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Weekly Recommendations for Feb. 24, 2010

February 24, 2010
Dave: Happy Comics Day, readers! Normally, I try to start the tag-team weekly recommendations with a bit of (weak) humor, but … yeah, I got nothing today.
Goki: That’s what she said. (OHHHHHHH)
Dave: So instead, let’s take a quick poll on the best superhero name in comics:
A. The Whizzer
B. Squirrel Girl
C. Aqualad
D. The Walrus (goo-goo-ga choo! -Goki)
E. Strong Guy
F. None of the above
G. Man-Thing, D-Man, X-Treme
Dave: Personally, I’m fond of choice E. I remember a 90s X-Men comic where Guido pulled Jubilee aside to tell her she was acting like a brat. After he walked off, she said something along the lines of, “Did I really just get a lecture in maturity from someone named Strong Guy?”
And Goki’s pick: Man-Thing. As in “giant-sized.” Although Eggman and Walrus would make an awesome superteam. Runner-ups include Gamecock, Codpiece, and Galactus’ Giant-Sized–
Dave: Haha, what a stupid answer Goki. Unless you agreed with me, in which case you’re just a copycat. To the comics!
(Goki: Believe it or not, he actually has no idea what I picked. That, my friends, is the power of collaboration!)

Spring Training 2: Seattle Mariners

February 22, 2010

The Spring Training series continues with Spiffy’s favorite team, the Seattle Mariners. I’ve become a little bit of a fan myself, mostly because I want Spiff to be happy, and his other Seattle teams are on rough times: the Seahawks have sucked since losing the Super Bowl a few years ago, though there’s hope for the future with the addition of Pete Carroll; and Andy’s former NBA team has moved to my city and become the best young team in the league, so Seattleans (?) in general and Spiff in particular need the M’s to do well.

Will they? Read on.


Spring Training 1: Colorado Rockies

February 22, 2010

So I was going to review the hilariously bad Captain America movie for my final post of the weekend, but after looking at Cap’s future and reviewing the series’ latest issue, I’m a little Capped out at the moment. So instead, I’m going to start my Spring Training series, in which I’ll be taking a look at various MLB teams going into the upcoming season. The series might be looking at just some of my favorite teams, or some of the most interesting ones, or maybe I’ll get so ambitious as to actually review all 30 teams. We still have about a month and a half until the season starts, so it’s possible (albeit highly unlikely). Most likely, I’ll pick one team from each division for an in-depth look, then do a shorter overall preview.

But for now, let’s kick things off with a look at my second favorite team, the Colorado Rockies.


Reviews for 2/17/10

February 21, 2010

It was a big week this week, and a good one. Normally when this many comics come out, there’s at least one clunker, but there was nothing this week that I didn’t at least partially enjoy. And I’ll probably still end up reading Blackest Night: Flash #3 (of 3) before long, since I know Lia wouldn’t lead me astray.

For now, though, reviewed this week:

Batman #696

Captain America #603

Dark Avengers #14

DoomWar #1 (of 6)

Green Lantern #51

Green Lantern Corps. #45

Incredible Hercules #141

Justice League of America #42

Uncanny X-Men #521


Captain America: the Shield, the Heroic Age, the Future

February 21, 2010

When Spiffy, Goki, and I did our critically acclaimed Favorite Comics of the Decade, there was no doubt that one of the biggest snubs was Ed Brubaker’s Captain America (though we had to draw the line somewhere, and there were so many worthy possibilities). Since Brubaker took over the title in late 2004, he has turned the book into a titan for Marvel, bringing back the un-resurrectable Bucky Barnes, killing Steve Rogers, making Bucky the new Cap, and most recently, writing Steve’s own return.

 Unfortunately, Marvel teamed Brubaker with Bryan Hitch for Captain America: Reborn. Hitch is considered a superstar, and while I think that’s an overstatement, he’s certainly very good. But his talent comes with a major catch: he can’t meet deadlines to save his life, and is nearly the Kevin Smith of artists. Moreover, even with the delays, his art wasn’t as sharp on that miniseries as usual. The result was that the story, which was already far from Brubaker’s best, seemed even weaker after being strung out so long.

But after pausing for more than seven months, the regular Captain America series is back, and Bru looks ready to shine again. Yet some questions were immediately raised by Steve’s return: who would be Captain America? If both, who gets the shield? Who will be on the Avengers, and who will be the bigger star in Cap? Some of those questions have already been answered, some have been hinted at. So here’s a look at the state of Captain America, and where we go from here.


Huge DC Comics news- Promotions Abound

February 19, 2010

Little trend I’ve noticed: whenever I decide to take a break from the comic news sites, something huge happens. And I mean huge. Last time, DC Disney (thanks for that catch, Dave!) bought Marvel. This time?

