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What to Buy: June 3, 2010

June 2, 2010

It’s the start of a new month, and new comics will come with it. Just remember that comics will be released Thursday this week thanks to Memorial Day. You’d think they could just ship a day earlier and still get the comic books to stores by Wednesday in spite of holidays, but that technology has apparently not been mastered yet. Perhaps it never will be.

While you’re waiting for new books to come out, check out one of the funniest comics-related links I’ve ever seen: a brutal critique of Rob Liefield from a site called Progressive Boink. If you dislike Liefield, this may make you cry with happiness. Even if you like him, you still might cry from laughter. I was fairly indifferent to him, accepting his exaggerated art style as a somewhat inevitable direction for the industry. But I couldn’t have loved this countdown of his 40 Worst Drawings (really, in no particular order) more, as it beautifully and hilariously expresses pretty much everything that was wrong with comics in the 1990s. Seriously, it’s a very funny must-read.

On to new stuff!