Happy Holidays!


Yes, admittedly, I’m a day late with this message, but better than late than never, right? I hope everyone around these parts is enjoying time with their friends, families, dogs, cats, iguanas, camels, right/left hand these weeks, and I hope everyone enjoyed/is enjoying Christmas/Hannukah and Kwanzaa. Also, be sure to get hammered drunk/play a lot of board games this New Year’s!

If you’re bored or tired of that, may I suggest a trip to the movies? I have yet to see Avatar (I’m holding out for a 3-D IMAX experience, and have found tickets to be hard to come by), but I hear the technical spectacle is worth the hefty price of admission. I have, however, seen Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes, and LOVED it. Robert Downey Jr. is fantastic in the title role, and so is Jude Law’s Dr. Watson (great  chemistry). Speaking of chemistry, Downey had a lot of it with love interest Irene Adley (played by Rachel McAdams, who I will marry one day). I’m not a Holmes buff by any stretch of the imagination, but this was just such an entertaining and well-made blockbuster, which isn’t anything to scoff at nowadays.



5 Responses to “Happy Holidays!”

  1. davidry214 Says:

    I haven’t seen anything in theaters for a couple weels; Fantastic Mr. Fox is excellent, Invictus is very good with a couple flaws, and the new Christmas Carol is awful.

    But I really, really want to see Avatar and Sherlock Holmes, but am so incredibly broke that it might be difficult. I’ve heard Avatar is visually brilliant, but have heard a couple small dissents about the plot and run time. I haven’t heard as much about Sherlock Holmes, but I’m happy to hear you liked it. I loved the idea of Downey and Law in their roles, but I had mixed thoughts about Guy Ritchie: I like a couple of his movies, but I didn’t know if his unique style would really fit Sherlock Holmes. But like you, I’m not just the hugest Holmes fan (I was a bit of a fan when I was younger, but only read one or two books), so I don’t know that I would really be too bothered even if Ritchie does do something weird.

    Hopefully, I’ll find a way to see one or both soon. I also would like to see Princess and the Frog, but may just wait for dvd on it.

  2. Gokitalo Says:

    I read Hound of the Baskervilles many years ago. Apparently Moriarty was in it and I never realized it? Obviously, I need to school myself in some Holmesology. Or just go watch the movie.

    I can’t believe I beat you guys to this, but… I saw Avatar. IN 3-D. DUBBED IN SPANISH. Say it with me, Kool-Aid man: OH YEEEEAAAAH

    And you know what? It was good. Visually, it was absolutely spectacular; honestly, you forget those aliens are CGI after a while. Pandora (the planet) looks absolutely breathtaking. The plot’s solid, but not going to blow your socks off (it’s fairly easy to guess where it’s all going), and the “bad guy” in the film might get a little too one-dimensional near the end. That said, Cameron does a nice job of inserting certain plot points in the film that pay off in a big way later.

  3. Gokitalo Says:

    Maybe I got a little carried away when I said “Say it with me, Kool-Aid man”…

  4. spiffyithaca Says:

    I actually saw Avatar in 3-D AND in IMAX this past weekend. I’d like to go more in depth, but I second everything Goki said. It was just breathtaking and a cinematic experience. It’s what moviegoing is all about, really. Aside from the mediocre plot, lol

    But still, it was like watching a fucking lush screensaver for 3 hours. Loved it.

  5. gokitalo Says:

    I honestly didn’t think screensavers could get any better than Aquatica 3D for Windows. But then I saw Avatar and let me tell you, I was WRONG, people!

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