Dan Didio and Jim Lee have become co-publishers of DC Comics. And Geoff Johns is going to serve as Chief Creative Officer.

Wow. Just… wow. First we’ve got Dan and Jim BOTH taking over Paul Levitz’s former position. I’ve seen them both listed as potential choices back when everyone was merely speculating on who’d replace Paul, but I think few suspected BOTH of them would get the job. This is a big step up for Dan and maybe even a huger step up for Jim, who now not only oversees Wildstorm, but the entire DC Universe it’s become a part of. Both of these promotions make sense; Dan’s been the guiding hand of the DCU for years now, so he seems like a natural choice. Meanwhile, Jim’s grown more and more immersed with DC over the years, especially with his recent work on Batman, Superman, and the upcoming DCU MMORPG. Not to mention the Wildstorm Universe has been interacting more and more with the DC Universe over the years; it’s even one of the 52 universes that make up DC’s multiverse now.

Then there’s Geoff as Chief Creative Officer. This one’s a no-brainer, isn’t it? No one’s given more lasting contributions to the DC Universe in the past few years than Geoff Johns has. He revitalized Green Lantern, Teen Titans,  Hawkman and JSA (the last of which he did with David Goyer and James Robinson), and had a very memorable run on the Flash. He also wrote two very successful episodes of Smallville, Legion and Absolute Justice, which showed he can bring the DC characters to life in more than one medium. He’s even working on the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. Geoff talks a little more about his promotion here; from the sounds of it, his new position isn’t going to take much of a toll on his comics output.

My opinion? This sounds like pretty good news, all around. While I haven’t liked all of Dan’s decisions (I can see now why it happened, but removing Chuck Dixon from Robin felt like a huge mistake), he has given DC a pretty firm sense of direction over the years. Jim Lee remains one of the most popular artists in comics and Wildstorm was coming out with some incredible, forward-thinking comicsin the early 2000s. So he may bring DC the perspective it needs to keep moving ahead and thriving.

And Geoff Johns? Well, he’s Geoff Johns. His comic book batting average’s pretty high. Plus he loves collaboration and seems to have a pretty good taste in comics, so I think this Chief Creative Officer gig’s going to work out very well for him.

This news brings up a couple of questions, however. Who’s going to take over the role of Executive Editor now that Dan’s been promoted? Does that position still even exist? Does Dan still have his executive editor duties in addition to his new duties as co-publisher?

Look, if you guys want the full story, just go to the DCU Blog, the Source. They’ve got an official statement from Dan and Jim, as well as a bunch of posts by other new employees and one guy who’s worked at DC Comics since 1985.

A new era for DC has arrived. What do you guys think of it?

Weekly Recommendations for Feb. 17, 2010

February 17, 2010

Yet again I’ve let you down, blog readers, with an absence lasting longer than intended. I’ve had a major project due this past week, in addition to my regular schoolwork and even celebrating a birthday on Sunday (yay for being 23). But the rest of this week and the weekend should be fine, before I have to start working on an appellate brief that will pwn my soul and probably take me away from you again.

But as Bob Seger would say, “We’ve got tonight.” So here come some recommendations for a very good week of comics. Wasn’t able to start on this post until Wednesday night, so unfortunately, no Goki on this. But I’ll do a quick rundown of the big buys, and hopefully he will comment with some thoughts and additions.

And here’s some other posts I’m going to try to do before my life starts sucking again:

– first, catch up on the message board

– The Future of Captain America

– Baseball rundown series: an in-depth look at my second favorite team (Colorado Rockies), then Spiffy’s favorite (Seattle Mariners), then my favorite (Atlanta Braves)

– Reviews!

And what will I be reviewing? Read on to see this week’s choices!


New at the Eat More Comics message board

February 13, 2010

-New info on DC’s Brightest Day and Marvel’s Heroic Age!

-Got any comics-related humor to share? Show us!

-Is a certain sea king due for a return soon?

-Sentinels: what do you think of them?

All this and more… at the Eat More Comics message board!

Weekly Recommendations for Feb. 10, 2010

February 11, 2010

Whoa, Wednesday’s here! That means new comics! So here are your weekly recommendations. I go at it alone this week!


Planet Hulk review

February 6, 2010

Forgive my recent absence; I’ve been going through a bit of a busy streak. However, last night I decided to unwind by renting a couple movies, and on an impulse, I chose to try the latest film from Marvel Animated Features: Planet Hulk, which I will review for you now.

The movie is based on a Greg Pak story from a couple years ago. I haven’t read Pak’s story, so if you’re wondering how the film compares and how it deviates, etc., I can’t help you. But I can say that I was surprised by how much I really enjoyed the movie. I came in with fairly low expectations, but was pleasantly surprised in every way.

Read on for more.