Highlights from Tom Brevoort’s “Talk to the Hat,” 10/4/11


This week’s Marvel’s T&A (T for Tom Brevoot, A for Axel Alonso) question and answer feature at Comic Book Resources  becomes Talk to the Hat, as Axel bows out to focus on his new duties as Marvel’s editor-in-chief. Here’s some interesting stuff from T-Voort:

Tom Brevoort: As I’ve said before, I’d love to see both T’Challa and Storm on the Avengers — so maybe that’s something that I’ll get done this week at this retreat! We’ll see!

I’ll second that! Which isn’t to say Storm has to step away from the X-Men; she could always be on both teams, like Wolverine. It’ll also be a good way to ensure neither member of the couple overshadows each other (which was kind of a concern back when the two got married in Black Panther). Even though it wasn’t in main Marvel continuity, Storm has been an Avenger before, over in Marvel Adventures: The Avengers.

We also find out about a very cool idea Tom had for Sue Storm… and how it actually turned out to be something he’d seen back at his earliest days at Marvel!

I’ve long felt that Sue Richards should be the FF’s “field medic.” Using her powers, she could “diagnose” a problem using her abilities to make assorted layers of the epidermis invisible. Using her force-fields honed to a molecule’s thickness, she could create and manipulate with uncanny precision scalpels, as well as clamps and retainers and all the tools one would need in surgery. And so forth. It was a cool bit, using Sue’s powers in a logical yet novel manner, and casting her in a different role. I know I bounced this bit off of Jonathan Hickman when he was taking over the series.

But just last week, I picked up a copy of the Premiere Hardcover collection of the “Resurrection of Galactus” arc. The earliest issues of “FF” I edited were in that volume, picking up from previous editor Bobbie Chase. And I was stunned to discover that, in one of the parallel worlds that the FF visit in the course of that storyline, Sue is a doctor, using her powers in exactly the way I had been talking about. Now, I edited the issue in question — it was one of my first, if not my actual first. But it had completely fallen out of my mind in the intervening years. So it was actually Carlos Pacheco or Rafael Marin or Jeph Loeb who had come up with this bit-of-business that I had been talking up as my brilliant genius for all these months.

Not sure Sue has any medical training, but her dad was a physician. Still, a good idea, even if it’s been used before 😛


Tom Brevoort: Well, okay, let’s ask this one. There are two schools of thought when it comes to the tenure of writers on our assorted titles. The first is that writers should be contracted for relatively short, finite runs, like Mark Millar in “Wolverine: Enemy of The State,” in which they hit you immediately and all at once with all of their best ideas and don’t outstay their welcome. And the second philosophy is the long-form approach, where somebody like Brian Bendis writes a title like “Daredevil” for as long as it’s interesting to him and successful for us, and that enables the creator to tell stories across far greater swaths of pages and time. So, with all that in mind (and with a certain amount of decorum — there’s no need for name-calling here), I’d like to hear from the readers what regular title they think would benefit from a change of creative team, and why.

Woo. Talk about a potentially explosive question. Obviously Tom means no offense to any of Marvel’s current creative teams, but I can’t help but think it would have been better to ask, “Which creators fans would like to see on a certain Marvel book?” Or even, “Do you prefer longer runs or shorter, finite ones?” which is where it looked like T-Voort was headed. I’m sure we’ll get some interesting answers, though…

(off the top of my head, I can’t think of any Marvel titles that’d benefit from a creator change; maybe it’s because I don’t read as many Marvel titles that I used to, or because the ones that I think would benefit are about to get a change in creative team in a few months).

Anyway, definitely check it out, it’s well worth a read. You’ll also find out what Tom’s favorite title to edit so far (he gives a great answer), the funniest Marvel pitch that’s ever come by his desk (a murder mystery at the Marvel offices!), more hints about the returning CrossGen titles (Sigil and Ruse aren’t the only ones!) and of course, your regular batch of preview art (Alan Davis on a Young Avengers story!).

I leave you with a preview of Alex Maleev and Brian Michael Bendis’ upcoming Moon Knight ongoing series, which hits in May– about time we saw Maleev and Bendis on another Marvel title! And who knows, maybe we’ll turn this into a regular feature on the blog 😛


4 Responses to “Highlights from Tom Brevoort’s “Talk to the Hat,” 10/4/11”

  1. davidry214 Says:

    I’d be fine with Storm in the Avengers, but it probably wouldn’t do that much for me. There reaches a point where characters can be spread too thin for the concept to remain plausible. That ship sailed 20 years ago with Wolverine, but if Storm is going to be in the X-Men, Avengers, and still have some Wakandan status (though that’s somewhat up in the air), she won’t be just a ton better.

    The idea of Sue using her powers like that does sound cool and logical — to an extent. Characters suddenly developing difficult new skills or knowledge rarely sits well with me, but Sue becoming a pseudo-medical expert would qualify.

    Really surprised Brevoort would frame the “creator change” question like that. Not like they’d actually make a change based on such suggestions if sales were strong, but still, not the tactful way I imagine he meant it. Personally, I’d like to see a new writer take on the core Avengers group, after such a lengthy Bendis run that rarely has had depth to the stories. But that won’t happen until he’s ready to move on or sales finally drop. Despite my disdain for his run, I still overall do prefer long creator runs. Just so long as the stories conform to my personal taste. 😉

  2. Comic creators I’d like to see on Marvel titles « Eat More Comics Says:

    […] Eat More Comics Comic books, movies, TV, sports… everything awesome, really « Highlights from Tom Brevoort’s “Talk to the Hat,” 10/4/11 […]

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