Andy’s Femmy (Fake Emmy’s 2009/2010) Response


Inspired by David’s post, I ended up writing 7 pages in Word, so I thought that merited an entirely new page rather than a simple reply to the original 

It’s refreshing to see a post that I can not only comment on, but actually sound intelligent in my response. I watch more shows than I can count, which is only a little sad. But anyhow, first things first, GREAT post, and a great idea for a post, David. I loved reading it, and for the most part, found your analysis spot on. And I was really impressed with some of your categories, of which a few you must have done research on to even remember, because some I had to check on, so more props and, wait for it, a Tip O’ the Hat, to you sir.

But anyways, on with that BS, let’s get on to TV. Before I get into it, I want to mention that I will take this Femmy’s post for what it is, as a decidedly comic-heavy (okay, it’s 100% comedy, if you count some of this season’s 30 Rock and Bored to Death episodes as funny) look at TV, and won’t waste my time imploring David or Goki or nobody else that reads this blog to read some of the fine drama shows on TV this day. I will however comment on the results of the actual Emmy’s and perhaps make a few suggestions of who should have won, which will indeed feature gasp dramatic shows (this will be in another post). Also, the only drama David’s life has is what colored dildo his girlfriend will use on him in their wild sex life. So, yeah, I guess he doesn’t need more drama after all.


In all actuality, this was a really good year for David to spotlight comedy, with the debuts of two instant classics in Modern Family and Community that have not only revitalized the sitcom as he has mentioned, but with Glee, completely turned the meaning of a “TV comedy” on its head to the point where a dramedy almost won a real life Emmy. I’m sure there was a clever music-based pun to be had there, buttfuck it.

So, let’s get to David’s categories.

Best New Series: I can’t argue too much with the nominees, but there are other shows that I think could’ve argued themselves into the mix.

While it pains me to mention it, Courtney Cox’s Cougar Town had a huge following and apparently was hilarious, and many experts wanted her to be nominated for an Emmy. I don’t completely buy it, however. I watched the first fifteen minutes of the premiere and turned it off, and that was it. But I thought I should mention it anyway, even though I’m sure I’ll get shit for even bringing it up. One thing that makes me pause from completely dismissing it however is the fact the show was co-created by Bill Lawrence, who was the creator and brainchild of Scrubs, which is definitely a Hall of Fame entry even with its last two bumpy seasons (and deserved a mention at the very least).

A list of other notable new comedies of 2009:

·           Hung (HBO): A show about Thomas Jane’s huge cock. Really. The guy’s a poor baseball coach living in Detroit, so he turns to prostitution. The show could be great, and has its moments (and deserves props for having a few fugly people in its cast), but really, I’ve never watched a show with LESS that happens in each episode, and Tanya, the female lead, is endlessly frustrating, and not in a good way. She’s annoying. Anne Heche is pretty great in this though.

·           Eastbound & Down: If you know who Danny McBride is, then you’re a fan of him. He was hilarious as Red in Pineapple Express and shined in a small role just like everybody else in Tropic Thunder, and is an awesome story to boot, creating a small movie with his friends a la Kevin Smith called the Foot Fist Way that delighted Will Ferrell enough for him to personally see to it that McBride would have a career filled with money and hot babes. This show is about Kenny Fucking Powers, a former hotshot reliever in the Pro’s, who falls on tough times (think John Rocker mixed with an evil Rod Beck), and has to return to his hometown and coach PE. Sometimes it just wasn’t funny, but by the end of the first season it was one of the best comedies on TV, and I think would be my choice for the 4th nominee. The fifth nominee would be…

·           Better Off Ted (ABC): This criminally under watched show was one of the most intelligent and witty comedies since Arrested Development, and had Portia de Rossi being awesome (in a role I think I like better than Lindsay Bluth; she was probably the least funny of them all in AD, which is like being the least rich Fortune 500 CEO), and one of the best ensemble casts around. So good in fact, that I don’t know any of their names by heart. It’s a shame it won’t see another season.

Another show that I just thought of, but doesn’t deserve bullet treatment, was the Entourage-lite, How to Make It In America, which is also produced by Mark Wahlberg. It was funny, and had Kid Cudi in a supporting role, which seems cool. But it wasn’t that good, and like Hung, nothing really happened in it.

