What to buy: December 16, 2009

David: Hidy ho, true believers! Dave speaking, back after a small hiatus. Don’t worry, Goki has beaten me severely, and it won’t happen again. Time for another round of tag-team recommendations; and if you don’t believe me, heeeeere’s Goki to say something clever!
Goki: Clever? I hardly know ‘er! Nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk
David: That was awful Goki. Hopefully you do better in the reviews.
Fables #91
David: “Witches” comes to its conclusion at last. I wish this book were somehow weekly (without sacrificing its quality), because sometimes it’s almost painful waiting a full month for the next issue. If you’ve never read Fables, then hey, guess what? Your parents probably don’t even love you, asshole.
Goki: *sniff* At least I still had the lie
Green Lantern Corps #43
David: It might be a bit much to classify this as “Essential,” but after the heartbreaking events of last issue, I need to know what’s next. And the solit and cover make it look pretty epic.
Goki: Seconded. Go to the DC Comics web site to see what we mean.
X-Factor #200
David: It’s back! After skipping November, one of the best books on the market returns with another landmark issue as the series changes its numbering to incorporate the original X-Factor series. For a seven-word summary of why you should buy this, here’s Goki:
Goki: Buy this comic for sexytime with Monet/Siryn
(yes, “sexytime” is one word. And here’s one for the men lovers: Replace “Monet/Siryn” with Madrox/Rictor/ Shatterstar or even Guido)
Captain America: Reborn #5 (of 5)
David: At last, the conclusion to how Steve Rogers returns. But does it really matter? We know he is indeed back, and that’s really the big thing; it’s not like the mini has been terribly compelling. But I’ll still buy, mostly for any clues as to what’s next for Steve and Bucky (two Caps, or a change in moniker for one?).
Goki: “Big Bucky?” “Buck”? “Buckeye”? “Captain Buckeye”? “Captain Puerto Rico”? “Metal Arm”? “Cable”?
Or maybe Steve’ll change his superhero name. To “Steve”!
Dark Avengers #12
David: Reading Bendis these days is like a literary yo-yo with all the ups and downs, but the past issue and a half have seen him on the upswing as he seems to have found a villain he can write really well (and actually keep in character): Molecule Man. I love me some Molecule Man, so I’m a little nervous Bendis will still mess it up, but I’m cautiously optimistic for this concluding issue. For a four-and-a-half-word summary of why he isn’t buying this, here’s Goki again:
Goki: Bendis’ characters sound the sa–
Cable #21
David: I haven’t read this series since its relaunch, and I didn’t even read “Messiah CompleX.” But this issue marks the start of “Homecoming,” where Cable and the young mutant messiah Hope get ready to return to the present as Bishop gets more desperate to stop them. Sounds like a good and dramatic jumping-on point, particularly since I’m sure this will all spill over into other X-books fairly soon. So I’m giving it a shot.
Goki: The preview for this was messed up. I mean, Bishop’s chasing Cable and Hope in a gigantic space fish. Although when I put it like that, it almost makes me want to buy the issue…
Batman #694
David: This could be a “Should Buy,” but I think this book is starting to get lost somewhat in the Bat shuffle (including one tpb, there are nine Bat-related books coming out this week). Tony Daniel is writing and arting (it’s a word), and it’s very solid. Gorgeous pencils, pretty good story. He does villains very well, he does dialogue mediocrely (also a word). For now, that’s enough to keep me trying, but I’d like to see some flashes of brilliance in the next couple issues.
Goki: I’m wait-for-trading (a hyphenated word)
Ms. Marvel #48
David: Carol goes up against Mystique, who once directed a still-villainous Rogue to attack Ms. Marvel, resulting in Rogue stealing her powers and nearly killing her. So there’s potential for interesting drama here. I’ve never tried this book, but I liked Carol when she was still Warbird under Kurt Busiek. I’m tempted to give this a shot, but since I might be adding Cable, I’ll probably pass on this title for now.
Goki: You know, I bought a fair amount of Ms. Marvel issues during the series’ early days. Even though it didn’t entirely click for me,  I still want to see how this chapter in her life ends. It’ll bring me a *sniff* sense of… closure…
Batman Arkham Asylum Special
Goki: Before Batman R.I.P., there was this event in the Bat-Titles during the early 2000s called, “This Issue: Batman Dies!” To quote Teen Girl Squad, “Forboooooooode.” Anyway, this trade collects two stories from that event (Batman #586 by Ed Brubaker and Robin #85 by Chuck Dixon), as well as tales from Batman Chronicles #3 (by Dixon and Alan Grant) and Showcase #11 by the great Archie Goodwin. Maybe not an essential buy, but there’s no denying the talent of the writers on board.
That’s it for this week! Or at least this post; if we think of more, we’ll just add them as comments.

8 Responses to “What to buy: December 16, 2009”

  1. gokitalo Says:

    Actually, let me add one more: Incorruptible #1, by Mark Waid. It’s the sister series to Waid’s Irredeemable, a story about a hero who goes bad. What’s Incorruptible about? Why, a bad villain who goes good! Waid’s a great writer and knows a thing or two about superheroes, so check this out if you want to see what Waid can do when he has full control over his creations.

    Speaking of Waid’s creator-owned stuff, I do miss Empire. I hope he and Kitson get to go back to it someday…

    Also, here’s a little something for the Star Wars fans: the entire comic adaptation of the Thrawn Trilogy’s being collected in a single hardcover. The Force is strong with this one!
    (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  2. davidry214 Says:

    I passed on Cable after all, so I’m a liar. I did buy:
    Fables #91
    Green Lantern Corps. #43
    X-Factor #200
    Captain America: Reborn #5
    Dark Avengers #12
    Batman #694

    Plus three from last week that I mentioned in a comment on that topic.

    Incorruptible is probably very good; I heard Irredeemable was brilliant. I won’t buy the Special you mentioned, but Batman dying stories sound fun.

    I read the Thrawn trilogy, though notthe comic adaptaton; the books were great stuff.

  3. davidry214 Says:

    And Goki, I was led to believe you’ve read the first Fables TPB, so your parents probably still love you. Although they might not, I don’t know them.

  4. davidry214 Says:

    Maybe your parents should start making guest appearances on the blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. gokitalo Says:

    My dad showed up on A blog I did once. Making them regulars would be bizarre and interesting/hilarious at the same time…

    You’re right, I did indeed read the first Fables TPB; I missed the “never” part in “you’ve never read Fables.” My parents still love me, but may want a refund from the various institutions that taught me reading comprehension.

  6. davidry214 Says:

    I think our ratings would triple overnight if we had your parents as guest stars.

    I’ll give you a pass for the reading comprehension fail, but you need to go read the second Fables TPB now (didn’t you say you own it but haven’t gotten to it?)

  7. Gokitalo Says:

    Your elephant-like memory is indeed correct!

  8. davidry214 Says:

    Then read it already!

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