Weekly Recommendations for Feb. 17, 2010


Yet again I’ve let you down, blog readers, with an absence lasting longer than intended. I’ve had a major project due this past week, in addition to my regular schoolwork and even celebrating a birthday on Sunday (yay for being 23). But the rest of this week and the weekend should be fine, before I have to start working on an appellate brief that will pwn my soul and probably take me away from you again.

But as Bob Seger would say, “We’ve got tonight.” So here come some recommendations for a very good week of comics. Wasn’t able to start on this post until Wednesday night, so unfortunately, no Goki on this. But I’ll do a quick rundown of the big buys, and hopefully he will comment with some thoughts and additions.

And here’s some other posts I’m going to try to do before my life starts sucking again:

– first, catch up on the message board

– The Future of Captain America

– Baseball rundown series: an in-depth look at my second favorite team (Colorado Rockies), then Spiffy’s favorite (Seattle Mariners), then my favorite (Atlanta Braves)

– Reviews!

And what will I be reviewing? Read on to see this week’s choices!

The Essentials

Green Lantern #51

This is pretty clearly at the head of the class this week, as the title has been for most of the past several months. It’s Parallax vs. Spectre in the highest of high-stakes battles. I certainly had not been expecting such a twist in the midst of Blackest Night, but it should be a fun, dramatic issue.

Incredible Hercules #141

This is a more subjective “Essential,” and not the must-buy for any comics fan, the way GL is. But I guarantee that if you’ve been reading this book, you’re regarding this issue as about as important as comics get. Those who have checked out Marvel’s solits for the coming months already have a good idea of what’s coming here, as Marvel has (unfortunately) made no effort to conceal spoilers. For those who don’t know … well, this is a huge, huge issue.

Should Buy

Green Lantern Corps #45

This book is about as hot as it’s ever been, as Blackest Night has most definitely brought out the best in writer Peter J. Tomasi. After huge issues for Kyle Rayner and even Mogo, this installment features the fate of Guy Gardner hanging in the balance.

Uncanny X-Men #521

We’ve known for more than a month about Marvel’s intentions for a particular missing X-Man — like Hercules, the company has chosen marketing over story integrity (not surprising, but still disappointing). But now, that moment is nearly at hand, and while the actual return won’t happen until next month, there looks to be plenty of very important set-up in this issue.

Captain America #603

As I mentioned in the intro, I plan to do a post in the next day or two on Cap and the characters’ future (plural possessive intended). This issue continues the “Two Americas” storyline, which seems like Brubaker killing time and wrapping up some loose ends before kicking things into a higher gear with the start of the “Heroic Age.” But it should still be pretty good, especially for people who’ve been reading Brubaker’s Cap for a while.

Dark Avengers #14

This is only a borderline “Should Buy.” The last issue was pretty good overall, but Bendis loves to toss up a stinker right after a strong issue. For those buying Siege, I doubt anything huge happens in this tie-in. But who knows, maybe it’ll give us some insight on what Bendis’ master plan is  for Sentry (if he has one).

Others to Consider

Batman #696

I enjoyed the most recent issue, though Tony Daniels’ run as writer has yet to really wow me. There’s been  lot of good set-up, so we’ll see if it delivers. I’ll stick around until #700, so Daniels should have plenty of opportunities.

Blackest Night: The Flash #3 (of 3)

I probably should get this book, just to be able to talk Rogues with Lia. But my interest is waning. It certainly hasn’t been a bad miniseries, just not enough to keep me caring.

Joe the Barbarian #2 (of 8 )

Goki and I came away with very different views on the first issue of this Vertigo iniseries by Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy.  It’ll fall on him to review the second issue, because I’m taking a pass.

Justice League of America #42

It’s pretty much do-or-die time on this book for James Robinson, at least in terms of keeping me as a reader. So far, his run has been so much drawn-out melodrama, so much cliched action, and so much terrible dialogue. The concept behind his lineup (a mix of old JLA role players and graduated Titans) has promise; now, we just need a good story.

