Comic Con 2010


Comic Con is back! Does that mean it’s time for another link-heavy post of cool things that caught my eye? Why yes, yes it does. Read on, if you dare!

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE: yup, that’s a photo of all the actors who’ll play Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, along with Avengers director Joss Whedon– who’s been confirmed as director! Stellar news all around. Read more about the Comic Con panel where this went down here. Oh, and behold the Avengers movie logo!

The Incredible Change-Bots will return in Incredible Change-Bots Two! If you haven’t checked out the Incredible Change-Bots, Jeffrey Brown’s brilliant and hilarious Transformers parody/homage, you need to do yourself a favor and buy it. Not just because you’ll love it, but also because a sequel’s coming!

-BOOM! Studios debuts three new Stan Lee heroes and series- The heroes are all Stan Lee creations, but Stan’s not writing the series himself; instead, he’s Paul Cornell’s writing Soldier Zero, Mark Waid’s penning The Traveler and Chris Robertson (Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love) is tackling Starborn. Great talent, and I think the three series sound very solid conceptually. Stan’s supervising all three series closely, though, so they’re bound to have some of that Stan Lee flavor. ‘Nuff said? Excelsior!

-Want to drool and *ahem* Marvel at new images of the upcoming Thor movie? Behold the Destroyer and the helmets of Thor, Odin and Loki! I don’t think Thor had been shown with a helmet up until now (feel free to correct me on this), so this is kind of a big deal, right?

-Oh, one more prop from the Thor movie: THE INFINITY GAUNTLET

Animated “Young Justice” footage and more debut! If you haven’t heard, DC’s coming out with a new cartoon starring the sidekicks of the DC Universe! It’s called “Young Justice,” but the characters and roster heavily resemble Geoff Johns Teen Titans. Which isn’t a bad thing! That said, Peter David, who wrote the Young Justice comic series, will write a few episodes, the first of which will involve a character Young Justice fans will definitely remember. The animation looks top notch (almost identical to the art style of Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths) and Greg Weisman, who was writer/story editor of the excellent Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon, is among the producers. So this is going to be a cartoon to keep an eye on…

Animated “Avengers” series debuts at Comic-Con! If you want to find out what happens in the two-part premiere early, just click on the link and follow along with the summary. I started reading it, but decided I’d rather watch the episode when it debuts on TV.

UPDATE: here’s the first trailer for the series! Honestly? It looks like an Avengers cartoon oughta look. Although you’ve got to wonder why the bad guys apparently got to wear their costumes in prison…

Grant Morrison’s writing an independent film: Sinaroto! Bet you didn’t see that coming, eh? The premise: a car crash survivor without a past discovers himself in a surreal journey across America with a Morrisonian spin (most “finding America” stories don’t usually involve meeting a deranged astronaut, do they?), while trying to help the beautiful daughter of a cult leader stop the world’s most dangerous gangster. Knowing Morrison, it’s bound to be interesting and even quite good.

DC Universe Online cinematic trailer makes its debut– sit, watch, buy the game in November. In fact, you can even sign up for beta testing and try the game out in advance… and yes, those are Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill voicing Batman and the Joker in the trailer! They’re reprising their roles for the game, as well as the upcoming Arkham Asylum 2.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions video game features voices of past Spider-Man cartoon actors! If you haven’t heard, “Shattered Dimensions” features four different versions of Spider-Men and the worlds they inhabit. Logan Lerman, the Spider-Man of the MTV cartoon, reprises his role as the “main” Amazing Spider-Man; Christopher Daniel Barnes, who voiced Spider-Man in the 90s cartoon, reprises his role as the “main” Amazing Spider-Man voices Spider-Man Noir; Dan Gilzevan, who voiced Spidey in the famous “Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends” series, will voice Spider-Man 2009 2099 (thanks to Dave for that correction :b); and Josh Keaton of Spectacular Spider-Man will voice Ultimate Spidey. Top that off with a story written by Dan Slott and you’ve got a great-sounding Spider-Man game. UPDATE: And Stan Lee’s onboard as the narrator. Suddenly the game just got even more awesome.

