What to Buy: April 14, 2010


A penguin is walking through the snow when he suddenly stops and looks up at his parents.

“Mom, are sure I’m a penguin?”

“Yes, son, you’re a penguin.”

The young penguin walks a little further and stops again.

“Dad, are you really, really sure I’m a penguin?”

“Yes, son, you’re a penguin. Why do you ask?


… That’s the comedic portion of the post. Take what you can get.

Anyway, here’s some stuff about some comics coming out today.


Brightest Day #0

About a month ago, I was pretty interested, but not just terribly excited, about this book. But after the conclusion to Blackest Night, I’m much more pumped to see the fallout and watch the new DCU unfold.

Fables #94

Rose Red has been falling apart for more than a year now, but finally, that subplot is coming to the forefront as Willingham kicks off a new storyline. Drama at the farm should ensue, which has been a recipe for success — some of the book’s best stories, really — in the past.

New Mutants #12

I’ve yet to try this book, though I’ve often thought about it. Now, however, it’s Part 3 of the big X-crossover, Second Coming, which is off to a great start through the first two issues. I imagine the crossover will stay in Essential territory throughout its entirety.

Should Buy

Green Arrow #32

Putting this here is a stretch, and I didn’t even remember to buy #31. But hey, it sounds good, and the cover looks great. And as we discussed recently, the current Green Arrow drama is pretty intriguing.

Others to Consider

Flash #1

I’m sure most people would at least have this as a Should Buy, and it’s no doubt an Essential  for the Lia’s of the world. But I’m feeling pretty meh on Flash these days, frankly. The Flash: Rebirth miniseries was pretty mediocre, and the preview for this issue that DC ran in most of its books recently was underwhelming. Johns, as talented as he is, keeps constantly revising Flash history, and I’m also not impressed with Francis Manapul’s art. Bottom line: despite the excitement around this book, I just don’t feel like I need Flash in my comics reading these days.

Batman #698

Tony Daniel’s run as writer has been fine, but not amazing. Now, it’s already almost over, as Grant Morrison returns with #700. But first, a two-parter with the Riddler that sounds interesting. Downside: for the first time, Daniel won’t be doing the art himself, which always redeemed his issues even when the story could have been better.

Doc Savage #1

Again, a decent amount of excitement for this issue, and I know Doc has his fans out there. But honestly, I’d never even heard of him until a few months ago, and I don’t really care now.

Black Widow #1

Another debut issue, as Black Widow gets her own ongoing monthly, which is great to see for one of Marvel’s strongest female characters who has ruled in the past. Never heard of the creative team, though I’ve always really liked Natasha. Toss-up whether I try this, but leaning toward yes.

X-Factor Forever #2

I bought the first issue, and it was pretty enjoyable. Sure, at times it felt a little like a comic stuck in the late 80s/early 90s, but it had a certain appeal to it — the same kind of addictive quality that Goki describes X-Men Forever (which also comes out this week) as having. I’ll keep buying for a while.

Kill Shakespeare #1

How about some Indies? I don’t currently buy anything outside of the Big Two, but I might start. This sounds pretty cool: Shakespeare’s heroic characters up against his villains, who are hunting and trying to kill a reclusive wizard named William Shakespeare. It sounds like the kind of nutty Indy adventure that will probably rule.

Cold Space #1

You want Indies? Try this on for size: SAMUEL L. JACKSON. That’s right, Sammy J makes his comic book writing debut. The topic? Himself. Yup, Jackson is the author and star, as a sci-fi hero dropped onto a planet in the midst of a civil war. Violence ensues, and with any luck, Sammy J will drop a ENOUGH is ENOUGH! I have HAD IT with this MOTHER FUCKING civil war on this MOTHER FUCKING alien planet!!


6 Responses to “What to Buy: April 14, 2010”

  1. davidry214 Says:

    I ended up getting:
    Brightest Day #0
    New Mutants #12
    Fables #94
    Green Arrow #32
    Black Widow #1
    Batman #698
    X-Factor Forever #2
    Kill Shakespeare #1
    Flash #1

    Yeah, I caved on Flash, and am not terribly proud of it. Haven’t read it yet, though, so maybe it’s brilliant.

    Haven’t read Kill Shakespeare either, but I have a good feeling about it. Long-time readers might remember the last time I tried an Indy comic: Image’s I Kill Giants. It was awful. Hopefully this isn’t a repeat.

    Apologies to Sammy J. I’ll make it up to him by watching Pulp Fiction (excellent film) this weekend.

  2. Gokitalo Says:

    Cold Space #1 is pick of the week. No question. No duh.

    “Tony Daniel’s run as writer has been fine, but not amazing. Now, it’s already almost over, as Grant Morrison returns with #700.”

    But he’s off afterwards! He’ll write at least some of #700, Tony will draw (like the old days). Afterwards, Tony stays onboard for the forseeable future.

    I’ve actually heard some good stuff about Flash #1. I feel like Flash: Rebirth was just the set-up for what Johns and co. have REALLY got cooking.

  3. davidry214 Says:

    Flash is one of two comics I have left to read, then I’ll do some reviews tonight or tomorrow. Hope you’re right (or rather, that the people you’ve heard that from are right).

    Didn’t realize Morrison’s return was a one-issue thing. DC’s solit for #700 is rather misleading, then. In that case, it’s up in the air whether I’ll stay on the book after 700. I feel like I’ve given Daniel’s writing a pretty fair shot, and it’s still just middle of the road stuff. GL Corps is already on my pull list, so I’ll give Daniel a few issues there, too, to see if he can hit a higher note when he comes on that book very soon.

    I assume you’re joking about Cold Space, but I really hope you were being serious and bought/are going to buy it. Someone on the blog needs to review Sammy J’s book, and I’ve already passed and it’s obviously not going to be Spiff (though I like to think he would’ve gotten it if he were still reading). Step up to the plate, Goki!!

  4. gokitalo Says:


    Actually, they just revealed that Morrison’s coming back as writer for TWO issues, both of which Tony Daniel’s drawing. Apparently, they’re going to be revealing just what exactly Batman was up to in between his “death” in Batman R.I.P. and “death” in Final Crisis. You know, besides living.

  5. spiffyithaca Says:

    Fuck Final Crisis

  6. gokitalo Says:

    I did! Never again!

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