What to Buy: Jan. 6, 2010


Recommendations are back after a holiday hiatus. I hope to buy Wednesday’s books no later than this weekend, and will be getting the previous two weeks worth of books, as well. I might do one massive reviews post for all three weeks, or spread it out over a couple, or just leave some books out; we’ll see. I’m going to do this one solo since I got to it slightly last minute, but maybe Goki will comment with a couple thoughts and additions, with he and I hopefully resuming full team-ups soon.

Anyway, it’s the first week of new comics in a new year. Note that I correctly typed 2010 in the post title; I expect I’ll make at least one error and say 2009 in the coming weeks. It looks like a pretty good (though not quite great) week, and there should be a few books that interest you.

The Essentials

Red Robin #8

The best book to come out this week is one that I’ve been raving about for months. Red Robin has moved into top-5 territory, and this promises to be the most explosive issue yet as “Council of Spiders” concludes.

Nation X: X-Factor #1

I know little of the Nation X one-shots and limited series that are springing up, but this issue is X-Factor characters written by Peter David. Honestly, once that is established, who cares what the plot is? You know it’ll be good based on that info alone. But if you want to know more, this one-shot features the X-Factor crew making its first trip to Utopia, the new island mutant haven, at Cyclops’ request. Reunions, tensions, and dangers arise.

Should Buy

JSA All-Stars #2

Willingham and Sturges look poised to take the JSA to even greater heights than it reached in the heyday of Johns and Goyer (and that was quite a heyday). Buy now or feel like an idiot later.

Suicide Squad #67

All this month, DC will be doing one last issue of “resurrected” canceled books as Blackest Night takes a break. This is the most notable such title this week, teaming legendary scribe John Ostrander with current superstar writer Gail Simone. I know nearly nothing of Suicide Squad history, so I may get a little lost, but it’s still worth a shot, IMO.

Siege #1 (of 4)

Marvel is advertising this crossover as an event six years in the making, which is funny, because they advertised Secret Invasion as an event nearly five years in the making. Sounds epic from Marvel’s ads, but I cannot bring myself to call it an Essential when I’m getting so tired of Marvel’s mega-crossovers, which have increasingly little story merit. Maybe I’ll read this and change my tune by #2. I sincerely hope so; I’m tired of feeling like I’ve thrown my money away after reading many of Marvel’s books these days.

Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love #3 (of 6)

I’m a sucker for all things Fables, and even though this is the first book not written by Bill Willingham, I’m quite intrigued so far.

Others to consider

Siege: Embedded #1 (of 4)

Until Marvel shows this “event” is worth it, I’m not reading any of the crossover’s tie-ins, just the main book.

Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2 (of 3)

At the moment, I’m praying my store doesn’t accidentally pull this for me, like it has some of the Blackest Night tie-ins. Issue #1 was the worst comic I read in 2009.

Daffofil #1 (of 3)

A mature readers’ book about Nosferatu? Sounds cool. Then I saw what Marvel was charging: $5.99. That’s a pretty hefty price tag, even for 48 pages. I suppose I might still consider it because both the writer and artist go by just one name each (Brremaud and Rigano, respectively), which, as you know, makes them badasses — just look at Madonna and Cher. Goki owns every album by both women, and Spiffy has actually slept with both.

Youngblood Vol. 2: Voted off the Island

I know nothing about this Image book (though I believe it was another one originally created by Rob Liefield), but I choose to believe it’s named after me.


17 Responses to “What to Buy: Jan. 6, 2010”

  1. spiffyithaca Says:

    I’m sorry, but the mention of Red Robin just makes me think of their fine Clucks & Fries, their famous seasoning salt (diabetes included) and food, folks and fun. Call him Maroon Robin or Blood Robin or something. Leave the restaurant alone.

    While I could look up DC solits, I’d prefer to get the answer from either one of you (and I know Goki loves to look smart): What other “resurrected” titles are coming out this month? It’s a pretty cool/smart idea by DC, which clearly has been beating off on Marvel’s dying corpse lately, in David’s mind.

    Siege sounds lame, aside from the Doom/Thor thing (that is this crossover, right?). And they’re full of shit if they say this is 6 years in the making. Maybe Bendis has the idea of a smackdown six years ago, but at least in Secret Invasion, you could see that yes, he did plan this for five years, or close to it. A shame the planning and the events leading up to the crossover were way cooler than the actual mini series.

  2. davidry214 Says:

    Honestly, who cares if the book has the same name as a mediocre restaurant? According to the ever-reliable wikipedia, there are only about 400 Red Robins in the country; it’s hardly as if they named the book Applebees. And the comic’s name in an homage to the Red Robin of Kingdom Come, written nearly 15 years ago when there were probably less than half as many of the restaurants. The book is spectacular, that’s all that matters.

    I want to say there are eight resurrected titles in all, two each week, but I too would prefer to let Goki look smart. Name them all, and their release dates/creators, Goki!

    Doom and Thor have been fighting for a couple months in Thor, and Doom is part of Osborn’s Cabal, so I’m sure he’ll have some role in Siege, though I’m unclear how big his part will be. I do know that next month marks the start of the Doomwar mini, which revolves around Doom vs. Black Panther, and frankly sounds more badass than Siege.

  3. spiffyithaca Says:

    bwahaha I knew you’d get upset if I brought up the restaurant.

    I would buy a book named Applebee’s (their riblets are delightful).

    According to the ever-reliable Spiffy brain, Alex Ross came up with the character “Red Robin” as an homage to the restaurant, after he almost OD’d on seasoning salt. True story.