-DC and Marvel are kind of buzzing with news. Grant Morrison is leaving Batman and Robin, but isn’t leaving the Bat-Universe by any means. Instead he’s writing Batman Inc., in which the Dark Knight teams up with other DC heroes a la Brave and the Bold in a way we haven’t seen before. Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison are co-writing an upcoming series together, but we don’t know which yet. Frank Quitely and Frazer Irving are both drawing issues of Grant Morrison’s “Multiversity”… and Grant might be related to Darkseid. More here!

Morrison to write new Batman book: Batman Inc.! Sure, I said that already, but click the link to read an in-depth interview about the series. It’s worth it just to hear Grant Morrison wax poetic about video games and the musical structure of older comics– trust me, it actually does relate to Batman Inc. He also mentions his upcoming book, Supergods, proving that Grant has indeed conquered all forms of media.

All-Star Superman to be Adapted to DC Animated Movie– you see? You see?? Grant himself won’t do the adaptation, though; that honor goes to Dwayne McDuffie, who did stellar work on the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoons.

Brand New Day comes to an end in October– no, that doesn’t mean Peter Parker and Mary Jane-Watson are getting remarried. While “One More Day” left a bad taste in my mouth, I really admired “Brand New Day” on a creative level. Three issues of Amazing Spider-Man a month? Great idea. A rotating team of creators, working together as a “Spidey Brain Trust”? Also a great idea. Still, Spider fans won’t have it so bad; Dan Slott’s staying onboard and Amazing Spider-Man’s now coming out TWICE a month. Not sure I’ll pick up the series myself, but if OMD didn’t turn you off Spider-Man comics for the forseeable future, I’d give the post-BND Spider-Man a look.

“Smallville’s” Chloe Sullivan finally debuts in comics– after a close call a few years back, Chloe Sullivan’s making her way to comics for real this time in Action Comics #893, as part of a Jimmy Olsen backup story. Cool news and I dig both Chloe and Jimmy, but is giving Jim the bow tie and sweater look really the brightest move? Sure, Jimmy used to rock that bow tie back in the day, but maybe his look in Supergirl #54 is the way to go…

Kurt Busiek’s working on a new Arrowsmith novel– heavily illustrated by co-creator Carlos Pacheco, no less. All that and much more at the Wildstorm panel.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century #2 out in 2011– a new Alan Moore comic? Yes! Alan and Kevin O’Neill’s decade-spanning LoEG story continues (issue #1 came out not long ago) next year; if you click on the link, you’ll get a lovely page of art from the issue. It’s great to see we’re still getting comics by Alan, especially after recent disheartening news that he refused the rights to Watchmen back and feels more or less done with the comics industry. Although he does have a music album coming out called Unearthing and frankly, the idea of Alan Moore rocking my ear buds ranks incredibly high on my Awesomemeter. Click here and you’ll see what I mean.

Marvel’s Strange Tales II is coming! Looks like it’s sequel season, eh? Anyway, indie, alternative and webcomics creators once again unite to tell Marvel stories in their unique [merry?] manner. If you click on the link, you’ll see there’s a HUGE amount of talent involved, like Ty Templeton, Terry Moore, Dean Haspiel, Alex Robinson, the Hernandez brothers (Love and Rockets), Jeffrey Combs (Change-Bots!) and the late Harvey Pekar.

