What to buy: October 21, 2009


Kind of a small week, and thus a fairly short post. So, if you don’t have much to buy this week, look back over the reviews from the past couple weeks and use this opportunity to get my other recommendations. What else are you going to spend your money on? Rent? Insurance? Food?! Lame.

The Essentials

Nothing, really. Buy last week’s Incredible Hercules or Red Robin.


Should Buy

Justice League of America #38

James Robinson and Mark Bagley take over as the new creative team for a highly anticipated run. This would be an “Essential,” and is close to being so, but Robinson has been inconsistent lately: his Superman run gets some unfavorable reviews, and Justice League: Cry for Justice is a mixed bag. But his Starman run is regarded as a must-read classic, and DC is surely rooting he has the same magic on JLA. When I started reading comics, Grant Morrison and Mark Waid made JLA one of the best books on the market; today, what should be one of DC’s flagship titles has instead been an afterthought for years. Hopefully, Robinson takes it to new heights again, starting with this issue.

Dark Avengers #10

Billed as the issue where Norman Osborn’s fragile psyche starts to crack, this will hopefully start to give us some insight as to where Marvel is going with Dark Reign. Is Norman going to be in charge for years to come? God I hope not. But as the same time, we’ve seen little indication that there’s any end in sight. If you’re tired of the concept, like me, this issue might be the sliver of hope you’re looking for. If you’re enjoying DR, then this is probably up your alley anyway.

Others to consider

Azrael #1

Gotham’s non-Bat vigilante gets a new shot at a solo title, this time courtesy of Fabian Nicieza and Ramon Bachs. I’m not crazy about Bachs, so I hope this means he’s off Red Robin. I am, however, crazy about Nicieza, a favorite of mine. But despite my faith that FabNic can make anything good, I’m just so lukewarm about Azrael himself that I just can’t get excited enough to get on board this one.

Blackest Night: Superman #3 (of 3)

I tried the first issue of this tie-in, and found it incredibly mediocre. Didn’t try #2, and have no interest in #3.  This is also by Robinson, another reason why I still have slight reservations about JLA, though I’ll definitely be trying it anyway.

Incredible Hulk #603

It’s the Wolverines versus the Hulks as Banner and Skaar go up against Logan and Daken — though, as Marvel’s solit hints, this could easily could down to fathers versus sons, instead. It could be entertaining, and given that it’s a small week, I might try it. Particularly if my shop has the variant cover available.

Mighty Avengers #30

Like Hulk, the most notable thing about this issue might be the variant cover. Variants for both these books are just referred to as “SHS Variant” by Marvel, but they’re quite fun (neither seems to have anything to do with the actual content og the book). This week’s Iron Man also has an SHS variant. Remind me of the old Mighty Marvel comic strips they used to do, which were hilarious. Unlike  Hulk, though, there’s no chance I grab this. I tried the first five or six issues of Slott’s run, and was unimpressed.

Dark Reign: The List — Hulk #1

I haven’t been buying many of Marvel’s “The List” one-shots, but this one is another “maybe” just because it’s a shallow week. Osborn goes after Banner and Skaar, written by Greg Pak. Could be good, but going against this one-shot and the main title is that I haven’t read any Hulk in years and have very little concept of what’s been happening (I only have a vague idea of who Skaar even is). So, who knows, we’ll see. Possible impulse buy.


2 Responses to “What to buy: October 21, 2009”

  1. Gokitalo Says:

    Honestly, the major problem with Justice League of America the past few years has been editorial interference. Something Dwayne McDuffie, the previous regular writer, was pretty candid about. James Robinson has the advantage of being heavily involved in the DC Universe already, so he has a bit more control over say, which characters he can or cannot use.

    Onto Mighty Avengers #30…

    Billed as the issue where Norman Osborn’s fragile psyche starts to crack, this will hopefully start to give us some insight as to where Marvel is going with Dark Reign.

    One word: SIEGE. Check out Marvel’s January Solicitations. Hopefully it’ll be sweet.

    This week’s Iron Man also has an SHS variant. Remind me of the old Mighty Marvel comic strips they used to do, which were hilarious.

    Yeah. In fact, those strips have kept going for a while, under the name “Mini-Marvels.” Sadly, SHS is literally replacing Mini-Marvels, so this may be the last we see of the Mini-Marvels for a while…

    (although for more of that Mini-Marvels humor, check out Chris Giarrusso’s G-Man! I got the first digest, it’s awesome… even if my copy has some pages reprinted by mistake)

    I’m not too interested in the family reunion in Incredible Hulk, but I’ll probably get other “The List” one-shots, like The List: Wolverine (Fantomex returns!) and Daredevil (which came out a few weeks back, but I forgot about).

  2. davidry214 Says:

    Good point on Justice League. One advantage Morrison had when bringing the title back to glory was that DC gave him full reign to use ALL of the Big 7 (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter), and of course, Morrison did a brilliant job of expanding from there, using Oracle, Plastic Man, Steel, the New Gods, etc. Essentially, he had full access to anyone he wanted. If DC wants to return the title to greatness, it should take the gloves off again. Even then, Robinson would be fairly handicapped: J’onn and Aquaman are dead, and Batman is in too great a state of flux for team duty. Still, you could bring in as many secondary big names as possible and still be OK — Atom (which is a go), Green Arrow, Black Canary, etc. But you just can’t built a juggernaut team around Vixen.

    I checked out the Marvel solits for January, and I am indeed intrigued by Siege. But still not really as intrigued as I should be. If anything, it’s a sign Marvel is going to keep trying to drag out the Osborn experience for several months. It’s not that I necessarily mind change, but Marvel seems to have become the “gimmick” company, falling back into the mid-90’s idea of alternate covers, infinite one-shots and “everything has to be a crossover!” It’s just been one big event after another for years now: House of M, Civil War, Secret Invasion, now Dark Reign. And to be sure, some good stories have come out of it, but at some point, make it stop. Let books develop on their own for a while.

    The Mini-Marvels were awesome.

    Finally, the update of what I actually bought this week:
    Justice League #38
    Dark Reign: The List — Hulk
    Dark Avengers #10
    The Incredible Hulk #603

    I got my comics late because of car trouble, so no reviews until tomorrow. Normally, I’m going to try to have them out by the end of the weekend, with the next week’s preview every Monday.

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