Weekly Recommendations for Jan. 27, 2010


David: Welcome back to weekly recommendations: collaborative edition. I’m Dave, and with me is the lovely and charming Gokitalo. On Wednesday, the last week of new comics for the month comes out, and there’s several good choices. So read on for some kickass recommendations, and watch me randomly put Goki on the spot.
For instance, here’s Goki to create an amusing anagram using the letters of Stan Lee’s first mother-in-law’s middle name.

Goki: Loser. Which is an anagram for L. Rose! It’s a well-known fact that Stan Lee’s first mother in law had TWO middle names.

 The Essentials

X-Factor #201
Dave: Already one of the best books on the market, X-Factor got a kickstart with issue #200, the start of an intriguing new storyline featuring Dr. Doom, who’s everywhere these days. Very excited for this issue.
Green Lantern #50
Dave: With Blackest Night already in full swing, this anniversary issue of GL ought to be one of the month’s best issues. Featuring Hal Jordan vs. Black Lantern Spectre, this should be badass. For a well-written haiku on why to buy this, heeeeeere’s Goki!!

Hal Jordan faces
A Spectre from his life past 
can someone say “squish”?

Should Buy

Justice Society of America #35
Dave: The start of Bill Willingham’s run has been captivating already, bringing back one of the JSA’s most potent foes last issue. Buy this book!

Goki: Check this preview if you want to find out who that potent villain is. Plus it has some slick scenes with Liberty Belle and Mr. Terrific. You do NOT mess with the Third Smartest Man.

Batman and Robin #7
Dave: After a month off (feels longer), Batman and Robin returns with a new storyline that promises clues into the “death” of Bruce Wayne. Would Goki peg this as an Essential? Let’s ask!

Goki: YES

Others to Consider

Captain America: Reborn #6 (of 6)
Dave: It’s taken seven months for six issues to come out, and the miniseries was supposed to only last five. This conclusion took so long to come out that Marvel already spoiled the issue in the “Previously” page of its one-shot, Captain America: Who Will Wear the Shield?, released two weeks ago. The event has taken so long to wrap up that Steve has already appeared in Siege, two Avengers annuals, and last week’s Captain America #602. It’s almost funny how bad Marvel’s event planning has been here, on what started out as Marvel’s answer to Blackest Night.

Goki: I thought Siege was Marvel’s answer to Blackest Night? Especially with that crazy stunt it tried to pull recently
Atom and Hawkman #46
Dave: Another of Blackest Night’s resurrected titles, this is one I’ve had an eye on since it was announced. Good characters involved; let’s hope it’s good drama, too (hopefully not too formulaic).

Goki: Geoff Johns is good with characters AND twists, so I’m onboard. Plus he’s the guy who made Hawkman usable and compelling again, so he knows what he’s doing.
Blackest Night: JSA #2 (of 3)
Dave: Another BN tie-in, this limited series had a so-so start, but has nice potential.

Goki: given how James Robinson’s done a great job with the Golden Age characters in the past, I want this to succeed rather badly. Fingers crossed?
Jack of Fables #42
Dave: I preferred the old direction, but I’m starting to warm up to the new status quo. In Willingham (/Sturges) I trust.

Goki: And yes, he does have the bumper sticker.
Justice League of America #41
Dave: This is James Robinson’s second shot at a first impression, as he debuts his JLA team for the first time. It’s not exactly Morrison’s old all-star lineup, but I’ll give it one chance to draw me in. Or to at least not suck.

Goki: Much as I dug Morrison’s line-up, I don’t think we’re ready to go back there yet. I’m starting to warm up to the idea that so many characters on this new team used to be Teen Titans. And Robinson says he’s not going to kill off any more characters, as he didn’t enjoy doing it. So I guess it’s got a few things going for it.

Also, Congorilla shows up this issue. It’s hard to go wrong with talking gorillas.
Fantastic Four #575
Dave: I believe Goki has beaten me to the punch on this one, having been a fan for a while. I, meanwhile, am about to try Hickman and Eaglesham’s FF for the first time. Here’s Goki to tell me why that’s a good choice, and perhaps why this should be in a higher category.

Goki: It’s got wild sci-fi ideas, action, adventure and, most importantly, heart. Plus Dave Eaglesham comes back this issue, so you know it’s gonna look awesome.

Iron Man: I Am Iron Man #1 (of 2)
Dave: Regular readers will know that I’m usually a whore for Peter David, who is writing this limited series. But meh, it appears this two-parter is just recapping Tony’s origin (probably the movie version) for people unfamiliar with the character, all in an effort to capitalize on the new sequel movie.

Goki: PAD is Iron Man?
Ms. Marvel #49
Dave: I’ve recently been reading some old Uncanny X-Men issues featuring Carol after her de-powering, reminding me of how much of a fan I am. I want to give this a shot, but am somewhat undecided because I’m sure I’ll be lost.

Goki: Recap pages, baby. Besides, her series is ending in a few issues, so it won’t hurt your wallet too badly.

