Weekly Recommendations for Feb. 24, 2010

Dave: Happy Comics Day, readers! Normally, I try to start the tag-team weekly recommendations with a bit of (weak) humor, but … yeah, I got nothing today.
Goki: That’s what she said. (OHHHHHHH)
Dave: So instead, let’s take a quick poll on the best superhero name in comics:
A. The Whizzer
B. Squirrel Girl
C. Aqualad
D. The Walrus (goo-goo-ga choo! -Goki)
E. Strong Guy
F. None of the above
G. Man-Thing, D-Man, X-Treme
Dave: Personally, I’m fond of choice E. I remember a 90s X-Men comic where Guido pulled Jubilee aside to tell her she was acting like a brat. After he walked off, she said something along the lines of, “Did I really just get a lecture in maturity from someone named Strong Guy?”
And Goki’s pick: Man-Thing. As in “giant-sized.” Although Eggman and Walrus would make an awesome superteam. Runner-ups include Gamecock, Codpiece, and Galactus’ Giant-Sized–
Dave: Haha, what a stupid answer Goki. Unless you agreed with me, in which case you’re just a copycat. To the comics!
(Goki: Believe it or not, he actually has no idea what I picked. That, my friends, is the power of collaboration!)

The Essentials

Blackest Night #7 (of 8 )
Dave: You might have heard of this. Kind of a big deal. After a somewhat slow start, the miniseries has ramped up considerably since #5, and this should be huge as we get near the end. Goki is so excited that he can’t keep himself from rhyming:
Goki: Yuh bwuh fuh spuh
Buy Blackest Night wuh huh
X-Factor #202
Dave: Sure, Dr. Doom is everywhere these days, but don’t let that keep you away from yet another masterpiece by Peter David.
Fantastic Four #576
Goki: Dave might put this under “Should Buy” or “Others to Consider,” since he wasn’t quite enamored with last issue, but I’ve been digging this series. Jonathan Hickman really impressed me with his first big storyline, “Solve Everything,” and after a couple of shorter stories (including a nice birthday issue with a big twist ending), he’s now onto his second big story, “Prime Elements.”

Should Buy

Batman and Robin #9
Dave: I’m interested to see what Goki thinks of the current story, because everyone else is apparently way more captivated than I. I’m sure now that the setup is established, it’ll be a fun ride, but writer Grant Morrison has developed a tendency to make things way more convoluted and bumpy than needed (see: Final Crisis).
Goki: I have idea what’s going on. But that’s probably because I haven’t read the latest two issues yet.
Justice Society of America #30
Dave: This is supposed to be the issue where we find out what/who happened to Obsidian, which should be a doozy. Not too late to jump on Willingham’s JSA run, destined to go down as a classic, and probably soon to move into Essential territory.

Others to Consider

Black Lantern Green Arrow #30
Dave: Want to know what this issue is about? DC’s solit only says: “TOP SECRET!” You have to admit, that’s tantalizing. And, solits for upcoming months in JLA and Green Arrow mysteriously point to something big going on for Ollie. I know nothing about writer J.T. Krul or how this book is, but they’ve roped me in for this one, at least.
Goki: That “TOP SECRET” thing might be a leftover from when no one knew Nekron could (SPOILER ALERT) turn resurrected people into Black Lanterns. Or it could be another, super-gigantic surprise.
Flash: Rebirth #6 (of 6)
Dave: No, you’re not being punk’d; this issue is actually coming out this week. Issue #1 (of 5) came out on April 1, 2009. I guess the April Fools’ joke was that (1) the miniseries would end in five issues, and (2) it would be remotely timely. But just under 11 months later, the conclusion is here. Buy it, don’t, whatever.
Goki: You just put Ashton Kutcher out of a job, jerk
Blackest Night: JSA #3 (of 3)
Dave: This limited series BN tie-in has been very solid and creative so far. It’s not a must-buy, but a nice read.
X-Men Forever #18
Dave: I bought #16 and thought it was fairly good. Then I completely forgot about #17, and haven’t decided yet on this one.
Goki: This issue- Cyclops and not-Cable Nathan go to a diner! EXCELSIOR!
Madame Xanadu #20
Dave: I read and enjoyed the first trade collecting this series, and recently bought the second trade (but haven’t gotten to it yet). It’s pretty good stuff. I think I’ll keep buying it in trade; I get the feeling it reads a little better that way.
Ms. Marvel #50
Goki: Final issue! That’s not the only reason I’m recommending this issues, though. In today’s industry, it’s sadly rare for new series featuring non-A-List characters to last, especially if that character’s female. So for Ms. Marvel’s series to last for fifty issues, all by the same writer, is quite an accomplishment. Ms. Marvel herself is a great character, who’s as strong on the inside as she is on the outside (super-strength, don’tcha know). Now, full disclosure: I haven’t read Ms. Marvel in a while. I bought the first few issues and drifted in and out, but I never really stick around. for long. Not that the issues I read were bad; most of them were okay, some of them were good. But none of them were GREAT.
That said… not a single one of the issues I read was terrible. Not a one. Besides, writers often bring their A-Game to their final issue, and I have little doubt Brian Reed plans to do just that. He’s certainly picked a good villain in Mystique, given Ms. Marvel’s connection to her daughter, Rogue. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m buying this issue.
Deadpool #20
Goki: This is actually part two of a storyline, but it’s worth noting because Spider-Man and Deadpool fight brand-new character Hit-Monkey. As in, a hitman monkey.


