And the Cancelled Shall Rise


Awesome news, everyone; while Blackest Night takes a month off in January, eight cancelled comic series are coming back with a Blackest Night tie-in. They are:

  • The Power of Shazam #48 – Eric Wallace
  • Catwoman #83 – Fabian Nicieza
  • Suicide Squad #67 – Gail Simone & John Ostrander
  • The Question #37 – Greg Rucka
  • Phantom Stranger #42 – Peter Tomasi
  • Weird Western Tales #71 – Dan DiDio
  • Atom and Hawkman #46 – Geoff Johns
  • Starman #81 – James Robinson
  • My gut reaction? “Aw dang, yo! It must be my birfday!” I mean, just look at that line-up. James Robinson back on Starman? John Ostrander back on Suicide Squad, this time with Gail Simone co-writing? Greg Rucka writing a new issue to one of his favorite series (The Question), which was written by one of his mentors (Denny O’Neil), no less? Oh, and Geoff Johns writing one of his favorite pairings (Hawkman and Atom, duh) in comics? Sounds like we fans win, through and through. Well, except maybe in terms of money, as the Blackest Night tie-ins just went up by eight. Other than that, though? Bring on more Starman, Squad and Question, baby. That’s not the say the others don’t interest me, they most certainly do; personally, I’m wondering what Eric Wallace’s take on Power of Shazam! will be like. Will he try to recapture the feel Jerry Ordway gave that series? Only one way to find out…

    Click on the link for much more info, which includes teases from the creators.

    UPDATE: January’s Blackest Night tie-ins are now up, with even more info about the resurrected titles. Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz back on The Question? Epic. (ditto to Tony Harris back on Starman, even if it’s just the cover) And check out that cover to Green Lantern #50


    6 Responses to “And the Cancelled Shall Rise”

    1. davidry214 Says:

      Nice work, Goki. I was thinking myself that we should post this.

      Like you, I absolutely love this idea. DC apparently needed to give Ivan Reis, who’s doing great art on Blackest, a little more time for the double-sized #8 finale. And rather than a shipping delay, what better way to buy time than by bringing even entire books back from the dead? Fairly brilliant.

      And as you’ve said, what awesome teams doing it. Robinson on Starman is the biggeest must-buy, with Shade up against one of the deceased Starmen.

      I’ll more than likely also get Suicide Squad for the Ostrander/Simone team-up that will continue in that month’s ongiong Secret Six.

      I’ve always loved the Phantom Stranger; he’s like Marvel’s original Human Torch — I’ve always had a soft spot for him without really knowing why. So I’ll get that one, too. Johns’ Atom and Hawkman is also a must. A double-date with the Black Lantern Hawks and Atom and his resurrected villainous ex-wife, Jean Loring? You bet I’m down for that.

      I’m not sure on some of the others. I’m fairly ambivalent toward Catwoman, but I do love Nicieza. Same with The Question, but I like Rucka. I like Captain Marvel, but have never heard of Eric Wallace. Weird Western Tales seems like my least likely buy.

      Kudos to DC for buying time while still giving fans something they want.

    2. davidry214 Says:

      Also, this explains part of DiDio’s last column, about the main Blackest Night miniseries skipping a month for a big event. However, it still remains to be seen why January’s Batman and Robin has to come out before Blackest Night 7, as DiDio also mentioned in that last column. I still think that alludes to Bruce coming back, just because I can’t think of what else in B&R could affect Blackest Night.

      Going against that argument, however, is that DC is doing everything it can to firmly establish Dick in the Batman role. Seems odd to go to so much effort just to bring back his predecessor so quickly (unless, of course, Bruce doesn’t retake the Batman moniker upon return…).

    3. Gokitalo Says:

      Maybe Bruce will finally decide to fully give into his billionaire playboy persona and swim in a pile of money and supermodels all day. Or he’ll become a mentor figure a la Batman Beyond. Or maybe there’ll be– dare I say it– TWO Batmen??

    4. davidry214 Says:

      I could see him going into a semi-retirement, maybe doubling as a second Oracle-type figure. But that’s all somewhat premature speculation.

      Have you read Robinson’s Starman run? I got the first omnibus, but haven’t read it yet. I might wait to start reading until I can get the entire collection.

    5. Gokitalo Says:

      Oh yeah, I most certainly have. Got the first trade on Christmas 2003 and the last trade on Christmas 2004 (and all the other trades in between). Great stuff: it’s James Robinson at his prime. You made the right choice in getting the omnibus, though, since DC left some issues out of the original trades…

      premature speculation

      Wow, totally thought that said something else for a minute. Curse you, blog name!!

    6. dillonmania Says:

      Zombie Rogues!!!!!

      I’ll be getting the Suicide Squad issue (and its follow-up), but that’s probably the only dead title I’ll be getting. I need to save my excitable energy for the zombie Rogues.

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