Highlights from C2E2 Con


Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo’s just finished, and there’s plenty of interesting comic news tidbits worth looking at. Here’s what caught my eye:

Mixed news for Marvel animation fans: on the bright side, the upcoming Avengers cartoon sounds like it’s going to be amazing, and the next animated Spider-Man series will be Ultimate Spider-Man. Sadly, however, Spectacular Spider-Man and Wolverine and the X-Men may not come back for another season. The fate of Spectacular Spider-Man is still a little vague, although Wolverine and the X-Men had trouble securing financing. I just hope Spectacular isn’t  cancelled; it’s such a fun, well-written series. Nnot to mention well-animated; the streamlined style just makes everything, especially the fight scenes, so fluid.

I’ll probably post any other interesting things in the comments. Happy reading, and feel free to say what caught <i>your</i> eye!


9 Responses to “Highlights from C2E2 Con”

  1. gokitalo Says:

    You want more? You get more!

    -After X-Men’s “Second Coming” event, X-Force becomes New X-Force, written by Rick Remender. Judging by the silhouettes on the first issue’s cover, it’s clear that Fantomex is on the team. Sounds like the new X-Force is going to make sure Apocalypse and his cabal of kids, Clan Akkaba, don’t take over the world. Part of me wished for years that Apocalypse wouldn’t come back after the whole Twelve/Search for Cyclops thing, but I guess it’s been long enough.

    -An X-Files/30 Days of Night crossover? Did not see that coming. That and some other pretty interesting things from the Wildstorm booth, like the name of Tony Harris’ next project (“The Further Adventures of the Whistling Skull”- great title), tidbits on where Gen13’s headed, hints of what’s going on with Jim Lee and Grant Morrison’s Wildcats: Worldstorm (see Wildcats #23), and some kind words for the upcoming Ex Machina #50.

    -After writing a bunch of G.I. Joe Year One stuff, Larry Hama’s finally getting the chance to continue where he left off when he wrote G.I. Joe in the ’80s. I’ve only read a few pages of that run, but I know it’s got plenty of fans:

    -Roy Thomas returns to Conan!

  2. davidry214 Says:

    So much to comment on, but I’m going to go in order and knock it all out:

    1. My first thought when I saw Young Avengers was that I didn’t care, but I wanted to at least scan each link since you went to all this trouble, and I’m glad I did. So, SO glad to see Scarlet Witch finally about to return. I think I have to buy now.

    2. As you can probably tell from my recent review of Flash #1, I’m not really in the mood to get excited about any Flash event right now. But #1 also had a very brief preview of Flashpoint, and it’s not until 2011, so maybe by then I’ll be ready to give it another chance.

    3. X-Factor? Oh hells yeah. Very good interview, and when PAD promises big surprises like that, he delivers.

    4. DD/Avengers could be good, since we’ve seen very little interaction between him and that team over the years. But I’m not interested enough.

    5. My first thought on the Scarlet thing by Bendis/Maleev was that this Scarlet reminded me a lot of Scarlet Avenger in DC. I’ll avoid this for now, but if it’s anything like Alias or Hood, Bendis will work her into mainstream continuity soon enough anyway. Does Maleev team up with any other writer anymore?

    6. Steve’s uniform is totally badass, and it certainly implies he’s going to become the new head of SHIELD after Siege, which would make a lot of sense. Bru on Cap is a great recipe, so I’m interested.

    7. I’ll catch up on the message board soon (tomorrow?), but for now, just let me say how impressed I am with myself for guessing so many of the Secret Avengers correctly. Valkyrie was the only one I didn’t have in my top two/three for any of the silhouettes.

    8. I’ll pick up Booster Gold for Giffen/DeMatteis, but not sure about the Time Masters thing. I’m even more excited for that writing duo on Justice League: Generation League, which screams greatness.

