DC Comics Presents and Vertigo Resurrected


Wow. DC has just made my day– and maybe Warren Ellis’ day too.

DC Comics has just announced two new titles: DC Comics Presents, which reprints several hard-to-find and out of print issues at very affordable prices ($7.99 for eight issues of Geoff Johns and Jeph Loeb Superman comics? Sold) and Vertigo Resurrected, which includes “rarely seen tales”… including one that’s never been published.

That’s where Warren Ellis comes in. Some of you may remember that one of the stories he wrote while working on John Constantine: Hellblazer, “Shoot,” was never published, since it dealt with school shootings and would’ve come out right after Columbine happened. Well, guess what? The story’s finally going to be published in Vertigo Resurrected. Furthermore, DC Comics Presents is reprinting Jack Cross, Ellis’ action-packed mini-series about an anti-terrorist agent named… Jack Cross. While Warren doesn’t have too many good memories of working on Jack Cross, at least his Constantine story’s finally going to see print.

But hey, the good news doesn’t end with Ellis. If you look at the rundown for both Vertigo Resurrection and DC Comics Presents, you’ll see plenty of other goodies. The first few issues of Ed Brubaker’s Batman run, three issues of Winick’s classic Green Lantern run, JLA: World Without Grown-Ups (starring Young Justice, and the world can always use more Young Justice love) and DC work by Neil Gaiman, to name a few! The details for Vertigo Resurrected aren’t  as specific, but the first issue promises stories by Grant Morrison, Garth Ennis and Brian Azzarello, with art from Jim Lee (you may have heard of him), Phil Jimenez, Bernie Wrighston and more. Hard to go wrong with these guys! Check out the run-down for both titles here:



Personally, I hope both these series have a long and successful shelf-life. Could we finally see classic series like Chase, Major Bummer and The Ray reprinted? And how about more new* or unpublished material, like that Krypto issue Kurt Busiek did with Rick Leonardi? I’m sure Vertigo’s got plenty of obscure and unpublished material, too, even if they have a fairly good TPB program.

So, guys: what would YOU like to see in DC Comics Presents and Vertigo Resurrected?

*in terms of new material, maybe DC Comics Presents could allow creators to go back and tell a story they never got to, for whatever reason. I read on Newsarama a while ago that Dan Curtis Johnson and J.H. Williams have a story idea for Chase they’d love to tell, and I know for sure that Mark Waid’s always had a Wally West time travel story planned. Who knows, maybe we could even see the Wally West story Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins were going to do as a backup in the current Flash ongoing? Although I guess they could technically do it in The Flash, since all of DC’s titles are bumping up to $3.99 in August and the reason they decided not to include the Wally West backup was because they wanted to avoid the $3.99 jump…


3 Responses to “DC Comics Presents and Vertigo Resurrected”

  1. davidry214 Says:

    I have to admit, none of the specific stories mentioned here piqued my interest just a ton. I vaguely remember reading somewhere about the Columbine-esque Hellblazer story, but having never read any of the rest of that run, I don’t know just how interested I would be in it. And really, after reading Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing, where John Constantine was created, I became no longer certain that I wanted to read Hellblazer at all. No offense to Ellis, whose writing I have sometimes liked quite a bit. But Moore, if I interpreted his run correctly, intended a subtle but very brilliant symbolism for Constantine, and I’m not sure how well that really held up in his own book.

    But back to the matter at hand … aren’t the only Vertigo issues not already collected ones that were canceled quickly? Perhaps that’s an exaggeration, but DC does trades better than anyone. I’ll be interested to see what they do come up with.

    DC Presents interests me more. The only problem is that I already have those that I’m interested in, out of the ones you mentioned. The World Without Grown-Ups trade is in a box at home, and well worth reading in its entirety. Hilarious, but also some pretty good character moments. I think I have all of Winick’s GL except for maybe some of the very beginning; it’d be fun to read back through that stuff and pretend most of it hasn’t been undone.

    But regardless, I think there’s a lot of potential for that new series. I particularly liked your last paragraph, Goki. I’d like to see more of it in both companies. One more Gotham Central story from Brubaker and Rucka, which could be especially relevant with all the recent changes to the Bat-verse. Busiek to the Avengers (full-time would be better …). Give Morrison another crack at a JLA story with the all-star lineup back. Peter David did return to Hulk a few years ago, for a short run that I desperately need to get my hands on. And say Christopher Priest for one last Black Panther story, and I’ll post a photo of my O-face right now (though the writer on DoomWar is remarkably similar).

  2. Gokitalo Says:

    erhaps that’s an exaggeration, but DC does trades better than anyone.

    Vertigo yeah, but not necessarily DC on the whole. DC used to be pretty infamous for leaving out pages and whole issues from their trades. They left out a lot of the “Times Past” issues when they collected Starman the first time, around, for example. Thankfully, they’re correcting that with the omnibuses.

    Still, Vertigo Resurrection could give those “brilliant but cancelled” series more recognition, or collect one-shots and specials that never ended up in the TPBs for some reason.

    I like the idea you came up with! Busiek back on the Avengers could be pretty cool, either as something in the X-Men/X-Factor Forever vein or as a stint at one of the main Avengers titles. More Gotham Central is always a good thing (maybe a “where are they now” storyline?) and Chris Priest returning to Panther would make a whooole lot of people happy. I also remember Geoff Johns saying he still had more Teen Titans stories to tell…

  3. davidry214 Says:

    I own the first couple Starman omnibuses, but I’m waiting to collect them all to start reading and do a Project. I would have gotten them signed by James Robinson when he came to a comic shop in my city in late June, but I was getting ready for my British adventure by then (just a couple more weeks until I’m back in the states, though, with a new comics catch-up to follow).

    Anyway, while I’ve heard that criticism in the past about DC leaving stuff out, I’ve still always been impressed by the sheer numbers of their collections. Plus, they list them all on the DC Web site, unlike Marvel, and with far fewer confusing numbering changes in the collections (Marvel seemingly restarts with Vol. 1 every other year for half its books).

    An Avengers Forever series by Busiek would be awesome. Slightly confusing, perhaps, since once of his opuses was the mini-series by that same name (but the existence of a previous mini called X-Men Forever didn’t slow them down). Or go back further, and bring back Roger Stern for the same idea; continuing his run would mean cutting out all the crap of the ’90s.

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