X-Men Forever #16
Dave: I’ve been saying I might try this book if I saw a good jump-on point, and considering the solit for this issue starts with “GREAT JUMPING ON POINT,” I feel my hands are tied. For some thoughts on subtle advertising, let’s check back in with Goki.


Issue #15 was probably a good jumping-on point, actually. Black Panther guest stars!

X-Babies #4 (of 4)
Dave: The conclusion. End of an era, really.


Goki: Thought I’d give the collections their own category this week, since they were kind of crowding up our other lists. Here we go:

Tales of the Green Lantern Corps, Vol. 2

Goki: Want to see Alan Moore write Green Lantern stories? Well, if you haven’t gotten DC Universe: The Stories of Alan Moore, then this is the place to look. On top of that, you also get GL Corps stories by Kurt Busiek and Len Wein. This could be a worthwhile purchase for Green Lantern fans, as Alan’s stories especially foreshadow the events of Blackest Night and Green Lantern Corps: Emerald Eclipse.

Alias Ultimate Collection Volume 2 TPB

Goki: I’d prefer the Omnibus, but these trades aren’t a bad way to go either. Collects issue #16-28. Alias and Daredevil were probably Bendis’ strongest works at Marvel, so I’d definitely check this out.

Hulk Visionaries: Peter David Vol. 7

Goki: I think Dave gave you more than enough reasons to buy this in his PROJECT: Hulk post, no? I mean, personally I’d start with Vol. 1, but I have the feeling you won’t be too lost if you skip straight to Vol. 7.

Avengers: World Trust HC

Goki: What’s that, you say? Geoff Johns writing a MARVEL Comic? Yes, it’s true: back before Geoff was DC exclusive, he walked two superhero worlds, and in one, he wrote The Avengers (as well as Thing: Freakshow and the Vision mini-series; anyone remember those?). It’s five issues for $24.99, which is a little pricey for my tastes. Still, it’s Johns and the World Trust trade’s been out of print for aaages.

That’s it. Happy Buying!


4 Responses to “Weekly Recommendations for Jan. 27, 2010”

  1. davidry214 Says:

    Goki really rose to the occasion this post. A damn fine anagram and a damn fine haiku, sir. Plus I always like the trades recommendations, and giving them their own section was a nice touch. I do really want the Moore tpb, though I don’t think the Johns’ hardcover is worth that money.

    Siege has become Marvel’s answer to Blackest Night, but BN is almost over now that Siege is just starting, so they’ll only be going head-to-head for two issues; not the same as Final Crisis and Secret Invasion going against each other. Captain America: Reborn started off as the answer when both debuted; early on, it was the main Marvel book selling on par with BN.

    I don’t know what to think of Marvel’s promotion that you linked to you. Part of me thinks it makes them dicks, part of me think it’s actually a nice way to help retailers who felt pressured to order too much of BN crossovers to get those rings.

    Who are the two men smarter than Terrific? Decided against Ms. Marvel with it ending anyway. And awesome choice on Wayne’s World clip.

    This week, I bought:
    X-Factor #201
    Green Lantern #50
    Justice Society of America #35
    Batman and Robin #7
    Atom and Hawkman #46
    Justice League of America #41
    Captain America: Reborn #6
    (And I still have Captain America: Who Will Wear the Shield? and Captain America #602 to read after Reborn)
    Fantastic Four #575
    X-Men Forever #16
    Jack of Fables #42
    Blackest Night: JSA #2


  2. spiffyithaca Says:

    Um yeah, AA, Jesus. That’s quite the list (my predictions: JLA’s lame and so is the Blackest Night JSA tie-in, you enjoy Atom and Hawkman, the end of Reborn is a pleasant surprise, and Fantastic Four is the best of the week after X-Factor, because well, you’d never put X-Factor anywhere else).

    But anyways, this effort is much better than the first one where Goki had hardly any part or at least it sounded manufactured by David when he did. But I loved the haiku and anagram, and you guys worked really well together here. And a good smattering of comics, to boot. The TPB’s are always Goki’s specialty and were a nice touch.

    And fuck me, I’m not reading comics when there’s a Doom motherfucking crossover and Doom in X-Factor (which I actually did read for awhile, including the crazy “promise you don’t ruin it” issue).

    Also, I’m glad FF is back, but I’d argue it was back before the new team. Millar and Hitch’s work was phenomenal and was some of my favorite work of the decade. If I had read the end of it, it would’ve warranted consideration in our Best of 00’s post. Yeah, I liked it that much.

  3. gokitalo Says:

    Ol’ Davey never sees what I write until the posts are up. Still, he does give me those little challenges 😀

    I bought the first three or four issues of Millar and Hitch’s FF and they weren’t bad, but kind of felt a little overly familiar. Bad guy shows up and beats up all the non-FF superheroes off-screen (did we ever find out just what gave the CAP ‘bot such a big advantage over everyone else?), so it’s up to Reed and the gang to stop them. Guest-starring former President Bush and Condoleeza Rice, since Millar just loves celebrity cameos. At least the Anti-Galactus battle suit was kind of cool.

  4. spiffyithaca Says:

    Fair points, actually, the Cap Bot was the lamest, but the Alternate Universe and Alternate Earth stuff ruled.

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