What to buy: Dec. 9, 2009


Goki has jumped in to save today’s weekly recommendations. Give the man a round of applause! I’ll jump in later with a comment giving some thoughts and additions. In the meantime, enjoy this delightful buying guide.

Adventure Comics #5
I think it was rumored this issue would play a big role in Blackest Night. Either way, you might want to read issue #4 first, since #5 is part two of a storyline. I haven’t read #4 yet, but I have a good feeling about this one, especially since the first three issues of Adventure Comics were so good. (don’t worry about crossovers, Superboy regular is still in title)
Secret Six #16
It’s Secret Six. I buy it every month. It’s great. You should buy it too. Oh, and Gail Simone character Black Alice guest stars. Although if Alice gets her way, she might become a permanent member of the Six– even if someone has to die to make room.
Should buy
Booster Gold #27
Another Blackest Night tie-in, in which Booster must face off against the Black Lantern version of his best friend. Dan Jurgens showed a real flair for writing Black Lantern Blue Beetle last issue; you almost keep forgetting that he’s out to kill everyone in sight. Booster included. 
Red Robin #7
David’s buying it. Isn’t that reason enough?
Booster Gold: Blue and Gold
More Booster Gold and Blue Beetle! Only this time, Ted’s alive– sort of– it’s complicated. This collects the final issues of Geoff Johns and Jeff Katz’s run on the series, with Jurgens onboard as artist and ideas-man. Fans of Beetle and Booster should definitely check this out; in fact, these last few issues are basically a love letter to the JLI. So yes, many characters from that series return… including a few you weren’t expecting to see again.
JLA: Year One- New Printing
Mark Waid tried as best he could to keep this in continuity when he wrote 52, and with good reason. JLA Year One is THE definitive origin of the JLA, primarily because it’s more than just an origin story. It’s about five people learning to trust each other. I’ve heard people complain that Hal Jordan, Barry Allen and Martian Manhunter are “uninteresting” or “lack personalities” (luckily, no one ever says that about Black Canary anymore) but this series proves just the opposite. If anything, their personality quirks are what drive the series.
Runaways: The Good Die Young TPB
Wow. After collecting Brian K. Vaughan’s Runaways run in digests and then in gigantic hardcovers, Marvel has finally decided to print it in trade paperback. Sheesh, guys. But better late than never! I’ve been meaning to read this run for a while now. Collects Runaways #13-18.
Others to consider:
R.E.B.E.L.S. #11
Vril Dox, son of Brainiac, has got himself a power ring. Which one? I won’t tell, even though the cover gives it away. Suffice to say giving Brainiac’s son a ring is something his enemies should worry about… as should his allies.
Dark X-Men #2
A major X-Men character from the past came back last issue. This pleased David. This issue may include more David pleasing. It may even please you as well.
Action Comics #884
Lois Lane arrested! At least that’s what the cover suggests. I have a feeling one might be lost if he/she hasn’t kept up with the Super-titles, but this issue’s co-written for Rucka, who has a flair for writing strong females. Eric Trautmann, Rucka’s partner-in-crime on Checkmate (and the writer of JSA: Engines of Cobra), is also onboard.
Doom Patrol #5
More Blackest Night craziness. Looks like The Chief, who’s possibly even more manipulative than Vril Dox, is about to get a taste of bad karma.
DC Holiday Special 2009
It’s six bucks, but it’s Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa soon, you Scrooge!
The Marvelous Land of Oz #1
Do you like pictures with your words? Then you’ll love this! Take that, books! Also, it’s by Eric Shanower, who writes and draws the usually awesome Age of Bronze.
Web of Spider-Man #3
Because everyone knows the Rhino’s the best Spider-Man villain of all time.
… okay, fine. Maybe I’M the only one who knows that.
X-Necrosha: The Gathering One-Shot
Get this if you’ve been reading the “X-Necrosha” crossover, basically.
X-Men Forever #13
Honestly, Chris Claremont’s finally found his groove again with this series. It’s not quite as strong as Claremont’s ’80s groove, but there’s something plain addictive about this series (which continues from where Claremont’s original run left off and leaves out what came afterwards).
The verdict’s still out on “Lil’ ‘Ro,” though. Eee…
House of M: Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and X-Men HC
Wow. That’s THREE House of M series in one trade. In fact, they’re not the only ones! You also get New Thunderbolts #11 and Black Panther #7. All of this for just $39.99. Which is roughly what the comics add up to back when they came out in singles. I’m not sure how GOOD these stories are, but if you dug House of M, you’ll probably dig this.
Masterworks: Golden Age Submariner
See Namor, king of the deep, terrorize the Axis powers– and occasionally everyone else– in all his regal, Speedo glory.
Tomb of Dracula Omnibus
It’s $99.99, but it collects 40 issues of critically-acclaimed work from Marv Wolfman, Steve Englehart and others. If you’re into the Twilight-vampire craze, you might like this. If you’re not, you still might like this (we’re talking CLASSIC vampires here).
What If? Classic Vol. 6
Collects What If #33-38, which include the classic “What If Elektra Had Lived?” story by Frank Miller. It also includes the most infamous Dazzler story of all (hint: it involves Galactus), “What if the Thing and the Beast Continued to Mutate?” (NOW we know where Grant Morrison got the idea!), “What if the Fantastic Four Lost Their Superpowers?”, “What if the Watcher Were a Stand-Up Comedian?” (instant classic) and many more. To think this was one issue away from collecting “What if Thor battled Conan the Barbarian?”…
X-Factor: Overtime HC
David and I already have this story in singles, but if you don’t have it, then you’re missing out on one Marvel’s consistently good X-Men titles. Collects #46-50.

2 Responses to “What to buy: Dec. 9, 2009”

  1. spiffyithaca Says:

    Is the Oz thing just another comic based on Baum’s work or an original piece?

    The thing I’d be most inclined to buy on this list….wait for it….

    BOOSTER Gold. But you knew that! I’d probably also try Red Robin if I was reading. But Jurgens knows Booster REAL well, and it was always a fun book, and add Ted Kord to the mix, sounds like a groingasm

  2. davidry214 Says:

    I think it’s based on Baum’s work, maybe with a few twists.

    I got this crop of books a week late, but bought Red Robin, Dark X-Men, and Booster Gold.

    Did Adventure Comics indeed end up with big Blackest Night repurcussions? I’ve still never tried Secret Six, though I don’t doubt it’s good.

    You successfully made me want to buy X-Men Forever at some point. If Claremont has regained some (even if not all) of his magic, then it’s probably an enjoyable read.

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