If we limit ourselves to five nominees, I wouldn’t have included Bored to Death. Out of the four David has nominated, it would rate an easy choice for last place for me. I thought the show had a great cast, great production value, and a pretty great premise. But beyond Ted Danson, the show lived up to its title: it was boring. The show definitely had some strong highlights, and each episode gave me enough to where I wouldn’t consider not watching the next, but I kinda hated Schwartzman’s character and never thought it was very laugh out loud funny until the end of the season. I do have hope for the second season with the great pedigree in the cast and creators, and the fact that HBO rarely has bad shows, ever.

Now, after ALL THAT (sorry), I would agree with David, lol. Community was the best new comedic show on television. Modern Family was a close second, and might’ve made me happier when I watched it, but anything with Abed can’t lose. Ever (as evidenced by the fact that Word doesn’t think that Abed is spelled wrong).

Best Theme Song: The Office and 30 Rock are classic little ditties, and I love that you went with HIMYM (all three of which I hum or make obnoxious noises along with when they air).

Others that bear mentioning is NBC’s Chuck, which features Cake’s “Short Skirt, Long Jacket.”

I wouldn’t pick it for this year, but Scrubs’ “Superman” for Lazlo Bane deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame, and I dig the title sequence to Entourage, even if I tire of it, and the show. Also, while it no longer is apart of the show, a special mention to “Little Boxes” which was the theme song for Weeds during its excellent years (those have long since past, even if I still enjoy it).

I think next year we/you should do a whole new category for title sequence, which while would include the theme song, so we would be able to recognize Hung, which has Thomas Jane walking through the streets of Detroit taking off clothes until he reaches his house and jumps in the lake. Classic.

I’ll go with 30 Rock’s, because it really is the most fun to make obnoxious noises along with while watching, and because you know Tracy Morgan would do the same thing.

Best Cameo: Will Ferrell as bitch hunter is the easy win out of these, but I feel like there’s gotta be a lot more cameos here that we’re missing. I want to recognize the old guy from Community, even if he is a reoccurring character. Or Starburns.

Best Guest Star (Recurring): This is interesting, because honestly, I thought John Oliver was one of the weakest parts of Community, and I know all (three) of my friends that watched the show with me thought the same way. He was okay in the first couple episodes, but we didn’t miss him when he disappeared, and found him pretty awful in the finale when he returned. That said, he’s hilarious on Daily Show and I wouldn’t bat an eye if he becomes the next to make it big from that show, but I can’t agree with the choice here. I’m having trouble thinking of other nominees outside of the list you mentioned, so I’ll go with Michael Sheen as Wesley Snipes.

While he’s not new, Leo Spaceman always deserves a nod as a reoccurring guest star.

Best Guest Star (Single Episode): Great category here, including a rather complete and beautiful list of nominees. Props again. I immediately can cut it down to four: Nantz (HIMYM), NPH (Glee), Steve Guttenberg (Party Down) and Franco (30 Rock). Franco would be a distant fourth, even if it was brilliant. From there, I’m tempted to announce a three-way tie. I love NPH in Glee, but I think because Glee is easily my least favorite of the last three shows in which he guest starred, that that’s where he’ll finish, even if the Whedon directed NPH starring episode might have been my favorite episode of the season.

The “Perfect Week” would easily rate in my top 5 of best episodes of the year, and Nantz’s part was essential, but I have to go with Guttenberg because that was the best episode that Party Down ever had, a great show that goes unrecognized by many, and showed that Guttenberg NEEDS to have his own TV show or a new movie, and soon. Besides, the image of Nantz kicking a chair as he loses in this category adds icing to the cake.

Worst Guest Star: Well, I didn’t mind Kathy Bates that much, but I’ll agree in lieu of other options to choose from. I can never badmouth Andy Samberg, even if you speak the truth.

Best Animal: I found “Zoo or False” one of the poorest episodes of HIMYM all season, so I go with the Peacock.