    We’re waiting, Goki!

    Wow, Doomwar (crappy title), sounds pretty sweet. It would make sense for me to buy that shiz. Dammit. I might have too. What’s the creative team on it?

  4. gokitalo Says:

    “While I could look up DC solits, I’d prefer to get the answer from either one of you (and I know Goki loves to look smart): What other “resurrected” titles are coming out this month?”

    How’s this for looking smart: I already answered your question… THREE MONTHS AGO


    And by the way? Rob Liefeld DID create Youngblood.
    *blows smoke from Smart Gun barrel*

    “this issue is X-Factor characters written by Peter David. Honestly, once that is established, who cares what the plot is?”

    As the scans_daily people say: “Motto.” Even though they hate PAD now.

    “Issue #1 was the worst comic I read in 2009.”

    You are a lucky, lucky man.

    “just look at Madonna and Cher. Goki owns every album by both women, and Spiffy has actually slept with both.”

    And you know what? WE’RE BOTH PROUD OF IT

    Unless I hear Bendis has really upped his game, I’m skipping Siege. Or I would if Oliver Coipiel’s art didn’t look so droolworthy.

  5. spiffyithaca Says:

    LOL, wow that’s sad for us. But to be fair, I wasn’t the one who posted a couple times AND still asked about it 😉

    The talents really good on the titles, but I really have no attachment to any of the characters or teams involved. Suicide Squad’s probably the only one I’d ever consider. Ah well.

    I was pretty impressed that I bagged Cher and Madonna. In fact, I’d still bag them.

  6. gokitalo Says:

    At this rate, you could use your penis as an iPod

  7. spiffyithaca Says:

    That gives a whole new reason to “shuffle.” What up!

  8. davidry214 Says:


    As for the Blackest Night resurrected books, I knew about Goki’s previous topic (I did comment on it), but note that in my comment here, I asked him for specific release dates for them all. Thanks for nothing, Goki.

    Spiff, DoomWar is written by current Black Panther writer Jonathan Maberry, who also wrote Wolverine and some Marvel Zombies stuff, but mostly does horror novels (and I think I heard he co-wrote the new Wolfman movie).

    What are you buying from this week, Goki? And what would you buy, Spiffy, if you were still comic-purchasing-inclined?

  9. spiffyithaca Says:

    Daffofil, Siege and probably Red Robin based on your effusive and ebullient praise.

    Well the new Wolfman looks cool and in my experience, novelists usually make good comic book writers, but that said, I have no idea what’s been said about his Black Panther and Wolverine. Or even Marvel Zombies. I’d say I’d walk into a comicbook store and look at it, but then I’d be screwed, and end up walking out with 15 books.

  10. Gokitalo Says:

    Superman: World of New Krypton #11, Suicide Squad #67 and maybe Weird Western Tales #71. The Suicide Squad issue isn’t just a Blackest Night tie-in, by the way: it’s also part one of a crossover with Secret Six. So if you’ve been checking out Secret Six, I’d proooobably buy it.

    There I go doing the “looking smart” thing again!

    Specific release dates for the resurrected titles can be found here, right under Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2, a.k.a. David’s favorite comic of ’10 (until issue #3 comes out)

    And just to look even smarter: that link was also in the post I wrote three months back. *whistles innocently*

  11. Gokitalo Says:

    Oh, I might also get Doom Patrol #6. And probably Nation X: X-Factor, since it’s PAD writing X-Factor characters

  12. davidry214 Says:

    Well, I thought I’d give you the chance to actually type them all out for us, since that sounded like a fun task for you. After all, if I were going to go to another Web site to check out the info, I could have just gone to dccomics.com.

    I haven’t been getting Secret Six, but kinda wish I have. That’s why I’m on the fence for Suicide Squad. Not only am I unfamiliar with that team, but I’, unfamiliar with Simone’s, as well. I think I’ve now talked myself out of getting it.

    That does, however, open the door back up for Daffodil. With Spiffy saying he would have gotten it, I feel an urge to buy it myself. Pretend that makes any sense.

  13. spiffyithaca Says:

    It sounds pretty cool, and I like weird/esoteric/non-Superheroe-y things most of the time. And if I am indeed “buying” comics, I might as well buy expensive one’s in my dream world.

    And I liked Daffofil better than Daffodil. I honestly checked your post and changed mine to Daffofil because I thought why not, I figured you’d know best. Now I look silly.

  14. davidry214 Says:

    Lol, that’ll teach me to make fun of anyone else. I’m not going to edit my post, though; Daffofil does indeed sound cooler.

  15. gokitalo Says:

    “After all, if I were going to go to another Web site to check out the info, I could have just gone to dccomics.com.”

    Fair enough. Outsmarted!

    Suicide Squad #67- out now (just read last month’s Secret Six tonight, funnily enough)
    Weird Western Tales #71- out now
    Catwoman #83- January 13
    The Power of Shazam #48- January 13
    The Phantom Stranger #42- January 20
    Starman #81- January 20
    The Question #37- January 27

  16. davidry214 Says:

    Thanks Goki!

    There’s a decent change I only buy Phantom Stranger. Starman seems like an obvious choice, but some day, I’m going to read Robinson’s entire run, and I don’t know if I want the first issue I ever read to be a Blackest Night tie-in. Maybe I’ll buy #81 and stash it away for 2012 when I finally get around to Project: Starman.

  17. gokitalo Says:

    Oh, weird. Nicieza’s not doing the Catwoman issue anymore, Tony Bedard is:

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