New ‘n bits, Dec. 11, 2009


Interesting stuff around the Interwebz as always. 

Grant Morrison: The Movie. I’m not joking. That link right there’s the trailer to the documentary, which looks pretty awesome. There was another trailer too, which I’ll post once I find it again. 

The big Superman event of 2010 is finally revealed: War of the Supermen. Think of it: Superman versus 100,000 Kryptonians with his superpowers. Assuming he doesn’t decide to fight alongside them… 

Is it just me, or should we all be buying Power Girl? And doesn’t Amanda Conner look more and more like PG all the time? (or, “Is it just me, or does Amanda Conner look more and more like Power Girl all the time?”) 

 And speaking of Grant Morrison, here’s some big, big news– although it’s kind of a major spoiler (and I don’t mean the Setphanie Brown kind ;)). If you want your Bat-reading experience to be spoiler-free, I’ve put the news– along with somewhat lengthy commentary– behind a cut. If you’re cool with spoilers, read on! 

Bruce Wayne is making his triumphant return in “The Return of Bruce Wayne,” a six issue series by Batman and Robin writer Grant Morrison (click the hyperlink for a nice, lengthy interview with Grant). The story features Bruce Wayne struggling to find his way back to the present day after being sent back in time and… 

Waaaaaitaminute. Doesn’t this sound somewhat familiar? Isn’t there another six-issue mini-series about a hero fighting his way through time after “dying” and being replaced by his first sidekick? Name’s on the tip of my tongue… 

:b Seriously though, despite the outward similarities, it looks like “The Return of Bruce Wayne” is going to be something very different from Captain America: Reborn. For one, Cap’s mainly time traveling through his body at various points in his personal history, while Batman’s hopping through anywhere in history. I mean, we’re getting Caveman Batman and Pirate Batman— for starters! I mean, come on, Steve Rogers! You could’ve been Revolutionary War Cap! George Capington! Chief Sitting Cap, even! 

Back on topic.. check out the artistic talent on that book. Andy Kubert’s doing designs (such as the aforementioned Caveman Batman and Pirate Batman), while Chris Sprouse (Tom Strong artist) is drawing issue 1. And Frazier Irving, who drew Morrison’s Seven Soldiers: Klarion mini-series, may be doing issue 2. DC hasn’t revealed who the next three artists will be, but they’re certainly going in the right direction!  

So yeah, this project does sound pretty cool. Although you know, cool as it is seeing Bruce Wayne fight his way through time, I’ve really been enjoying Dick Grayson as Batman and Damian as Robin. We know that’ll last at least until April 2010, when “Return of Bruce Wayne” begins. But will Bruce’s return (assuming he lives up to the title and DOES return) depose Dick Grayson as the current Dark Knight? Will there be two Batmen? Will Bruce decide to retire or take on a new identity? And will Damian Wayne continue to be Robin? 

So many questions. Until then, we can look forward to more Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne stories from Morrison drawn by Cameron Stewart (whose arc starts next month), Frazier Irving (I think?) and newly-announced artist Andy Clarke. Stewart’s art looks great as always, while Clarke’s look just as good as his R.E.B.E.L.S. work. Although that one drawing where saliva’s spewing out of Batman and Robin’s mouths looks very early ’90s Image Comics…

It’s a very good time to be a Batman fan right now. Oh, and the title of Clarke’s upcoming storyline? “Batman VS. Robin.” Sounds like a doozy…


6 Responses to “New ‘n bits, Dec. 11, 2009”

  1. spiffyithaca Says:

    Good shit Goki, I had to catch myself before typing that I can’t wait to buy the Batman book, but honestly, I’ll try my hardest to buy it. I need to have my annual getting back into comics sometime soon.

  2. gokitalo Says:

    Spiffy returns to comics in April 2010- BE THERE

  3. davidry214 Says:

    I had a hard time getting the Grant Morrison trailer to load. I’ll try again later, but for now, let me say that I like the idea.