Best Late Night Host: I don’t watch late night programming very often, I know, I know, but there’s no way Conan doesn’t deserve the honors, even if he had just taken a shit on camera for three weeks. But I would’ve made a spot for Jimmy Kimmel, who has a knack for skits that end up being viral videos (“I’m fucking Ben Affleck/Matt Damon”, the “Handsome Men’s Club”) and also, judging from Fallon’s hosting of the Emmy’s and the fact that he plays beer pong with celebrities (including Betty White), I think he probably was good enough for a nod as well. I’ve never really liked Letterman too much, so I would’ve put Kimmel in there, which sounds sacrilegious, but I don’t give a shit.

Best Animated Series: Futurama was the only one I watched of those nominees, but since it debuted this summer, I don’t think it would’ve been eligible for this year’s Emmy’s, not that that matters for the Femmy’s.

The winner, in an unbelievably easy fashion, and I’m not sure if this would be eligible either, however, is FX’s Archer, a brilliantly lewd and snarky spy comedy (which boasts the voices of many Arrested Development alums, like Jessica Walters, Judy Greer and Jeffrey Tambor). Seriously, I can’t believe I forgot to mention it above in terms of new shows, but it would’ve made the nominee field for Best New Comedy Series easy, now that I think about it (I probably would’ve nudged Glee out of the category, because I’m a dick).

Most Disappointing: For me, I would go 30 Rock here. In my mind, 30 Rock has always been sublime and easily the best of the NBC comedy lineup. When both The Office and 30 Rock were in their primes, 30 Rock was funnier, sharper. And, truth be told, I thought The Office wasn’t TOO bad this year. While it lagged as the year went on, it had more hits than misses I thought, while 30 Rock’s were fewer and far between. That said, I haven’t rewatched them as you did David, so maybe my memory is playing tricks. But I just go with 30 Rock since it has dominated the comedy realm moreso than The Office, so a mediocre season from Tina Fey and company hurts all the more.

Best Argument/Fight: The Archer had some brilliant ones, but I’m not up to the task to find them, but Rabbit vs. Duck wins.

Best Musical Moment: So, uh, I need to rewatch those Community ones clearly, since not all of them register, which makes me insanely mad at my college drinking habits.

Best Glee Musical Moment: My favorite of the year was “Dream On,” NPH and Morrison going at it was brilliant, and the most glee I had watching the show last year. Journey was obviously a close 2nd.

Best Couple: Lily and Marshall, along with Jim and Pam are HOF’ers of this crew, but I gotta go with Phil and Claire here, with Casey and Henry a close second. I just love Party Down, and Phil is the funniest part about Modern Family, while Julie Bowens’ Claire got better and better as the season wore on.

Most Attractive Woman: David gives us a great list, but there are so many snubs here, that I’m going to make a bullet list, a la Best New Series.

·           30 Rock: Cerie (Katrina Bowden) is a huge snub, and I feel obliged to also nominate…

·           Tina Fey. She’s easily the woman I’d most want to marry on TV, and she’s cute as hell to boot, so she definitely makes a dent in the category.

·           Community: While I think some people disagree, I would have trouble not nominating Britta (Gillian Jacobs) from Community or Robin (Cobie Smulders) from HIMYM (though she’s definitely not as hot as Season 1, where she would’ve won this category, but come on, her last name is SMULDERS. Forget about the misspelling, that’s still good evidence).

·           Big Bang Theory: Some people love the show, some people hate it, I fall inbetween, but the main chick (Kaley Cuoco) has merit.

·           Weeds: Mary Louise Parker still has it and is the hottest Nancy I’ve ever seen.

·           Everyone in Californication that David Duchovny/Hank Moody bangs should be in the running.

·           The love interest (Katy Mixon) from Eastbound & Down is the only one who could compete with Sofia in the rack category, and added points because she actually gets naked.


·           The girl from Better Off Ted (Andrea Anders).

·           April (Aubrey Plaza) from Parks & Recreation I want to marry.

But this goes down to two beautiful woman, each from the same show. That show is NBC’s Chuck, one of my favorites. They are…

Kristen Kreuk

and Yvonne Strahovski.


I go with Yvonne, because she’s actually a series regular, Kristen was just a guest star. Zachary Levi’s a lucky man.