Will Eisner’s “A Contract With God” graphic novel headed to the big screen– haven’t read “A Contract With God” yet, but Will Eisner’s such a legend in the comics industry (with good reason), you almost wonder why no one thought about adapting such a major turning point in his career (and in comics period) earlier. Not one, but four directors will bring A Contract With God to the big screen: Tze Chun, Alex Rivera, Barry Jenkins and Sean Baker (better crank up the IMDB). Each director will focus on one of the four adjoining stories in Eisner’s novels; a move that’s not only sensible, but also implies to the movie-going public that A Contract With God is something special. Something tells me I should be heading to about now…

John Constantine’s getting married. And teaming up with Shade: The Changing Man. Don’t read Constantine’s series, usually, but I loved Peter Milligan’s Shade the Changing Man series (which DC’s currently collecting in trades!) and Milligan’s written some great comics in the past. I’m not sure if I’ll become a regular reader, but chances are I’ll pick up the Shade issue(s).

Green Lantern comic stuff– A Larfleeze Christmas Special? A Dex-Starr the Red Lantern cat Valentine’s Day special? A Sinestro: Secret Origins? Yes, all of these projects are happening and Geoff Johns is writing all of them. Ivan Reiss is drawing Secret Origins, so we know it’ll look purdy. As long as it doesn’t contradict/retcon away the great work Gerard Jones did with Sinestro in Emerald Dawn II

Paul Levitz and Joe Kubert are working on something together. A little tidbit slipped in with lots of other, unrelated thing, but Joe’s the man and a fantastic artist, so this is definitely worth mentioning.

A Suicide Squad video game is coming– another tidbit in an unrelated panel, but again, worth noting. Sure, the Squad doesn’t even have their own comic right now, but it’s still great news. The premise for the Suicide Squad’s (villains working for the government in exchange for less prison time) a classic, as was John Ostrander and Kim Yale’s legendary run.

Hey! X-Men poster!

-DC brings back monster/horror/sci-fi comics in “Weird Worlds” anthology series– while I’m glad DC’s bringing back old titles like “Weird Worlds” and injecting a much-needed genre variety to comics, will they sell in today’s market, which often has a lot of trouble supporting new series and non-superhero titles? Let’s hope. Aaron Lopresti’s a solid creator, so I’m willing to give the series and his Garbage Man character a shot. Besides, it’s an anthology series, so if you don’t like the first issue, the next one might be completely different.

Aaand that’s it! If you’ve made it all the way to the end of this post, links or no links, you deserve some kind of medal. So go win a decathlon!


5 Responses to “Comic Con 2010”

  1. davidry214 Says:

    I dare, I dare! That’s right, time for another edition of me responding to every single one of Goki’s ridiculously lengthy list of links!

    1. Getting pumped for the Avengers movie. As we’ve previously discussed, Whedon is about as good of a choice as you could ask for, and they’ve assembled a fine cast. As a sidenote on the Cap film, LOVE that Hugo Weaving is going to be the Red Skull. Great casting.

    As for Hulk, it’s a shame that what we all already kinda knew indeed was confirmed to be true: no more Edward Norton. Mark Ruffalo replacing him? Not a bad choice. Ruffalo is one of those actors I’ve never really loved but certainly never disliked. I’m sure he’ll do a fine job, despite some fans’ initial disappointment. As you might infer from their absence in the group photo, I just read elsewhere that Ant-Man and Wasp have been confirmed to no longer be a part of the Avengers movie, though Ant-Man will still be getting his own (presumably featuring Wasp). I think they could have used Wasp to have another female character in there, but there’s plenty of hero/star-power as is.

    2. Never even heard of the Change-Bots, but perhaps I’ll look for it as a rental someday, if I remember.

    3. Clever idea from BOOM, getting the Stan Lee name without what Stan Lee’s writing would actually sound like today. I’m not sure I’m really game for them, though. Creating any new hero is tough as hell, just because everything has been done. But Soldier Zero doesn’t sound particularly fresh; in fact, it sounds more like Stan rented Iron Man, Spider-Man 3, and Avatar one weekend, then got drunk and tried to come up with a way to combine them. Starborn might be OK, and I kinda liked Roberson’s work on Cinderella, so I’ll see how the buzz is as it approaches. The most likely for me to buy, however, is Traveler. Bet you didn’t see that coming, huh? lol But as predictable as I might be, flocking to the book by one of my favorites (Mark Waid), it does sound cool. Some of my favorite characters are involved in time travel stuff, so I’m highly intrigued.