    I have an even harder time getting excited about any big Superman event. It is interesting, though, that the latest DC Nation mentioned an upcoming death of a beloved Superman character. Smart money is that the death, of whomever it’ll be, will be related to “War of the Supermen.”

    Honestly, I’ve always somewhat hated Power Girl. Half the time her personality is that of a female Captain America; half the time, she’s a female Guy Gardner. And all the time, she has that stupid boob window in her outfit and is mostly just an excuse to put some more T&A in comics.

    So, to the big news: I’m not surprised, but it’s certainly interesting. We all knew Bruce would be back, and I’ve been predicting it would be sooner rather than later. On the other hand, DC has seemingly put a lot of effort in pumping up Dick as Bats, and has been doing a nice job, too.

    It’s interesting that the title is The Return of Bruce Wayne. That could just be to avoid confusion by saying “Batman,” since there is already a Batman. But you can’t help but wonder if it’s some indication that Bruce won’t be coming back as Batman.

    My official prediction: obviously, Bruce will one day be Batman again (if Hal and Barry returned to their monikers, Bruce has to do the same at some point). But I don’t think he’ll return to being Batman after this mini; I see DC giving Dick some more time in the role. I think Bruce will go to some kind of Oracle-like role. Even if I’m wrong and Bruce does immediately become Batman again, I see Damian staying Robin regardless. Tim has “graduated” from that role, and Damian needs the guidance.

    As for the Return mini, I hope DC learns a lesson from the recent failures of two big “Return” minis: DC’s Flash and Marvel’s Captain America, both of which have been pretty mediocre. Bruce Wayne might have more success with just a better storyline, but the big lesson from those other minis is that delays are killer. When you’ve already announced a character is coming back, it’s best just to get him back quickly. Six issues means six months before he’s really back. I think they should really consider going biweekly: tell your story, but get it done.

  4. Gokitalo Says:

    My favorite interpretation of Power Girl was in the mini-series Amanda Conner and Geoff Johns did. That version of the character was neither Guy nor Cap, but still had plenty of personality.

    I agree that Bruce will probably fill some kind of Oracle-like role when he comes back. As for Tim, Adventure Comics suggested he viewed the “Red Robin” identity as something he’d only hold onto until he found Bruce. But I think you’re right; he’s probably not going back to being plain old Robin. Which is a shame, but ah well. I am enjoying Damian in the role.

    Good point about Flash: Rebirth and Captain America: Reborn, although I think DC’s very cleverly avoiding delays by having a different artist illustrate each issue. And I don’t think I actually mind if The Return of Bruce Wayne comes out monthly, since that’ll give us more time with Dick Grayson as Batman.

  5. Gokitalo Says:

    Oh, and here’s the YouTube version of the Grant Morrison trailer:

  6. davidry214 Says:

    Well, Tim adopted Red Robin because 1) Dick made Damian the new Robin, and Tim felt hurt, 2) He wanted a name he could use in his search for Bruce, without sullying the name of Robin if he had to go to extreme lengths (which he kind of has, joining the League of Assassins). So maybe he’d want to go back to Robin when Bruce is back, but I have a feeling he won’t. If Damian stays in that role, I doubt DC wants to confuse readers by keeping two Robins (though they’re seemingly fine with that for Flash). Second, they’re already invested by giving him a Red Robin title; if he changes his name at the end of Bruce’s miniseries, they’ll have to relaunch Tim’s book after fewer than 20 issues.

    Besides, they could easily find a way to have Tim embrace the name on a permanent basis, particularly is he’s instrumental in Bruce’s return. What started off as a self-imposed disgrace becomes a badge of honor, etc.

    That’s good about the different artists for The Return of Bruce Wayne. It sounds like they’ve perhaps already learned their lesson, then. And also, good point about more stories with Dick as Bats. Perhaps DC and Marvel should have kept their regular Cap and Flash series going during the predecessors’ returns.

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