What to buy: Nov. 11, 2009


BIG week of comics coming up on Wednesday as we move into the middle of November. Take a look and share what you will be buying.

The Essentials


Blog readers know by now how much I love Fables, so I won’t ramble too much. Suffice to say, this is the penultimate chapter of “Witches,” and it should be exciting. The battle for supremacy on the 13th floor is on. My take? I would never bet against Frau Totenkinder.


The conclusion to “Revenge of the Red Hood” will feature, according to DC’s solit, the Red Hood revealing his identity, which is weird, since we seemed to already get that last issue. Regardless, this has been a mostly good book, and you get the feeling that it’s on the verge of something huge (for one, Dan Didio promised months ago that issue #7 — which doesn’t come out until January — was of massive importance to the DC Universe), so try it now before you feel left out. 😉


With all due respect to Grant Morrison and Batman and Robin or Tony Daniel and Batman, this is the best Bat-book on the market. It started well and has solidified it’s place with every new issue, to the point where I am now calling this a near must-buy. Part 2 of “Council of Spiders” brings in new artist Marcus To. I know nothing about him, but I’m hopeful he’s better than outgoing artist Ramon Bachs, whom I thought was the one weakness on the book in the first five issues.

Should Buy


Tony Daniel’s second issue as writer and artist on the book comes out just two weeks after his debut. If you read my review of his first issue, you know it was not without its flaws. However, the art is just gorgeous, and his overall plot ideas are promising, so you really ought to give it a shot and see if he can take the book somewhere good.


As I also mentioned in my latest reviews, the main plot developments in Blackest Night have recently been taking place more in Green Lantern than in the main miniseries. I think that might start spreading more into Green Lantern Corps, as well, particularly if what appeared to be a major death last issue is in fact for real.


This is a holdover from last week that I missed. This miniseries spinoff from Fables is actually not written by main scribe Bill Willingham, or even Willingham’s co-writer from Jack of Fables, Matt Sturges; if it were, this would be an Essential. However, the writer, Chris Roberson, has apparently helped contribute ideas before to JoF, and it has Willingham as a “consultant.” Plus, Cindy is a good character who doesn’t get a lot of attention in Fables, so it’ll be nice to see her in the spotlight.

STRANGE #1 (of 4)

This miniseries about the former Sorceror Supreme might seem pretty missable at first — after all, I’m among those who was none too crazy about him losing the top magician spot (even though I do like his successor, Brother Voodoo). However, it’s written by Mark Waid, and that’s pretty much an easy ticket to get me to buy just about anything. If the SHS variant is available, all the better.

Others to consider


I read the first arc of this title and found it pretty good. However, it didn’t quite raise to the level of greatness that makes you want to keep buying. I’m going to pass, but if you’re a fan of Stephanie (formerly Spoiler) or Barbara Gordon, this might be for you.


I’ve never bought this book, but Spiffy was a fan back before he stopped reading comics. What’s eye-catching about this issue is that it starts a two-part Blackest Night tie-in story with, as you could probably guess, the original Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, coming back as a Black Lantern and fighting Booster and the new Blue Beetle. Ted and Booster had one of the great friendships in comicdom, and I hate that Ted is dead. But he is, and his “return” could make for a good story. I could go either way, but I might pick this one up.


I bring this up just to illustrate that Deadpool is everywhere these days. I have no idea where this massive explosion in popularity came from, but he’s getting the Wolverine treatment all of a sudden. Marvel’s solit for this issue is pretty clever, and it is written by Joe Kelly, perhaps the most acclaimed Deadpool writer ever. With Deadpool and Spider-Man together, this might be worth it for the banter alone. However, I’m still not sure whether I’ll pick this up or not. I’m just feeling a little overexposed to Wade these days.


This sounds like a fairly epic issue, and I did become a huge Black Panther fan in the Christopher Priest days, so my instincts make me want to try it. However, I would probably be lost at this point, and I don’t know whether Jonathan Maberry, whom I’ve never heard of, can deliver the quality I got used to from Priest.


It seems like every time I look at a solit for this title, it’s about Cable vs. Bishop. That does indeed sound awesome, but I wonder whether it gets old with month after month of that concept? Not sure, because I still haven’t tried the book. I still might, if I see a good jumping-on point.


I’ll admit this sounds pretty good, but I just got tired of DD back in the Bendis days. Hopefully some Daredevil fan will come tell me why I’m foolish for not jumping on board.


“X-Necrosha” continues, but I wonder how many people are even noticing Marvel’s version of Blackest Night. Our own Lia is one of them. Will she review this issue?! Stay tuned.

S.W.O.R.D. #1

Remember Agent Brand from Joss Whedon’s great Astonishing X-Men run? Apparently, she needed her own series. I thought at first this must be a miniseries, but it looks like it’s a regular ongoing. Beast is there, so that’s something, I guess. So is Henry Gyrich, Marvel’s frequently used symbol for annoying government bureaucracy. This time, Gyrich takes over S.W.O.R.D. Someone seriously needs to count up how many jobs Gyrich has had over the years. It’s a lot. Screw Brand and even Beast; give Gyrich his own series.