Best Episode: I would cut it to Modern Warfare, the paintball classic, and The Playbook, The Perfect Week and Steve Guttenberg’s Birthday from your list. From there, while it pains me, I have to take off Party Down’s entry, because all the other one’s I watched multiple times and kept on my DVR far beyond the air date. And honestly, it would hurt me too much to choose one of those three, so I won’t. They are fucking perfect.

Best Season Finale: Amazingly, Weeds actually deserves a nod here, because the final moments of this episode was one of the more shocking and grudgingly brilliant moments in TV I’ve ever seen. But I can’t reward a great ending to a subpar season.

I have to also mention Californication which had a heartrending and fucked up ending, and like Weeds, should be given a nod because I’m impressed by shows that fuck with the status quo a lot. Chuck’s is up there as well. Glee’s Journey was one of the best of the season after the NPH ep. But I’ll agree and go with Community

Best Supporting Actor: The only two that I think are missing from your nominees are Lem (Malcolm Barrett) and Phil (Jonathan Slavin), two neurotic geniuses from the lab of Veridian Dynamics. Okay, make that three, Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) deserves a spot for his facial expressions alone (and might leapfrog Andy as my favorite character on the show).

Hardest category after the best episode. It’s between Ty Burrell, Ken Jeong, Danny Pudi and NPH, but Chris Pratt and Ted Danson deserve it as well.

I do love Aziz Ansari (watch his fake comedic routine as Randy from Funny People), but I agree wholeheartedly that Andy is the fucking man, as most Andy’s are. It’s really an amazing transformation though, because he went from an annoying sideshow in the first season, to just a lovable love interest.

Senor Chang is the next to be eliminated, but Ken Jeong is the tits.

Now it’s between Abed, Barney Stinson and Phil. In an upset, I go with Abed, who was the funniest part of Community, and along with Troy became the go to “funny joke at the end” duo for every episode, and they all ruled.

Best Supporting Actress: Annie/Alison deserves much kudos, as she not only was great on Community, but clearly has acting chops, since she plays a tightly wound waspy annoying B on Mad Men at the same time as her wacky Community character.

But it’s silly to think too much about this, because Jane Lynch is the obvious winner. Without her, Glee would be mediocre. Well, without her, the only thing good about the show would be the music. She’s the only part of the actual plot that I ever always like, and good for her for finally being recognized. Also, she’s also a part-time player in Party Down, even if she isn’t as funny.

Best Actress: I actually think Andrea Anders from Better off Ted deserves a nomination here, because she really held her own with the wacky gents in the office. But you correctly narrowed it down to the right few with Jacobs, Caplan and Poehler, and I agree, Poehler deserves serious props for finding the right mix for her character. Like everything else on Parks & Recreation, she improved dramatically in Season 2. 

Best Actor: Jim Parsons (Shelden Cooper, Big Bang Theory) is one of three reasons to watch Big Bang Theory (along with Raj and for the nerdy things they own), and he deserved the Emmy this year and because he almost singlehandedly saves that show every episode, I think he deserves the win here. It’s hard not to go with Jeff Winger though.

Best Series: My six nominees would have been Community, Modern Family, Archer, Better Off Ted, Parks & Recreation and Chuck. Glee was too frustrating to me when it wasn’t all song and dance, which happened far too frequently, so I apologize for cutting it out of the list of nominees. Party Down, Californication and Eastbound & Down were close to making it.

But, after all that, I agree with David, Community was the best comedy this year. Modern Family and Parks & Recreation would have been my #2 and 3, with Archer at #4.

I think that’s a long enough post for now, but I will quickly recap the Emmy’s and say who I think should’ve won or nominated, if I have the energy.

Sorry about the length, people, my dick gets in the way sometimes. 


9 Responses to “Andy’s Femmy (Fake Emmy’s 2009/2010) Response”

  1. spiffyithaca Says:

    My Thoughts on the Emmy’s:

    The opening with Fallon and a bunch of various cast members from shows like Mad Men, 30 Rock and Glee was awesome.

    I’m impressed that the show only went over by 1 minute. Incredible. Deserves an award itself for that.

    Best Series Drama: I love Mad Men, and it’s probably my favorite show on TV, so I won’t argue with it winning for the third year in the row. But I do think the Emmy’s need to start recognizing some new people in a few categories, especially considering the timing and future of some of the shows. And in this case, I think you can find an argument for Dexter, True Blood, Friday Night Lights and especially LOST. It was LOST’s final year, and I think it should’ve gotten a win, or at least something. But it got nada.