    9. Mixed news indeed on the animation front. Super Hero Squad and Iron Man: Armored Adventures get picked up for another season, but Wolverine and the X-Men is canned and probably Spectacular Spider-Man too? There’s no justice in this world… But hey, I’m guessing the Ultimate Spider-Man series will be pretty similar to Spectacular, and I’m super pumped about the Avengers cartoon. Did it say what network it would be on? If so, I missed that part. Hopefully not another expanded cable channel I don’t get, like the canceled ones (though that’ll probably be the case).

    10. New X-Force sounds cool; I’ll try it (probably). I think an XF book without the threat of Poccy is barely XF at all, so I don’t mind him back if it’s done well. And the team looks cool: Wolverine readily identified, with Angel also easy to pick out, and Fantomex too, as you said. I thought at first that the figure on the left had a tail (thus, Nightcrawler), but now I can’t tell if that’s something else. Maybe Psylocke the other one? Probably not, as that figure appears to be wearing a hood, which I don’t recall ever from Betsy (but it also might have a sword, which could fit her, Kurt, and probably others). I can’t recall any X-character with a hood off the top of my head, so maybe it’s just a new costume? I’m unsure.

    11. Well, I wanted to comment on everything, but I really don’t care about X-Files/30 Days of Night.

    12. Or G.I. Joe.

    13. Or Conan, unless it’s O’Brien. But Roy Thomas doesn’t get enough credit as a true industry legend, so I hope it’s successful for his sake.


  3. Gokitalo Says:

    Wow. Nicely done!

    I’m not sure if that’s Angel or Mimic in silhouette. Psylocke’d be a prime candidate, though, given how well she and Wolverine have worked together.

    “Does Maleev team up with any other writer anymore?”

    Haha, truth. But he and Bendis go together like PB & J (or chocolate and peanut butter, for some).

  4. spiffyithaca Says:

    Wow, if I was reading comics, this post would’ve made me hard. Now, not so much, but it still is very interesting stuff. Maybe I need viagra.

    1. I never read the Young Avengers series aside from a few Civil War tie-ins, and I wasn’t a huge fan of them, but those guys are a talented creative team, and I suppose they should fucking wrap up that Scarlet Witch shiz eventually. Seriously, it’s been 7 years or something ridiculous.

    2. I’d read “Hot Flashes”

    3. If PAD blows up the internet, I’d be kinda pissed.

    4. Daredevil’s one of my favorite characters, and the Avengers are my favorite team in comics (aside from the…RUNAWAYS, lol I don’t know). So I’d totally have been onboard for that. And yes, I know how useless that comment was, and most of my shit for that matter.

    5. I’m listening to Selena Gomez. Why does that matter? Originally, it didn’t, but it’s titled “Naturally,” which is an apt description for how Bendis and Maleev work together. And Portland needs some love. It’s in my top 23 places in the U.S. Future Andy may end up.

    6. I do like the new duds, though not as much as you guys, but I am psyched that Bucky kept the Captain America position for the time being, and if Cap takes over for SHIELD, that’s intriguing, certainly.

    7. Okay, so I’m upset that Black Panther, Stingray and INSERT AVENGER I FORGOT HERE didn’t make the cut (they should be on every team), but I really like Moon Knight, Sharon Carter and Nova on the squad. And no, I know nothing about Nova, but good for him.

    8. I’d be all over Time Masters, because I love me some Booster and Jurgens knows him better than anyone. Also, I was so excited about the new team of Booster Gold that I almost said “I can’t wait to read it.” But I’ll guarantee you that Alternative Universe Andy (he goes by Drew) will love it.

    9. A shame about Wolverine and the X-Men. I think I watched half the first season, and it was pretty damn good. I never watched Spectacular Spider-Man, but sounds like I’d like Ultimate Spider-Man better, which is unfair, but so is life. Avengers sounds badass (Black Panther made the cut!), and I’ll definitely be watching that. When I have no job post-graduation, I can’t wait to watch cartoons.

    10. Fantomex is my favorite mutant who sounds like a brand of tampon. But seriously, it’s cool that he’s survived Morrison’s run. By the way, while typing this post, I’m working on my very own second cumming.