DoomWar #1 (of 6)

Black Panther vs. Doctor Doom, with the Fantastic Four, X-Men, and who knows who else, caught in the middle? It’s a recipe for a pretty badass miniseries, IMO. I read the prologue in Black Panther, and I’m going into this with pretty high expectations for my first T’Challa story since Christopher Priest, more than five years ago.


10 Responses to “Weekly Recommendations for Feb. 17, 2010”

  1. dillonmania Says:

    BN: Flash #3 needed more zombie Rogues.

    Also, there’s a shitstorm brewing over what Owen Mercer did.

  2. davidry214 Says:

    Owen is the new Cap Boomerang, right? Is it an interesting enough shitstorm that I should change my mind and buy the issue next week?

    Here’s what I did pick up, btw:
    Green Lantern #51
    Incredible Hercules #141
    GL Corps #45
    Uncanny X-Men #521
    Cap America #603
    Dark Avengers #14
    Batman #696
    DoomWar #1
    Justice League #42

    I’ve read all but two, and it looks like this really was a pretty awesome week. Reviews coming over the weekend.

  3. dillonmania Says:

    I think so, but I’m biased. No idea if it would actually interest a non-fan, but it’s…creepy.

  4. davidry214 Says:

    I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m a non-fan, just a casual one. And I am rather intrigued by whatever can be characterized by “shitstorm brewing” and “creepy.”

  5. dillonmania Says:

    Then perhaps you should give it a try. You could always download it and buy it if you like it.

  6. gokitalo Says:

    It’ll fall on him to review the second issue, because I’m taking a pass.


    Vezzy good list this week, I agree with all ze choices. Other stuff that caught my eye are Tiny Titans #25, which has Geoff Johns as co-writer, and Supergirl #50, which has a backup story co-written by Supergirl herself, Helen Slater. There’s also Starman Ominbus Vol. 4, which is worth getting because it’s Starman by James Robinson (durh). It’s also got a crossover with The Power of Shazam!, but the stylistic differences between those two series is dizzying…

  7. davidry214 Says:

    Where would one download it?

    I’m a little intrigued by Helen Slater doing a backup story. Not interested enough to buy it, but I still can’t help being curious if her writing is good at all. Probably the only thing I’ve seen her in was Secret of My Success; never seen Supergirl, though I’ve heard it’s a top contender for the “worst comic book movie ever” title. I just found out the full 1990 Captain America movie, which most people don’t even know exists, is available on Hulu. Which means I’ll be reviewing that trainwreck this weekend.

    Starman Omnibus Vol. 4 is an eventual buy for me. I already have the first two, but I’ll wait until I have the full line to start reading them, for a PROJECT. No real rush to buy, since I believe there are six volumes, coming out every six months.

    What did you buy this week, Goki? Or, what will you buy?

  8. gokitalo Says:

    Green Lantern #51 for sure, as well as Blackest Night: Flash #3 and Joe the Barbarian #2. I think I’ll get at least one of the others, but I’m not sure which! I hear Uncanny’s got a pretty good twist at the end, Incredible Herc’s gonna be a big status quo changer for the title, and it’s still not too late to hop onboard “Two Americas” in Cap. I’ve also seen a couple of pages online of this month’s Justice League of America and they don’t look too shabby. Tiny Titans sounds fun and Helen Slater’s backup interests me…

    So yeah. A little tough! Although maybe the plethora of Internet comic reviews (as well as a little site I like to call… dans_scaily…) might help me decide. Ditto your own reviews, Dave!

  9. dillonmania Says:

    You can dl BN: Flash #3 here:



  10. davidry214 Says:

    Definitely not too late to hop on “Two Americas,” but it’s not really a must-buy story. I think the start of the Heroic Age will be a better time.

    I’ll have reviews up tomorrow, but JLA is a solid enough buy. There’s so much backstory to Herc that you might not fully appeciate how epic the issue is, but it has a pretty thorough recap page, so nor should you be too lost, either.

    I expect a review of Joe the Barbarian. so I can be told if I made a mistake or not.

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