    I think I would’ve gone with FNL or True Blood if I picked based on what the best was, but politics rule the Emmy’s. Friday Night Lights better get a fucking nomination next year, its last season. There’s no doubt in my mind it’ll be worthy.

    Best Actor Drama: Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad also won for the third consecutive year, and while I know he’s brilliant, it’s criminal not to go with Matthew Fox (as Jack from LOST). He killed the entire run of the series, and never won anything for it, a shame.

    Also, next year, Jon Hamm better win for Don Draper, because yes, the writing is fucktastic on the show and deserves the recognition it’s gotten from Weiner, the cast really sells it, and it starts with Hamm, who’s unbelievable.

    Well, okay, maybe the year after that, because Kyle Chandler HAS to win something for portraying Coach Taylor so beautifully in Friday Night Lights.

    Best Actress Drama: I would’ve gone Connie Britton, who forms the best couple on TV bar NONE, with Kyle Chandler/Coach Taylor, on FNL. She’s perfect.

    Best Actor/Actress Comedy: Obviously, I agree with Parsons here, but would’ve gone Poehler.

    Best Supporting Actor Drama: Aaron Paul is great in Breaking Bad, I’m sure (I’ve only seen a few episodes of the show, this and It’s Always Sunny, a show we mercilessly never mentioned in either of our posts are probably the two best shows I don’t watch. I will eventually), but he can win next year (unless Slattery can win one, he rules in Mad Men). But Terry O’Quinn as John Locke for LOST deserves recognition for six cumtastic seasons.

    Best Supporting Actress Drama: I don’t watch The Good Wife, though I’m sure I will now that I live with my Granny, but I have to believe that Elisabeth Moss was the most deserving. Peggy is the heart and soul of Mad Men, and if she doesn’t win next year, fuck the Emmy’s.

    Best Supporting Actor Comedy: It’s silly that Ty Burrell didn’t win for Phil.

    Best Guest Star Drama: John Lithgow was unbelievably creepy and SO good in Dexter, he was the obvious choice. I love that he thanked HBO in his acceptance speech. Dexter is on Showtime.

    Lastly, Timothy Olyphant and the show he spotlights, Justified, along with Community, is the best new show on TV, better appear next year on the nominations at the very least. Clearly, it’s really hard for me to choose the best show, the best actor and whatnot, because I watch too goddamn much.

  2. Gokitalo Says:

    The opening with Fallon and a bunch of various cast members from shows like Mad Men, 30 Rock and Glee was awesome.


    I’ve gotta watch more Mad Men. It just hasn’t clicked with me yet, but maybe starting mid-season didn’t help…

    Of all the sections, Most Attractive Woman was the most uplifting. I really got a rise out of that one. Sarah Lancaster’s absence from the list brought me down, but Google Images brought me right back up again. I can’t blame Spiff for leaving her out, though, it was a hard list. Rock hard.

    I forgot to mention this in my one-sentence commentary on Dave’s post, but The Daily Show and Colbert Report deserve the praise. I just started watching them again and they’ve been on fire. Still the best news shows on television… which makes the “real” news networks look oh so sad.

    Here’s a question for you guys: where was Curb? Big season with the Seinfeld reunion stuff going on.

  3. spiffyithaca Says:

    The Mad Men pilot is one of the best written episodes of anything you’ll ever see. It’s right up there with Six Feet Under and others that are just the epitome of excellence in TV writing. I can see Mad Men being an acquired taste, and I think you have to be a regular viewer, or at least it helps. I know that my grandma and parents can’t stomach Mad Men because it’s just TOO accurate and reminds them of a painful time.

    No, you’re right Goki, Sarah Lancaster deserves a nomination too, but I would place the other Chuck gals ahead of her fairly quickly, especially since they were my last two woman standing.

    And really solid point on Curb, Goki. I had actually never seen the show UNTIL this season, and while some episodes were just hilarious and gems, and the Seinfeld ep probably deserved a spot among the “Best” of the season, I’m just not a HUGE fan of the show, clearly, since I completely forgot about it.

