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Spiffy and AA talk TV

September 26, 2010

So, Saturday night, Spiffy started texting me incessantly about all kinds of shit, but his one noteworthy idea was he and I teaming up for a Previews Reviews-style post on the first week of season premieres from the fall TV schedule. Due to my lack of AIM on the computer I was using, we ended up on Facebook (he’s Andy, I’m Me). This was the result.

One of us was drunk, but I’m not telling who; try to guess for yourself.




September 19, 2010

Holy FUCK I;m drunk. I just did a post about Ben Affleck, for whatever reason, and it literallt took me seven edits to get the post seemingly mistake-free (and there was probs still somethign wrong). But now, I’m even drunker, and it’s time for the coup d’grace, and there shall be no edits this thing; whatver drunkenly happens, haoppens. I’m way too far gone to care about typos now, assuming I get through this post at all.

I found DC’s solits for December on newsarama for Dec, but not Marvel’s so I’ll theoretically do just Nov for both, assuming I don’t pass out before completion. BTW, I texted Spiff before starting this endeavor (don’t have Goki’s cell, sadly), but got no immediate response and can’t delay without crashing hardcores.e


Rooting for Ben Affleck in a post-Gigli world

September 19, 2010

I intentionally picked the first douchey image I could find of Ben Affleck for this post, because it helps prove my point: people have come to see Affleck as little more than a douchebag, and that’s unfortunate.

As near as I can tell, the Affleck hate really kicked into full gear in 2003, when Affleck released the epic bomb Gigli, co-starring then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez. I never actually saw Gigli, but nearly everyone agreed it was awful. But not only was it bad, it became a lightning rod against Ben and J-Lo. Suddenly, as I remember it, both were the butt of every joke. Neither’s career has really fully recovered to the point it had been. For Affleck’s part, somewhere along the line it became common opinion that he couldn’t act and was, in general, a no-talent hack. And that’s a highly unfortunate opinion, one I think couldn’t be further from the truth.

Like I said, I never saw Gigli, but I’m willing to accept it was terrible. So? Name one actor who hasn’t/didn’t do a couple stinkers in his/her day. Are you really telling me Harrison Ford wouldn’t take back Random Hearts if he could? Or that if he had the chance to do it over again, Morgan Freeman would still sign on for Nurse Betty? Hell, you want to know who else was in Gigli? Al Pacino! One of the top three actors of the past half century!

So, Affleck has been nearly universally dumped on, though movies likes Paycheck and Jersey Girl weren’t really bad at all, and in fact fairly enjoyable. Hollywoodland‘s script could have been better, but  Affleck’s performance in it was actually quite impressive. So, as Affleck’s new movie, The Town, opens this weekend, I’m rooting for him to find some success (he directed and starred). Not only because I think Affleck has gotten an unfair rap, but also because I genuinely like him for a couple of reasons.

One, I like famous people who don’t take themselves seriously. When Gigli (which followed Daredevil, another bomb that wasn’t as bad as advertised; if not for Collin Ferrell, that could’ve have been a good film) opened to absolutely brutal reviews, Affleck was due for a Tonight Show with Jay Leno appearance the next week. When critics ravaged the movie and the box office tanked, many actors might have canceled their engagement, but Affleck not only came on the show, but came prepared to make fun of how bad his movie was. On air, he read a series of his favorite reviews about how bad Gigli was, one of which I somewhat remember: “The only way Gigli grossed $3 million on opening weekend was if Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez both bought a ticket worth $1.5 million.” He also mocked himself in the Kevin Smith classic, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (“Affleck, you were the shit in Phantoms, yo!”). His interview about his new movie on The Daily Show was also funny (I’d link to it if I weren’t too drunk to find a link).

The other reason I like Affleck? He’s actually a good actor! People have already forgotten him in Good Will Hunting, which he co-wrote and had a good supporting role in. He also gave an excellent and vastly underrated acting performance in Dogma, a Smith comedy with some very serious undertones.

So now, The Town opens this weekend, and admittedly, most September movies are dogs. But Affleck’s new project is getting rave reviews, opening up to a ridiculous 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. For those of you who might not be as familiar with that site, anything over 60-70% is really impressive. I haven’t seen the movie, and probably won’t until it comes out on video (I’ve only been to the theater once, while killing time in London, in the past four months), but I hope it really is that good.

And furthermore, I hope people start to forgive Affleck for a couple bad movies. It seems like people have been rooting against him the past several years, but I think it’s time be get over that, and welcome one of former up-and-coming actors back into the popular fold.

Andy’s Femmy (Fake Emmy’s 2009/2010) Response

September 10, 2010

Inspired by David’s post, I ended up writing 7 pages in Word, so I thought that merited an entirely new page rather than a simple reply to the original  (more…)

Spider-Man’s “One Moment in Time”

September 9, 2010

Stop me when this post starts to look familiar. Yes, the image and title of this post were taken from one of the early reviews at the old Goki’s Giving Groin, a nicely done April 2008 rant by Spiffy on Marvel’s disgusting “One More Day” story, in which J. Michael Stracynski and Joe Quesada ruined one of the greatest characters in comics, presumably for shits, giggles, and sales. That story featured Peter and MJ making a literal deal with the devil, erasing their marriage in order to save the life of Peter’s 157-year-old Aunt May.

Today, Amazing Spider-Man #421, the fourth and final part of “One Moment in Time,” came out; written by Quesada, who also supplied some of the art (with Paolo Rivera doing the rest), the story was intended to revisit “One More Day” and tell “what really happened on Peter and MJ’s wedding day.” A part of me held out hope that after more than two years, and a lot of fan backlash, maybe JoeyQ felt bad about what he’d done and was going to make amends, that maybe, just maybe, this would be the story that set things right.

Now, that hope is dead, and we’re left with just that big middle finger. Read on if you want the scoop on this trainwreck; spoilers coming, obviously.


Dave’s Fake Emmy’s: The Best of the 2009-2010 Season

September 8, 2010

I started this post about the time of May finales, but never finished it. Then I forgot about the post until the real Emmy’s came up, and while I didn’t watch those, I still feel qualified to say why my opinions are better.

“Sounds like a great idea,” you’re probably saying to yourself, likely followed by: “God, that Dave is sexy, I’d like to give him my award.” My reply to that is: 1. What a weird euphemism for your sexual advances, Goki; and 2. Well, don’t get excited. My categories are made up, I have no set number of nominees, my actual awarding is very biased, my memory is potentially flawed, and I don’t have the widest breadth of taste out there. I watch comedies and … well, that’s it. My unwillingness to expand my viewing choices has rankled Spiffy once or twice in the past, but I might as well cap my TV watching somewhere. I have no doubt that there’s many great dramas out there that I’m missing out on, but I’ll survive without them. I have enough drama in my life, and while I often enjoy watching dramatic movies, when I turn on the TV for something other than sports, I’m usually in a comedy kind of mood. Having said all that … I think I put together a fun list.

So, here we go!


Auf wiedersehen to a hero

September 2, 2010

Don’t read on if you don’t want most of X-Men: Second Coming spoiled.