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PROJECT: HULK — PETER DAVID was the most ambitious installment yet in my PROJECT series, tackling a run that spanned 133 issues and nearly 12 years. Some of you, like Goki, may be thinking to yourselves, Dave, you ignorant slut, you just reviewed one of the longest, most acclaimed runs of all time. How are you going to top that??

Well, Goki, I’m no slut, and I have your answer: by reviewing an even longer, more acclaimed run. Up next in my series: PROJECT: X-MEN — CHRIS CLAREMONT.

Claremont came on board the X-Men book upon its relaunch in 1975. For 17 years, he wrote the team, as the book became Uncanny X-Men, and he helped launch the new X-Men series (then New X-Men, now X-Men Legacy), though he left Marvel after that book’s third issue. His Uncanny run, however, spanned an incredible 185 issues, #94-279, and his first stint will always be the definitive run for the book and its characters.

I did some reading over break, and have gotten to 1981 — the end of John Byrne’s tenure, and the beginning of Dave Cockrum’s second stint as artist. It was easier to make quick progress early on, as the book was bimonthly for Claremont’s first couple years. My ability to spend time on it will also slow down now with school going again, but I hope to debut the new PROJECT in late May, early June.

Get excited.


3 Responses to “Up next …”

  1. Gokitalo Says:

    First David, then Claremont? You sure GET AROUND, DAVE

  2. spiffyithaca Says:

    And he sure likes dudes.

  3. davidry214 Says:

    Send me all the Deadpool/Agent X stuff, and I’ll do a Project: Gail Simone, just for you.

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