    Another show I forgot, that David might like: The League, a show about a bunch of guys in the same fantasy football league. It had its ups and downs (that are still apparent in Thursday’s season 2 premiere: they really don’t know TOO much about fantasy football), but it had some truly fucking hilarious moments that I loved.

  4. Gokitalo Says:

    Yeah, I was just reading an article a few weeks back about how eerily accurate Mad Men is. The fact that your grandparents actually RECOGNIZE elements of it from their own lives is even more eye-opening.

    Come to think of it, I think my sister has the first three seasons on DVD… again with the good taste!

  5. davidry214 Says:

    Spiff, superb work. You took my idea and made it so much better; you’re essentially Henry Ford. I thoroughly enjoyed your post, even the rare parts where I disagreed.

    I’ll make some comments, though not too in depth, since I already gave most of my points in my post.

    1. You watch too much TV. This post was almost too exhaustive. Go have sex in Lake Tahoe (I imagine people do that all the time) or read some comics (TOTALLY less nerdy).

    2. [i]”Also, the only drama David’s life has is what colored dildo his girlfriend will use on him in their wild sex life.”[/i]

    I finished Season 2 of [i]Weeds[/i] a few days ago and am already plowing through Season 3, but this comment reminded me of an episode where Andy tries to have sex with a hot Jewish chick, but she ends up fucking him with a [u]huge[/u] black dildo (it’s a family show). As for me and gf, we haven’t tried that. YET.

    3. You mentioned [i]Scrubs[/i] briefly, which I’d forgotten about. The final season actually got a little better as it went along and the new characters starting developing, but obviously, it wasn’t the same without the full old cast. However, I’m glad they brought it back for what turned out to be the next-to-last season; “My Finale” would have been one of the best series finales ever if they had let it end with that. Also, Bill Lawrence created [i]Spin City[/i], as well, which was headed for HoF territory before Michael J. Fox got Muhammad Ali disease.

    4. I saw one episode of [i]Eastbound and Down[/i], and it was kinda funny, but I didn’t love it like most people seem to. I actually think Danny McBride might be funniest in smaller doses, a la [i]Tropic Thunder[/i] and [i]Pineapple Express[/i]. I can’t judge for certain without seeing more of the show, but I’m not in any rush. Despite my no-drama policy the past couple years, [i]Mad Men[/i] is actually next on my list after [i]Weeds[/i].

    5. Haven’t seen [i]Chuck[/i] yet, though I might try it some day, but I love that “Short Skirt, Long Jacket” is the theme song. That beats out “I Will Survive,” “Love You Madly,” and “When You Sleep” for my favorite Cake song (I like Cake, the band and the dessert).

    6. As for Starburns and “Best Cameo”: I actually strongly considered him, Dean Pelton (especially), and a couple other [i]Community[/i] characters for “Best Guest Role (Recurring),” but ultimately decided that least those first two were in enough episodes to be closer to regular cast, albeit with small roles.

    7. Re: Steve Guttenberg: During the belated sequel craze ([i]Rocky[/i], [i]Rambo[/i], [i]Die Hard[/i], etc.), I kept waiting for one final, epic comedy masterpiece of [i]Police Academy[/i] of [i]Three Men and a Baby/Little Lady[/i]. Actually, I didn’t give a shit about those franchises and was eating up the rumors of a third [i]Ghostbusters[/i]. But after seeing Gutternberg’s still got it, I’m down for anything.

    8. You’re right, Kimmel at least deserved a nomination. He, too, was on fire during the late-night Conan/Leno drama, and because he’s always a distant last in the ratings, could afford to be the most brutal.

    9. GREAT call on [i]Archer[/i], a show I forgot all about. I only saw two episodes, but loved it. I have to get caught up before the new season.

    10: Re: Most Disappointing: At the start of the summer, I rewatched all four seasons of [i]30 Rock[/i] in a row, and while the fourth was clearly the weakest, I thought it held up pretty well. I did the same with [i]HIMYM[/i], and reached a similar conclusion: the fifth was the weakest but still decent; I do think they finally need to introduce the mother in the sixth season, though, to keep up the quality.