    11. I’m going to watch X-Files in 2017.

    12. I’m never going to read GI Joe

    13. I’m pumped for the new Conan movie. And off topic, everyone needs to see the trailer for Expendables. I’d link you guys to it, but that movie title is fairly synonymous to my usefulness on this blog.

  5. Gokitalo Says:

    We need more Spiff on this blog. I don’t care if it’s just comments, this makes me so entertained

    “2. I’d read “Hot Flashes”

    YES (I haven’t been this excited since “The Last Menstral Cycle” and “Crisis of Infinite Cramps”)

    “3. If PAD blows up the internet, I’d be kinda pissed.”

    He would single-handedly kill the pr0n industry

    5. “I’m listening to Selena Gomez. Why does that matter? Originally, it didn’t, but it’s titled “Naturally,” which is an apt description for how Bendis and Maleev work together.”

    I was going to make some joke about you liking underage teen singers, but then I found out she has the same birthday as my sister. So happy early birthday, Selena Gomez, and stay away from my sister, jerk

    “And Portland needs some love. It’s in my top 23 places in the U.S. Future Andy may end up.”

    … in 2023

    “Fantomex is my favorite mutant who sounds like a brand of tampon.”

    Come to think of it, his costume does kind of look like one…

    “By the way, while typing this post, I’m working on my very own second cumming.”

    This is the one of the few times I hope the build-up to the event takes longer than it did the first time

    “And off topic, everyone needs to see the trailer for Expendables.”

    Expendables looks awesome. It’s like every former cool movie action hero ever is teaming up to remind us of the days when Hollywood had lots of cool movie action heroes. And school us in explosions and manliness. CAN YOU HANDLE THE TESTOSTERONE

  6. spiffyithaca Says:

    You’re Crisis of Infinite Cramps gets a…..


    And I totally go for underage singers, so that would’ve been fair game, and unless your sister has a nice voice, she’s safe.

    Sidenote: Apparently you can fashion a pipe out of a tampon. I read it on a messageboard doing research for my screenplay (reason #47 why my movie will rule).

    Agreed on Expendables. Dolph Lundgren? Rourke? Li? Stallone? Statham? Schwarzenegger? Willis? Incredible idea on Stallone’s part. I hope Christopher Walken is the villain. Not because he really fits with those guys, but COME ON

  7. davidry214 Says:

    You forgot the best actor in Expendables: Eric Roberts. I’m slightly disappointed Van Damme didn’t make the movie, but I suppose there has to be a cut-off point.

    Portland would be a cool place to live, if for no other reason to see a Blazers game at the Rose Garden. That place gets hella loud.

    I’m kind of OK with Black Panther not on the Avengers; with Priest’s version of T’Challa live and well in DoomWar, he doesn’t seem like a team player. Johns tried to reconcile the lone-wolf BP as an Avenger during his brief tenure on the book, but it didn’t work great.
    Stingray, on the other hand, is a pimp and should make a comeback. Also bummed by no Black Knight, and the missed opportunity of making Beast an Avenger again but not having Wonder Man there with him.

    I bet Drew, the Alternate Universe Andy, has a porn ‘stache.

  8. spiffyithaca Says:

    Oh and I forgot to mention that Steve Austin is also in the movie, lol

    Eric Roberts probably is the best actor in Expendables. It’s not hard. I’d be in the top 3.

    I thought Black Knight bit the dust, but originally had him listed, so if he’s not dead, then bully for him too. Also, fuck Wonder Man.

    Drew makes me look like a chump.

  9. davidry214 Says:

    Black Knight might have died while I was away from comics, I don’t know. I hope not, he’s a good character who’s kinda gotten screwed over the years.

    I might agree with your sentiment on Wonder Man in most contexts, but teamed with Beast, he’s pimp.

    Drew has had seven threesomes. Since breakfast. (Well, one was during breakfast; Drew likes an omelette with his pussy.)

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