DARK X-MEN #1 (of 5)

As I was reading Marvel’s solit for this new miniseries, nothing about it was catching my eye as something I should buy. More Dark Reign, a writer I’ve never heard of — it looked like an easy miss. Then, right near the end, they got me with this sentence: “But what does Nate Grey, A.K.A. X-MAN, have to do with it?” It’s been been about eight years since we last saw Nate, as he seemingly died in the last issue of his book (X-Man #75). I was a pretty big fan, and if he really is coming back, I can’t help but check this out.

X-BABIES #2 (of 4)

Don’t look at me like that. You know you want to buy this.


9 Responses to “What to buy: Nov. 11, 2009”

  1. dillonmania Says:

    I’m going with X-Force 21 and Dark X-Men, which is weird because I don’t buy much Marvel anymore. But Dark X-Men has Mystique, and X-Force HAS A WHOLE BUNCH OF DEAD FREEDOM FORCERS, so they shall be mine.

    Also, I hope to get the Orange Lantern ring, but don’t know if my shop ordered enough Booster Gold issues to get them in. My shop really under-orders.

    Next week has the extremely-late Flash: Rebirth 5, can you believe it?

  2. davidry214 Says:

    Actually, no, I cannot believe that. I assumed long ago that Flash: Rebirth was going to stop coming out with any new issues. That way, every fan can just choose his or her ending. Anyone remember those old Choose Your Own Adventure books? Kind of like that.

    Do you want the orange ring because of your insatiable greed?

    Well, I do hope X-Force gives you the Freedom Force fix you are seeking, especially because who knows if we’ll ever see Pyro again after this. 😉
    Also, you should review one of those!

  3. davidry214 Says:

    Update — this week I bought:
    Red Robin #6
    Green Lantern Corps. #42
    Fables #90
    Batman and Robin #6
    (Unfortunately, I can’t find a pic of the variant cover I received. I’d love to share, since it looks like Batman vs. Prince)
    Dark X-Men #1
    Booster Gold #26
    Batman #693
    Strange #1
    (sadly, not the variant cover I linked to in the main post)

    Was not able to get Cinderella #1 yet, but it’ll happen. Stay tuned.

    Out of town this weekend, so I’ll try to crank reviews out before I leave Friday. If that fails, no reviews until Sunday evening.

  4. dillonmania Says:

    Ooh, I declare that at the end of Rebirth, the Top is crowned king of Keystone, and the Flashes all die or something! Yes, a much better ending!

    In the end, my shop didn’t order any orange rings, and neither did the shop in the next town over. So my greed goes unsated 😦

    I did get X-Force and Dark X-Men, however. Haven’t read the latter yet, but X-Force was groovy. I may review it if I’m not feeling lazy.

  5. Gokitalo Says:

    Strange #1’s a definite buy for me. Waid and the Sorcerer Supreme? Count me in. The preview didn’t look bad, either.

    Speaking of previews, I had the same feelings Dave did about Batgirl, but these pages from this week’s #4 left me highly amused:
    Looks like a great jumping-on point, too. Give Batgirl a try, folks!

    Batman and Robin #6 is a must-buy; I just read issue #5 and can’t wait to see…


    …in all his glory.

    The preview for S.W.O.R.D. looked good: Gyrich plays his role as bigwig jerk in a highly entertaining way, while page 6 is worth it for Lockheed alone:

    Uh, the rest… Booster Gold I buy out of habit, ASM looks interesting, but I’ll skip, and I’ll read Cinderella when I catch up on whatever volume Fables is at now.

    And feel free to review X-Force, Lia! You already have your intro: “X-Force was groovy.”

    Finally… I got a Sinestro Corps ring on Sunday. I may need to duck into the store this weekend to get an orange ring.

  6. gokitalo Says:

    Oh duh: Absolute Justice is finally out. So is the Batman/Doc Savage Special, which kicks off DC’s “First Wave” thing (which brings back pulp heroes like Doc Savage and The Spirit… pretty slick).

  7. davidry214 Says:

    Lia, I await your review. 🙂

    I don’t know enough about Doc Savage to have much interest in him now coming back.

    As I alluded to in the main post, the alternate cover for Batman and Robin this weeks has The Flamingo, drawn by Quitely and looking like a bleach-blond version of Prince (and thus, truly an unbeatable foe).

    The Batgirl preview pages did look pretty good. I’ll still pass, but if you have any interest in the two principal characters, you’ll probably love it.

    The Lockheed part at the end of the S.W.O.R.D. preview was good, but I didn’t care that much for the rest. Beast has a snout the size of an anteater, and Gyrich could be better written. Seems very out of character for him to be sticking up for a known former villain in Norman Osborn, considering his comments about Hawkeye or the Scarlet Witch when he was the Avengers liason, or his time helping track the Hulk. Looks weak.

    Lastly, doesn’t look like I’m going to get reviews done before I head out for the weekend. So re-read last week’s reviews in the meantime.

  8. spiffyithaca Says:

    What I got this week:
    -A computer virus
    -Brandon Jacobs
    -A small rash on my inner thigh
    -The stink eye from a hottie in the gym
    -Several bowel movements
    -Final Draft 8
    -caught up on FOX’s new hit show “Glee”

    I’ll let the readers decide what was a must have or not

  9. gokitalo Says:

    The stink eye from a hottie in the gym

    *tsk* *tsk* how quickly you forget. Stink eye = spank eye. Just keep in mind that some girls spank back. In the face.

    Several bowel movements

    I hear each one comes with free power ring!

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