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Comic Con 2010

July 28, 2010

Comic Con is back! Does that mean it’s time for another link-heavy post of cool things that caught my eye? Why yes, yes it does. Read on, if you dare!



Review: War of the Supermen #1-4

July 19, 2010

Sure, everyone’s talking about the big debuts of J. Michael Straczynski and Paul Cornell on Superman and Action Comics, respectively, as well they should. I haven’t gotten those issues yet, so I thought instead I’d talk about War of the Supermen, the big event that preceded both writers. Besides, I started writing this review just a little after War of the Superman came out, so it’s still kind of current, right? Right??

Ahem. Anyway, onto the review!  (I’ll post a cover image for one of the issues soon, don’t worry!)


DC Comics Presents and Vertigo Resurrected

July 17, 2010

Wow. DC has just made my day– and maybe Warren Ellis’ day too.

DC Comics has just announced two new titles: DC Comics Presents, which reprints several hard-to-find and out of print issues at very affordable prices ($7.99 for eight issues of Geoff Johns and Jeph Loeb Superman comics? Sold) and Vertigo Resurrected, which includes “rarely seen tales”… including one that’s never been published.

That’s where Warren Ellis comes in. Some of you may remember that one of the stories he wrote while working on John Constantine: Hellblazer, “Shoot,” was never published, since it dealt with school shootings and would’ve come out right after Columbine happened. Well, guess what? The story’s finally going to be published in Vertigo Resurrected. Furthermore, DC Comics Presents is reprinting Jack Cross, Ellis’ action-packed mini-series about an anti-terrorist agent named… Jack Cross. While Warren doesn’t have too many good memories of working on Jack Cross, at least his Constantine story’s finally going to see print.

But hey, the good news doesn’t end with Ellis. If you look at the rundown for both Vertigo Resurrection and DC Comics Presents, you’ll see plenty of other goodies. The first few issues of Ed Brubaker’s Batman run, three issues of Winick’s classic Green Lantern run, JLA: World Without Grown-Ups (starring Young Justice, and the world can always use more Young Justice love) and DC work by Neil Gaiman, to name a few! The details for Vertigo Resurrected aren’t  as specific, but the first issue promises stories by Grant Morrison, Garth Ennis and Brian Azzarello, with art from Jim Lee (you may have heard of him), Phil Jimenez, Bernie Wrighston and more. Hard to go wrong with these guys! Check out the run-down for both titles here:…dc-comics-presents/

Personally, I hope both these series have a long and successful shelf-life. Could we finally see classic series like Chase, Major Bummer and The Ray reprinted? And how about more new* or unpublished material, like that Krypto issue Kurt Busiek did with Rick Leonardi? I’m sure Vertigo’s got plenty of obscure and unpublished material, too, even if they have a fairly good TPB program.

So, guys: what would YOU like to see in DC Comics Presents and Vertigo Resurrected?

*in terms of new material, maybe DC Comics Presents could allow creators to go back and tell a story they never got to, for whatever reason. I read on Newsarama a while ago that Dan Curtis Johnson and J.H. Williams have a story idea for Chase they’d love to tell, and I know for sure that Mark Waid’s always had a Wally West time travel story planned. Who knows, maybe we could even see the Wally West story Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins were going to do as a backup in the current Flash ongoing? Although I guess they could technically do it in The Flash, since all of DC’s titles are bumping up to $3.99 in August and the reason they decided not to include the Wally West backup was because they wanted to avoid the $3.99 jump…

Spider-Man actor announced

July 7, 2010

I’m still skeptical about Marvel’s plans to “reboot” the Spider-Man movie franchise (how can you reboot a movie franchise that’s eight years old?), so I wasn’t exactly waiting on pins and needles for the announcement of the actor who will be playing Spidey in the 2012 movie. But hey, here’s the news:

Andrew Garfield will be taking on Tobey Maguire’s role as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the as-of-yet untitled movie. Never heard of him? Me neither, but his name made me giggle immaturely. Here’s his IMDB page, sparse on credits with almost everything being pretty minor roles so far. I guess he kinda looks the part, and there’s a history of unproven actors doing well in comics roles. Maguire wasn’t a household name yet when he got the role, though he’d done Cider House Rules by that point, making him much better known than Garfield.

Director Marc Webb, who himself only has one movie to his credit (though it was the excellent (500) Days of Summer), raved about Garfield in the previously linked press release: “Though his name may be new to many, those who know this young actor’s work understand his extraordinary talents. He has a rare combination of intelligence, wit, and humanity. Mark my words, you will love Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker.”

I’ll mark your words, Marc. And I might even enjoy your movie. I just can’t get excited about it yet.