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Preview Reviews: April: Marvel time

January 30, 2010

God, I sucked it up trying to do DC just now. I should really just stop. But what if Chuck Austen had stopped? Then he wouldn’t have had some villain rape a girl in Superman. Or turn Northstar into a steriotype and Angel into a pedophile during Uncanny X-Men. Or earn the ire of millions of fans. Or become unemployed ever since both companies fired him. That sounds like mor evidence I shoukd quit, no? Well, consider this: Apple just came out with a “revolutionary” new computer, the iPad. Two years from now, Chuck Austen will help design its high-speed upgrade, the MAXI-PAD.

lmao, i should really go out on that joke. But whatever, I’m going to do Marvel Preview Reviews from April (2010) really quickly.



Preview Reviews for April: DC edition, BITCHES!

January 30, 2010

Guess what? I’m drunk. But guess what else? Right now I think it’s a good idea, for some reason, to revive the legendaty Preview Reviews!!! Shouldn’t I probably wait until I’m sober, then try to get someone else to team up with me? Mayhaps. But what if Superman had waited until he sobered up and got a team-up to fight effing Doomsday? Perbe, he might have lived. But if he’d lived, then the tpb Death of Superman would have seemed like false advertising. Yeah, think about that.

I’ll start with DC, because it comes first in the ol’ alphabet-aroo, and because Bendis doesn’t work there.


Weekly Recommendations for Jan. 27, 2010

January 29, 2010

David: Welcome back to weekly recommendations: collaborative edition. I’m Dave, and with me is the lovely and charming Gokitalo. On Wednesday, the last week of new comics for the month comes out, and there’s several good choices. So read on for some kickass recommendations, and watch me randomly put Goki on the spot.
For instance, here’s Goki to create an amusing anagram using the letters of Stan Lee’s first mother-in-law’s middle name.

Goki: Loser. Which is an anagram for L. Rose! It’s a well-known fact that Stan Lee’s first mother in law had TWO middle names.


1/20/10 Reviews

January 24, 2010

The somewhat triumphant return of weekly reviews. Keeping it brief this time around, still.

Reviewed this week:

Blackest Night: The Flash #2 (of 3)

Dark Avengers #13

Fables #92

Green Lantern Corps. #44

Incredible Hercules #140

Joe the Barbarian #1

Phantom Stranger #42

Uncanny X-Men #520


Up next …

January 24, 2010

PROJECT: HULK — PETER DAVID was the most ambitious installment yet in my PROJECT series, tackling a run that spanned 133 issues and nearly 12 years. Some of you, like Goki, may be thinking to yourselves, Dave, you ignorant slut, you just reviewed one of the longest, most acclaimed runs of all time. How are you going to top that??

Well, Goki, I’m no slut, and I have your answer: by reviewing an even longer, more acclaimed run. Up next in my series: PROJECT: X-MEN — CHRIS CLAREMONT.

Claremont came on board the X-Men book upon its relaunch in 1975. For 17 years, he wrote the team, as the book became Uncanny X-Men, and he helped launch the new X-Men series (then New X-Men, now X-Men Legacy), though he left Marvel after that book’s third issue. His Uncanny run, however, spanned an incredible 185 issues, #94-279, and his first stint will always be the definitive run for the book and its characters.

I did some reading over break, and have gotten to 1981 — the end of John Byrne’s tenure, and the beginning of Dave Cockrum’s second stint as artist. It was easier to make quick progress early on, as the book was bimonthly for Claremont’s first couple years. My ability to spend time on it will also slow down now with school going again, but I hope to debut the new PROJECT in late May, early June.

Get excited.

Spider-Man 4’s New Director: You Don’t Even Need To Make a Pun For His Last Name

January 22, 2010

Marc Webb, the director of the highly thought of (and exquisitely good) romantic comedy (500) Days of Summer, has been chosen to replace Sam Raimi as the director for Spider-Man 4.

Judging by the only movie he’s directed, it’s a really intriguing and creative choice. I’ll actually be talking about (500) Days of Summer in the coming days with a new segment, but suffice it to say, I’m actually impressed with this decision. With Raimi perhaps burned out on Spidey, Webb should fill in nicely in this new direction. Color me more optimistic than before.


This week at Eat More Comics- The Message Board

January 19, 2010

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January 15, 2010

And to think, it wasn’t even considered that great of a job.

In May 1987, The Incredible Hulk was far from a flagship title. Sales were down, and recent stories had become convoluted and made the book nearly unrecognizable. Rick Jones was the Hulk. A powerless Bruce Banner, now married to Betty, was working with the Hulkbusters to bring down his best friend. General Thunderbolt Ross had just been killed. In short, there was a lot of baggage for a new writer to deal with. Meanwhile, the X-Men (Wolverine in particular) were becoming wildly popular. The Avengers hadn’t needed the Hulk in years, and the Defenders had disbanded. The Hulk was certainly no throwaway character, but it’s fair to say he did not occupy the same cornerstone within the Marvel Universe as he once did.

Enter Peter David.

David had been given the title largely to make it up to him for being taken off Spectacular Spider-Man. He really hadn’t done that much comics writing, and news of his addition to the book couldn’t have excited fans that much.

Fast forward 12 years, when David left the book as the most prolific writer in Hulk history, penning 137 issues (331-467) and defining the character for a generation. His body of work on the title may never be equalled, in terms of quantity or quality.



What to Buy: Jan. 13, 2010

January 13, 2010

This is what, our eighth new topic in as many days? Look at us, being all active and shit. Plus, the message board has some new topics, and my latest PROJECT will make its triumphant debut on Friday, with reviews returning next week. Law dee daw indeed.

It’s good that you have all our stuff to read, because there’s shit coming out today in regards to new comic books. Click on for a brief look at some seriously slim pickings.


New at the Eat More Comics message board

January 13, 2010

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