    4. I wish it was a bit more of a close-up of the Destroyer armor, but it looks fine, I guess. I remember when the first still shot of the Green Goblin outfit from the first Spidey movie came out; I thought it looked like crap — but it worked in the movie. I had similar reservations about some of the Watchmen costumes — and some of those worked in the movie, while some didn’t (mostly Ozymandias’). So I’ve learned not to judge much either way from stills. But the helmets do look great. Really spot-on.

    5. Marvel isn’t afraid to get cosmic up in this mutha. Apparently there are hints at the Cosmic Cube in some of the Cap teasers, and now the Infinity Gauntlet in Thor? Certainly a departure from the more grounded approach they had been taking, but a fanboys’ paradise could await.

    6. I must say, I’m surprised by how amped up that YJ preview got me. Not only a cool roster with plenty of nods to both PAD and Johns, but it sounds like they’re going to do this right. Plenty of interaction with a large JLA cast should be great. And it looks more … mature than the Teen Titans cartoon seemed (I only bothered watching a couple episodes of TT). A series about teenage superheroes in which the creators say up front that the characters will be dealing with sex and hormones, and that not every hero will live? … Nice. Very nice. And PAD’s not-so-subtle hint at what to expect from his involvement? Even better.

    7. Like you, I decided I’d rather not read through what happens in the first episodes of the Avengers cartoon, but I did check out the trailer. I dug it. Solid line-up: all the original comic-book Avengers, plus Cap, Hawkeye, Black Panther. I’m of course happy to see T’Challa included. I wish they’d gone for more of a straight-laced animation style (a la the old Spidey/X-Men cartoons) instead of the pseudo-traditional/anime-ish blend, but it looks fine. The theme song sucked, lol, but who cares. Nice to have an Avengers cartoon on the way. I don’t get that network, but, there are always … ahem … other ways.

    8. I have no earthly idea what to expect from a Grant Morrison movie. The director does music videos and the plot sounds weird. But it’s Morrison, so it shouldn’t be lacking on creativity. Certainly something to keep an eye on.

    9. Holy crap. I’m only halfway through this post, but DC Universe Online might have just won this post, unless something just spectacular is on its way. I don’t even play video games, and I think I was addicted to this one by the end of the trailer. Daaaaamn.

    P.S.: No one but Hamill should ever voice Joker.

    10. “Spider-Man 2009”? Sounds boring, Goki. 😉 But seriously, very cool idea for a game. Slightly odd that Spider-Man Noir made the cut (didn’t realize it was so popular), but I won’t argue.

    11. I laughed at Johns’ holiday specials for GLs; a Dex-Starr Valentine’s issue sounds pimp. Although it sounds like he ducked the part of the question about G’nort, who is clearly the greatest of all Lanterns. I also found it a tad ironic that he said he brought back Barry Allen to “do something new.” New = Silver Age? Oh well. No real interest in the Wonder Woman and Superman stuff. Honestly, perhaps my favorite news was the small blurb that DC would be reprinting some Young Justice issues, starting in October. I loved what little I read of PAD’s work there, and would be interested in reading his full run.

    12. Morrison is everywhere. My goodness. All we need is a duets album with Rod Stewart. Batman Inc. sounds interesting: an intentional departure from the Bruce Wayne-less Batman persona we’ve gotten for about 10 years now. I don’t really believe it’ll be Morrison’s last run with the character, but who knows, I might try it. I can’t say I’m not intrigued when Morrison uses phrases like “apocalyptic finale” and “the epic finale for my whole run.”