    11. Re: [i]Community[/i] musical moments: I nominated three from the show, and that was after eliminating “Getting Rid of Britta,” “Pierce, You’re a B,” and “Greendale’s the Way It Is.”

    12. Re: Hottest Woman: Great additions to the list. A friend of mine described Tina Fey as “sneaky hot,” and I really feel like that’s an excellent characterization. As for the rest of your list, Cobie Smulders, Kristen Kreuk (whose hotness carried whatever glory days there were of [i]Smallville[/i]), Kaley Cuoco, Yvonne Strahovski, and especially Mary Louise-Parker are all great nominees. Katy Mixon is also hot, though I feel you oversell her (and for the record, she used a body double).

    13. I’m totally OK with you taking Abed; I somewhat wished I had. Fine choice, though there were several good options.

    14. I watched several episodes of [i]Big Bang Theory[/i], and pretty much forgot about it for nominations. That should tell you something. In short, it certainly wasn’t bad, but I felt the show relied too heavily on the same gags and formulas, and ran thin pretty quickly. Including Parsons.

    15. I feel weirdly good about myself for you agreeing with my conclusion on Best Series/Comedy. Clearly, you’re the aficionado here, so if I reached the same conclusion, my taste must not be terrible.

    REAL Emmy’s thoughts:

    1. The opening was great with Fallon/cast members of various shows. Really great stuff. Jimmy can totally rock, and it doesn’t hurt that I’m a big Springsteen fan.

    2. I knew a couple people who were pissed [i]Lost[/i] didn’t get the Emmy in its final go-round (a la Cal Ripken in his last All-Star game), but also knew at least one who was annoyed enough with the series finale that he didn’t think the show deserved one last award.

    3. I’ve enjoyed Bryan Cranston getting these awards, though I’ve never seen his show. He was very good on [i]Malcolm in the Middle[/i], a show that ran very thin very quickly, so I’m glad to see him have some success now.

    4. I’ve seen maybe three episodes of [i]Curb Your Enthusiasm[/i], though I LOVED the [i]Seinfeld[/i] reunion show (I just watched it this summer, and didn’t actually know it took place in this Emmy timeframe). I especially enjoyed Jerry’s line about “we already botched one series finale” — though for the record, I’ve come to really appreciate the real [i]Seinfeld[/i] finale on a deeper level. I’m kind of glad I didn’t see enough of [i]Curb[/i], though, and I only saw a couple episodes of this season’s [i]It’s Always Sunny In Philadephia[/i] (I usually watch that show after each season has been completed) — both of those could have muddied the waters further in some already difficult decisions.

  6. spiffyithaca Says:

    lol, good look on the Weeds reference. I love Andy.

    Scrubs wasn’t good enough this go around to garner any noms, but maybe it should’ve just because it is Hall of Fame caliber in its heyday, and there were still some hilarious flashes when both Turk and JD were still in the actual episodes.

    You’re probably right about the small doses of McBride, but Eastbound’s only a half hour, so it’s really the right size. Sometimes he grates on you as Kenny Powers, but other times it’s just bliss. Also, I forget if I mentioned, but Will Ferrell’s guest appearances on the show actually deserve a nomination.

    Next season Community should have its own award for best Community College student in a small recurring role.

    I didn’t know Mixon used a body double. Lame. She wouldn’t have won anyways.

    The overall show Big Bang Theory doesnt deserve much recognition and is merely solid/mediocre most of the time with flashes of brilliance (like Hulk hands), but I think if it weren’t for its cast it’d be one of the worst shows on TV, and it’s FAR from that.

    Well, I agreed with you in terms of comedy. Mad Men, Justified, Dexter or LOST would’ve beaten it out for best show. And also, if I rewatched all the seasons of the main contenders, Archer might actually just win (“We’re touching penises”).

    Real Emmy’s:

    I like Cranston too, and have seen some of his performance, and it’s incredible, but come on, they can share the love after 2 seasons of him. There’s just too many great actors like Hamm, Hall and Fox that deserve kudos as well.

    I saw my first episode of It’s Always Sunny all the way through, and it was this season’s premiere, and it was pretty awful. I’ll have to get season 1 eventually. I need the DVD’s, because fuck downloading that shit online.

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