim takes us down the storyline, “Who was Ben Reilly?” Ballsy, but I’ve not going for it.

Deadpool #16

The Merc with a Mouth tries to join the X-Men? Sounds fun, and in fact, Deadpool has always sounded like a book that’s all about fun. Another book I might buy on impulse.

X-Babies #1

Saved the best for last. Still bummed you missed Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers? You’re in luck, because X-Babies might be even better. God, has there ever been such a hilarious, ill-conceived as the X-Babies? Or hell, as Mojoworld in general? Take a trip back to the 1980s with “the sleeper hit of the fall.” Come on. You know you want to.


5 Responses to “What to buy: October 7, 2009”

  1. davidry214 Says:

    So my actual “buy” list turned out to be a little different. The Batman Annual was in my pull box, and some odd reason I felt odd putting it back on the shelf. Plus, it’s FabNic, so it should be good anyway.

    I asked my comic guy about Deadpool, and he said it was very entertaining. He recommended the Marvel Spotlight, also out this week, which catches readers up on what’s going on in the series. So I bought that instead of the monthly issue to see if I like it.

    And I forgot about Brother Voodoo, which I’m OK with.

    David bought:
    Peter and Max: A Fables Novel
    Batman and Robin #5
    Batman Annual #27
    Justice League: Cry for Justice #4
    Torch #2
    Marvel Spotlight: Deadpool

    And yes, I should have bought X-Babies #1, if for no other reason than it would have been fun to review.

  2. gokitalo Says:

    Sheesh David, I’m impressed! You’ve even brought the weekly recommendations are back! You’re not the real mastermind behind Blackest Night, are you? Better check this post for power rings…

    Peter and Max should be great, and I say this both as someone who only recently started reading (and loving) Fables. That, and I read the preview pages they had online for the novel and found them quite… dare I say it… SPIFFY

    Batman and Robin #5’s a must-buy, Torch I’ll probably trade-wait (although I am interested, since Ross and Carey are onboard, plus I loved Marvels and think the original Torch is cool in general), and I may get Cry for Justice just so I can read James Robinson’s take on the Shade again. As for the rest… maybe I’ll get Daredevil. the end of Brubaker’s run was a letdown (his run in general was kind of overrated, although it could certainly be great at times), but I’ve been hearing great things about #501 and the Dark Reign: Daredevil special Diggle wrote. Plus, Matt/DD’s just a great character.

  3. davidry214 Says:

    Goki baby, I’m bringing it ALL back. Except for, you know … people.

    You’re reading Fables now?! I’m so proud of you Goki! Where did you start and how do you like it?

    I’ll do some quick-hit reviews tomorrow, but Torch was actually really, really good; maybe the best of the week. I didn’t end up going with Daredevil, as you can see above, but let me know if you do try it.

  4. Gokitalo Says:

    Fables is the bee’s knees. I got the first trade last summer, but didn’t read it until this July. Honestly, what a breath of fresh air. I felt like I’d entered a whole new world filled with wondrous possibilities.

    I might be exaggerating a bit, but yeah. I liked it a lot. Volume 2’s sitting on a pile of trades I haven’t read yet, waiting for me to dip my toes into that world again.

  5. davidry214 Says:

    If you loved Vol. 1 that much, then I can’t wait to hear your thoughts once you get further in to the series. I think it really is one of those rare series that just consistently gets better with every major story. By Vol. 8, maybe even Vol. 6, it takes form as the greatest series ever.

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