    13. Clearly, I really need to read All-Star Superman.

    14. Honestly, they’re going to have to re-marry Peter and MJ before I’m willing to give AMS another chance.

    15. Bowties are cool, and I’m glad to see Jimmy Olsen as their champion. I don’t want to live in a world where Tucker Carlson and George Will have to duke it out for who is the “coolest” guy sporting a bowtie. As for Chloe … meh.

    16. I saw a poll once naming Aerosmith the greatest American rock band ever, which I highly disagree with. They’re great, but a lot of their old work doesn’t hold up well. My top 5: 5. Aerosmith, 4. Fleetwood Mac, 3. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, 2. The Eagles, 1. Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band. As for Kurt Busiek’s Arrowsmith, I have no fucking clue (hence this somewhat trite tangent). But I always wish Busiek success.

    17. Alan Moore! The weirdest dude ever, but I’ll always love him. I don’t entirely blame his stance on Watchmen; it always sounded like DC kinda tried to screw him, and he held what may have been an excessive grudge. But I get him saying he’d rather not have the rights back than have them back under conditions for sequels/prequels (though I’d like DC’s perspective on what the exact offer was). I’ve yet to read any LoEG, but I intend to check it all out some day. Like you said, the best part is just having Moore not be officially retired from the industry (yet). And the music? Not bad at all.

    18. I haven’t heard of even one of those people, lol. But it’s a cool idea, and I dig Rafael Grampa’s cover art from that link.

    19. Wow, now I really want to read Contract with God, as well. I’ve actually never read ANY of Eisner’s work, which makes me an awful comic book fan, no doubt.

    20. Unless he’s marrying Mary Magdalen, I cannot abide by that decision. But I realize my views on Constantine are overly static and thus a bit unfair, so I won’t rail against the story or anything.

    21. Ah, I got ahead of myself on the GL news. Still, Dex-Starr 4 lyfe, yo. And this one has the added nugget that it’ll be a Valentine’s Special with Krypto? Oh, you better not be kidding, Geoff. The idea of a Sinestro: Secret Origins does make me cringe and groan, because there’s zero chance we get out of that without at least a couple retcons. Sigh.

    Anyway, I’m so far behind on these books that I haven’t tried any of Bedard’s Corps yet, but I like the idea of getting Qward involved. A GL Corps cartoon? I like it. Been waiting for some Guy Gardner screen time. 🙂

    22. Levitz/Kubert the Elder could be interesting. Also from that panel, I’m interested in the JSA/JLA crossover; those have been hit-and-miss in the past (as has James Robinson), but it catches my eye. Damian on the Teen Titans sounds fun.

    23. Don’t really follow enough Suicide Squad to be too interested in the game, but I nevertheless like seeing lesser-known characters get some exposure in other forms of media. A live-action Blue Beetle show? I don’t see that working, but who knows. Oh, and Parallax in the GL movie? Surprising, but certainly could work. That should be a good film. Glad Kilowog will be in it.

    Johns doing something Vertigo would be cool. And glad to hear that the Fables TV show isn’t completely dead yet, from the sound of that snippet. I’d want to see it on HBO or Showtime or the like, though, for it to have the best chance of being done right.

    24. Amazing poster! Who’s it by? I don’t recognize a couple characters, but it’s really impressive. Even Arcade made it in! Definitely the most bowties we’ve ever linked to in a single post!

    25. I don’t see it working, but I hope I’m wrong; like you said, it’s nice to see another genre represented. I won’t be among its readers, though, as said genre isn’t really my cup of tea.

    Whew! I’m finally and … wait, now I have to go win a decathlon? Not cool Goki. NOT COOL.

  2. Gokitalo Says:

    Update: we’ve got Comic Con vids! Clips from the Thor and Captain America movie panels, as well as the mighty assemblage of Avengers movie actors!

    2. Never even heard of the Change-Bots, but perhaps I’ll look for it as a rental someday, if I remember.

    Actually it’s a comic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rent it from the local library. Or a really, really cool video store.

    10. “Spider-Man 2009″? Sounds boring, Goki.

