And the Eisner nominations go to …


people you’ve mostly never heard of.

The 2011 Eisner Awards, which celebrate the best in comics, were released today. The winners will be announced July 22 at Comic-Con International.

A common theme of the nominees? Not much in the way of big names. If you’re looking for the works of Bendis or Johns or almost any other top creators from Marvel or DC, you won’t find them listed in the above link. Not that this is terribly uncommon for the Eisners — they’re often filled with more independents than they are best-sellers. But still, just three nominations for Marvel. DC did better with 14 total, but just five of those from DCU.

Image and IDW each got 12 noms, as IDW continues to rise in both sales and critical acclaim. Dark Horse came in not far behind with nine. So Marvel and DC might lead in sales, but a lot of companies are sharing recognition this year.

So readers, any thoughts on the nominees?


One Response to “And the Eisner nominations go to …”

  1. gokitalo Says:

    Yeah, I was very surprised at how recognizable– in some cases, almost obscure– the picks were. Still, good stories can come from anywhere…

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