Forgive the slight delay…


… to the big changes I spoke of, as life has recently been trying to run me over with a steamroller. Yet fear not, dear readers, for I shall unveil these changes this weekend at the earliest and Wednesday at the latest. In the meantime, check out some of the great content David’s been posting up lately:

So click on those links… or just scroll down.


2 Responses to “Forgive the slight delay…”

  1. davidry214 Says:

    Well, delays happen. I’ve been out of touch myself the week or two with car trouble and school work.

  2. gokitalo Says:

    Ditto on both accounts! Was in a car crash last Friday. No one was hurt, thankfully, but the car’s currently in the body shop undergoing repairs. Which means I get to drive a… rental car! YEAH

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