Huge DC Comics news- Promotions Abound


Little trend I’ve noticed: whenever I decide to take a break from the comic news sites, something huge happens. And I mean huge. Last time, DC Disney (thanks for that catch, Dave!) bought Marvel. This time?

Dan Didio and Jim Lee have become co-publishers of DC Comics. And Geoff Johns is going to serve as Chief Creative Officer.

Wow. Just… wow. First we’ve got Dan and Jim BOTH taking over Paul Levitz’s former position. I’ve seen them both listed as potential choices back when everyone was merely speculating on who’d replace Paul, but I think few suspected BOTH of them would get the job. This is a big step up for Dan and maybe even a huger step up for Jim, who now not only oversees Wildstorm, but the entire DC Universe it’s become a part of. Both of these promotions make sense; Dan’s been the guiding hand of the DCU for years now, so he seems like a natural choice. Meanwhile, Jim’s grown more and more immersed with DC over the years, especially with his recent work on Batman, Superman, and the upcoming DCU MMORPG. Not to mention the Wildstorm Universe has been interacting more and more with the DC Universe over the years; it’s even one of the 52 universes that make up DC’s multiverse now.

Then there’s Geoff as Chief Creative Officer. This one’s a no-brainer, isn’t it? No one’s given more lasting contributions to the DC Universe in the past few years than Geoff Johns has. He revitalized Green Lantern, Teen Titans,  Hawkman and JSA (the last of which he did with David Goyer and James Robinson), and had a very memorable run on the Flash. He also wrote two very successful episodes of Smallville, Legion and Absolute Justice, which showed he can bring the DC characters to life in more than one medium. He’s even working on the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. Geoff talks a little more about his promotion here; from the sounds of it, his new position isn’t going to take much of a toll on his comics output.

My opinion? This sounds like pretty good news, all around. While I haven’t liked all of Dan’s decisions (I can see now why it happened, but removing Chuck Dixon from Robin felt like a huge mistake), he has given DC a pretty firm sense of direction over the years. Jim Lee remains one of the most popular artists in comics and Wildstorm was coming out with some incredible, forward-thinking comicsin the early 2000s. So he may bring DC the perspective it needs to keep moving ahead and thriving.

And Geoff Johns? Well, he’s Geoff Johns. His comic book batting average’s pretty high. Plus he loves collaboration and seems to have a pretty good taste in comics, so I think this Chief Creative Officer gig’s going to work out very well for him.

This news brings up a couple of questions, however. Who’s going to take over the role of Executive Editor now that Dan’s been promoted? Does that position still even exist? Does Dan still have his executive editor duties in addition to his new duties as co-publisher?

Look, if you guys want the full story, just go to the DCU Blog, the Source. They’ve got an official statement from Dan and Jim, as well as a bunch of posts by other new employees and one guy who’s worked at DC Comics since 1985.

A new era for DC has arrived. What do you guys think of it?


8 Responses to “Huge DC Comics news- Promotions Abound”

  1. davidry214 Says:

    Wait, DC bought Marvel? You mean Disney bought Marvel, right?

    And as for the news at hand, that sure is huge alright. I mean, wow. I felt fairly confident Dan Didio would eventually end up as publisher. As near as we can tell from the outside, it’s seemed like he’s taken on an increasingly large role over the past several years, so this feels like a fairly natural next step, especially after they gave him senior VP. The only surprising part is that I got the sense he might be on the verge of stepping back from some of his managerial duties, given that he’s about to be writing Outsiders.

    Lee is a little more surprising, at least to me. Having never bought a Wildstorm comic, I’ve been pretty indifferent to him as an editor. But it’s an intriguing move. He’s a guy who’s always had very strong opinions, which sometimes caused frictions with the writers he worked with as an artist. But he must have at least a fairly good business sense, helping form Image and mold its early success, but making the right call to merge his part of the company (Wildstorm) with DC. I think if he were taking over as the sole publisher, I might be a little nervous, but teamed with Didio, it seems like a savvy move with potential.

    Then there’s Johns, which is both surprising and not. Given the massive role he’s played in the DC Universe, particularly the past few years, I suppose it’s only natural. But at the same time, I would think the added responsibility would make it hard to keep up with his heavy writing load, so it’s interesting, and a little surprising, to see he has no plans to cut back.

    These will be interesting moves to follow, but from the outside, they seem like very good decisions.

  2. davidry214 Says:
    Another really good link with reactions to the changes, with quotes from everyone from Todd McFarlane to Richard Donner to a couple Marvel guys, like Brubaker and Straczynski (though no Marvel editors, as you would probably expect).

    As for Didio’s replacement, I’m not sure I know enough to make a great guess. Jimmy Palmiotti has been mentioned for important editorial roles before, though he doesn’t seem like he’d be the top choice. Mike Marts seems logical, and Eddie Berganza has been an editor there for like 10 years or so.

  3. gokitalo Says:

    Hahaha, I did write “DC buys Marvel.” Fixed!

    That’s a great link indeed. I’m glad everyone’s so positive about this; I think it really shows the wisdom of this move. As sappy as this may sound, a happy comics industry is a healthy comics industry. Placing Dan, Jim and Geoff in these higher positions is going to attract a lot of creative talent to DC, that’s for sure.

    Like you said, we haven’t seen too many reactions from Marvel creators and editors yet, but Brubaker’s one of Marvel’s top writers, so his positive comments definitely stand out. Ditto Terry Moore’s, who’s done some stuff for Marvel recently, but is usually more of an indie/creator-owned guy.

  4. gokitalo Says:

    Also, CBR’s got a great interview up of Jim, Dan and Geoff. Looks like they’re definitely looking at more than just the DC Universe!

  5. davidry214 Says:

    By the way, with all these articles containing photos of all three guys, I’ve decided that Jim Lee is probably a really fun guy. Something about that smile makes me think he’s hilarious. And clearly, that’s conclusive proof.

    I’d be surprised if we hear anything at all from Marvel editors or execs. No need for them to draw more attention to their competitor by commenting on DC’s promotions. Unless Bendis has something to say, I imagine Bru is the biggest Marvel name we’ll hear from.

    It’ll definitely be interesting to see what kind of impact this has on multimedia projects for DC. DC has the two most famous superheroes in the world, yet Marvel has been killing them in movies, shows, etc., for years now. Sounds like the new guys at the top will at least be trying to change that. You’d think with the Warner Bros. connection, DC should be having more success outside of Christopher Nolan.

  6. spiffyithaca Says:

    Well, it’s clearly a great move by DC, and it makes sense, since from what I can gather, they are winning the comics battle with Marvel right now in terms of quality/content. That said, like you mentioned AA, Marvel is raping in the multimedia department which HAS to give Marvel more profits than comics do.

    And with Disney now owning Marvel, they have a much bigger base than they previously did, even if not at WB’s level.

    I don’t think I added a single iota of intrigue to this conversation. Move on.

  7. Gokitalo Says:

    Meh, it’s more than what I usually contribute

  8. davidry214 Says:

    I think Marvel is beating DC ic comics sales, though yeah, I’d give DC an edge in quality.

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