    Ahahahahaha, that guy is so last year

    14. Honestly, they’re going to have to re-marry Peter and MJ before I’m willing to give AMS another chance.

    I think it’d literally have to be a re-marriage at this point, instead of undoing the OMD retcon. The further we get from OMD, the harder it gets to undo…

    17. Alan Moore! The weirdest dude ever, but I’ll always love him. I don’t entirely blame his stance on Watchmen; it always sounded like DC kinda tried to screw him, and he held what may have been an excessive grudge.

    Yeah, I think I agree on both counts. DC tried to take advantage of him and the success of Watchmen in some pretty tactless ways, but the company’s changed a lot since then. Although I almost think Alan might enjoy Marvel more these days, with its creator-owned line and all.

    P.S.: No one but Hamill should ever voice Joker.

    YUP. There’s an occasional wheeze to his Joker voice now, but that’s nothing an inhaler or something can’t fix.

    Damian on the Teen Titans sounds fun.

    That’s honestly the most exciting part of the upcoming Teen Titans run for me. Nicola Scott’s said some very kind words about the writing, too, so maybe we’ll finally get a run as good as Geoff Johns’?

    19. Wow, now I really want to read Contract with God, as well. I’ve actually never read ANY of Eisner’s work, which makes me an awful comic book fan, no doubt.

    I’m not that much better, although I did read a team-up Eisner wrote between The Spirit and The Escapist (a superhero from The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay). Loved that story; other than that, I think I’ve read the odd The Spirit story and part of A Contract With God at a bookstore, but not much else.

    Amazing poster! Who’s it by?

    That’d be one Marko Djurdjevic 😀 Now there’s a guy who can draw a bowtie!

    wait, now I have to go win a decathlon? Not cool Goki. NOT COOL.

    START RUNNIN’ *fires flare into the air*

  3. Gokitalo Says:

    Eh, and what’s one more link, right? Nice little video interview with Grant Morrison on Batman Inc. and Sinaroto (in which he reveals new details about both)

  4. spiffyithaca Says:

    I agree with Dave that I’m kinda sad that there’s no Wasp or Ant-Man in the Avengers movie, but honestly, with such a big cast already, it’d be hard to give them enough screen time anyways to warrant them. But I’d bet anything that while Marvel says they aren’t in the movie, that there will at the very least be a cameo by Hank Pym and/or Janet during or after the credits or something.

    Joss Whedon as director gives me a huge boner.

    I love Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. He’s awesome (can’t wait for Affleck’s The Town which also has Renner in it, as well as my boy Jon Hamm). And while I agree David, that it’s a shame Norton had to be replaced, the point is, he had to, and I think Ruffalo is a pretty great consolation prize. He can act, he can be nerdy, and I think he’s kinda cute.

    Onto Thor: I think it more than any of the Marvel movies thus far has the highest probability of blowing asshole, but it also has the highest probability of being nominated for a best picture Oscar. Why? Because I like to say ridiculous shit, and Kenneth Branagh is an acclaimed Shakespearean director which sounds awesome for an Asgardian drama (how cool is it that the movie looks to be mostly focused on Asgard?), and Helmsworth looks the part. But, prediction, it won’t be nominated for an Oscar other than special effects.

    That DC Universe trailer I had actually seen on my own before checking out this post, and it gave me goosebumps and multiple orgasms. It made me wish I played videogames. Maybe in 2020, when there’s a virtual reality DCU game I’ll play.

  5. davidry214 Says:

    I’m still seriously considering getting DC Universe if the price is reasonable, but I’m more than a little concerned about the possible addiction factor.

    I could go for an Ant-Man/Wasp credits cameo, and if the Ant-Man movie doesn’t come out until after Avengers, I suppose it would help build anticipation (for a character who won’t have nearly the anticipation as some of these other movies).

    I like Branagh a lot, but he’s definitely the wild card in all this. I really have no idea what to expect from that movie.

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