Weekly Recommendations for Feb. 10, 2010


Whoa, Wednesday’s here! That means new comics! So here are your weekly recommendations. I go at it alone this week!


Batman and Robin #8- geez, the title goes on hiatus for a month and now I’m already behind! Anyway, something big happened in issue #7, so the payoff naturally takes place here. Batwoman guest-stars, Cameron Stewart draws, Grant Morrison writes. I know I’m buying it!

Secret Six #18- John Ostrander and Gail Simone. The Suicide Squad and the Secret Six. Ragdoll saying highly amusing yet somewhat disturbing things. Deadshot casually shooting at whatever he thinks needs shooting at. Amanda Waller being AMANDA WALLER. Plenty of good reasons to buy this issue, which concludes the Squad/Six crossover. I hope Ostrander and Simone co-write more often!

Should Buy

Dark X-Men #4- again, this one’s for Dave. It’s X-Man, guys! And he’s fighting X-Men! Evil X-Men! Or something like that. If you’re an X-Man fan, or a Paul Cornell fan (come on, I know we’ve got some Captain Britain and MI:13 fans out there somewhere), check it out. He’s using Nate Grey pretty well, apparently…

Booster Gold #29- Reign of the Supermen fans are going to dig this one (and not just because Dan Jurgens writes this series). Goldstar,  Booster Gold’s sister, has decided to retire in the past in Coast City during the Reign of the Supermen saga. Which means Superman’s dead, four replacement/imposter Supermen are flying around… and Coast City’s either days, weeks or months away from being destroyed. Notice how vague I’m being? We don’t know how much time Goldstar’s got left, and neither does she. On top of that, she’s just run into one of the imposter Supermen. You can probably guess which one. Can Booster Gold find his sister in time? Only one way to find out, True Belie– oh wait, wrong company.

Adventure Comics [starring Black Lantern Superboy] #7- if you read Blackest Night #5, then you know why there’s a Black Lantern Superboy. And it looks like his old girlfriend, Wonder Girl, is about to find out the hard way. Geoff Johns isn’t writing the series anymore, but Tony Bedard’s not bad, and this is a Blackest Night tie-in. Definitely for the Blackest Night completists, but if you’ve been a more casual follower, you might like this too.

Others to consider

R.E.B.E.L.S. #13- I started buying this title again during Blackest Night and forgot to keep getting it, but make no mistake, this is a pretty solid series. Tony Bedard (remember him?) does a pretty good job writing an ensemble cast, but Vril Dox II is where he really shines. This probably isn’t the best jumping on point, as the big storyline that’s been the crux at the book since the beginning is one issue away from concluding. Still, I definitely recommend you either pick up some earlier issues (#10 and #11 are the Blackest Night tie-ins) or wait for the new storyline in April’s issue #15. Bedard’s got something good going here.

Batgirl #7- Part 2 of a team-up with Robin (Damian Wayne)! This is another title I forgot to keep buying, but Batgirl is a fun, snappy series. Plus, the cover‘s got Batgirl trying to push Roxy Rocket off her, um, rocket bike thing. So that’s pretty awesome.

X-Men Forever #17- I know Dave got last issue, but I have no idea if he liked it. So far, though, I’ve been digging the series; it’s not perfect and it’s the best thing Claremont’s ever done, but it’s definitely not the worst, and there’s something plain addictive about it. This issue stars Nightcrawler and Rogue as they find themselves face-to-face with a certain shapeshifting, blue-skinned redhead. Can someone say family reunion? Knowing this series, however, there’s bound to be a twist or two involved…

Human Target #1 (of 6)- Okay, so Len Wein created the Human Target and is writing this series, but he seems to either be writing the Peter Milligan version or the TV version of the character. Little weird,

Astonishing X-Men #34- wow, a new issue! Okay, it’s lateness problems have gotten better. I go back and forth with this title. Warren Ellis’ run hasn’t been as entertaining as Joss’, but this storyline’s been a little better. Even if this isn’t the first time Ellis has done the “meat robots” thing in an X-Men title. I’m still not thrilled with Cyclops’, “I’m okay with killing things and sending people to kill things” since that’s not, well, very Cyclopsish, but you could argue “M-Day” and being merged with Apocalypse all those years ago has made him darker over time. Meh, I don’t know.


The Brave and the Bold: Milestone- last week’s Milestone Forever was kind of a huge release last week, and if you liked the issue, or were already a fan of the Milestone characters, you might want to check this trade out, which features DC regulars like Black Lightning, Blue Beetle and the Spectre meet with Hardware, Xombi and, of course, Static.

1602- Neil Gaiman writing the Marvel Universe if it were set in… well, 1602.

Essential Daredevil Vol. 5- sure, Bendis/Maleev/Brubaker/Diggle’s grounded take on Daredevil’s been great, but back in the day, old Hornhead used to be in the thick of the Marvel Universe. And maybe there’s something to be said for that approach. He could run into everyone from the Black Widow to Man-Thing and Shanna the She-Devil, you know? In fact, this volume even features the debut of the Silver Samurai, whom most associate with Wolverine!  Daredevil may work best in a more grounded world, but when I read the solit for this, it almost feels like a breath of fresh air. This probably isn’t an essential read, but it could be fun. Check out the solit and decide for yourselves: http://marvel.com/catalog/?id=14016

And there you have it, the comics for 1/10/10!


One Response to “Weekly Recommendations for Feb. 10, 2010”

  1. davidry214 Says:

    Excellent work, Goki; thanks for picking up the slack.

    I might do a spoiler edition review of this week’s, and last month’s, Batman and Robin. I have some things to say, not the least of which is, huh?

    I bought:
    Batman and Robin #8
    Dark X-Men #4 (of 5)
    JSA All-Stars #3

    I forgot about X-Men Forever, but I might pick it up next week if I think about it. The issue I bought last month was about what I expected from your comments of the series: didn’t blow me away, but it was very solid.

    I understood nothing of the Booster Gold talk, so I’m hopeful Giffen/DeMatteis find a way to make things accessible when I start buying their run, without ignoring what sounds like substantial development by Jurgens.

    Wow, Tony Bedard is suddenly everywhere these days. I still haven’t completely made up my mind about his writing yet. I’ve determined I don’t dislike him, but I’m not sure yet just how much I like him, either.

    No real interest in Human Target, the comic or the show, but I have a lot of respect for Len Wein, whose former superstar status has been largely forgotten, sadly. I was unimpressed with Ellis’ Astonishing when I tried it, and given the delays, I would just go trade if I ever decided to given it another chance, which is fairly unlikely.

    Not too big on any of those trades this week, though your note that Silver Samurai was created in DD was a bit of trivia I certainly didn’t realize. Madame Xanadu, Vol. 2 was supposed to come out this week, and I’ll be buying it soon. Got the first volume in trade and really enjoyed it (further review hopefully coming at some point).

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