Avengers: Korvac Saga Premium Hardcover
Dave: Normally I leave the trades to Goki, but I thought I’d mention this one. Korvac is one of my favorite Avengers stories ever; definitely top five. There was a paperback version (that I have) if you don’t want to pay for the HC, but maybe it’s out of print now, I’m not sure. The actual Korvac story itself starts a little slow, as it actually begins as a subplot during some other very good stories (including a fairly classic Ultron encounter). But when it actually kicks into full gear, daaaaaamn.
Goki: Seconded. I only read the last two issues of the Korvac Saga, but they were brilliant stuff. Plus, it has some of the greatest Avengers scenes of all time (like when the Avengers have to hijack a b… just go read it, it’s awesome)
Fables Vol. 13: The Great Fables Crossover
Goki: Rejoice, Fables trade-waiters, the Great Fables Crossover is here! Dave’s a big fan of Fables period, as you know, and I loved the first trade, so I think I can safely say this volume of Fabletown’s finest (and Jack ;)) is worth reading.
Hitman Vol. 2: 100,000 Bullets
Goki: Back in the ’90s, DC had a ton of those brilliant, under-the-radar series coming out like Starman, Hitman, Hourman, Aztek: The Ultimate Man and a bunch of others (I hear Chase and Major Bummer were similarly fantastic). Some of these titles were cancelled way too soon, but others lived long, healthy runs… like Hitman. Garth Ennis and John McCrea’s black comedy series about super-powered hitman Tommy Monaghan made it to 60 issues and received praise from fans and critics alike, but DC only collected about half of it. Looks like DC’s getting ready to rectify that mistake, starting with reprinting the old trades. 100,000 Bullets collects issues #4-8 of the series, plus Hitman Annual #1 (which I don’t think they collected the first time around, so if you didn’t buy it before, congrats on the long wait!) . I’ve only read bits and pieces of Hitman, but generally liked what I read. I mean, it’s got a superpowered hitman (who doesn’t use his powers half the time, zombie aquariums, one of the most hilarious superteams ever and a mafia boss who’s… well, I can’t tell you everything, can I? There’s also quite a few cameos of DC characters, but let’s just say Garth Ennis isn’t afraid to humilliate them in very funny ways.
Saved the longest for last, did we? Yes, yes we did. But now we’re done. Now go out there and buy some comics!

4 Responses to “Weekly Recommendations for Feb. 24, 2010”

  1. gokitalo Says:

    Tried to put spaces in between the titles, but it mostly didn’t work, for some bizarre reason…

  2. davidry214 Says:

    Weird! I tried editing it, and it wouldn’t work for me, either. So I just put periods in to break it up. Looks weird, but hopefully easier to read that way.

    I think I want to change my vote to The Walrus after Goki’s excellent reference. Man-Thing is a fine choice, though. I had him on there at first, but bumped him for Aqualad before sending it to Goki.

    Lame rhyming, Goki. And catch up on Batman and Robin already. Double lame.

    If the “top secret” in GA is just about what Nekron did like three months ago and the solit just hasn’t been updated since, I’m going to be pissed that I bought it.

    Very nice points on Ms. Marvel. Carol has actually been one of my favorite Avengers since I first started reading comics. If I hadn’t been out of comics when her book started, I would’ve bought it then. Since returning, I’ve thought about it several times, but never really noticed a great jump-on point (to be fair, I didn’t pay terribly close attention). I didn’t get the final issue, mostly because I didn’t think about it, but like you said, it’s an excellent accomplishment for a female superhero book to last 50 issues.

    Hit Monkey even got his own book recently! I don’t know if it was a one-shot, mini, or what, but you got to love any book or character named Hit Monkey.

    The Fables Crossover was brilliant. Great comedy that did a remarkable job of mixing in serious postmodernist concepts in a unusual medium. And you got me slightly interested in Hitman, despite the (so I heard) awful film. But that first trade better be cheap as hell if it really only collects the first three issues. Meh, we’ll see, but I doubt I ever actually get it.

    Dave bought:
    Blackest Night #7
    X-Factor #202
    Batman and Robin #9
    JSA #30
    Flash: Rebirth #6
    Green Arrow #30

    I forgot about BN: JSA, decided I wasn’t interested enough in FF or, at least for now, X-Men Legacy.

  3. spiffyithaca Says:

    I’m pretty sure the Hitman film was based on the videogame, not the comicbook. Of course, maybe the videogame is based on the comicbook. God knows. I sure as hell don’t.

    My votes for…the Whizzer, because I’ve been cited for public urination.

    So wait, is the Nekro guy going to turn Ollie into a Black Lantern?

  4. Gokitalo Says:

    Believe it or not [SPOILER again], Nekron’s already done it. Meaning Dinah (who doesn’t do necro) or Hal (who’d probably do necro if he weren’t busy saving the world) or someone’s (who’s necro-debatable) going to have to figure out how to change Ollie back. And yeah, the Hitman movie was based off the video game, which had nothing to do with the comic book.

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