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Introduction and manifesto

February 13, 2008

Welcome to Goki’s Giving Groin, a site for comics and media in general (as if you couldn’t tell by the title)! I’m Goki, and together with my friends David and Spiffy, hope to take you on a wild ride as we talk about things we love, things we hate, and thing that make us FUDO. What is FUDO, you ask? Our manifesto below explains it all:

spiffygy (12:52:14 AM): I also mean to start up reading comics again
spiffygy (12:52:16 AM): Mostly through trade
Gokitalo (12:52:16 AM): Yesssss
spiffygy (12:52:28 AM): I have a few comic crazed friends at college
spiffygy (12:52:38 AM): A few of the things ive started are Invincible and Walking Dead
spiffygy (12:52:54 AM): If I get into it, I’m sure I’ll be reading 20 a month like I used to, is the problem
Gokitalo (12:53:38 AM): Good point. Although maybe you could get new, one-word Weekly Reviews out of it
Gokitalo (12:53:53 AM): “Good”
“So bad, I wouldn’t even give this one to Goki”
spiffygy (12:54:08 AM): haha
spiffygy (12:54:23 AM): You should start up a comics website
spiffygy (12:54:29 AM): And I could contribute my great reviews
Gokitalo (12:54:33 AM): That’s a good idea
Gokitalo (12:54:45 AM): I started up two comics blogs
Gokitalo (12:54:47 AM): One for a class
spiffygy (12:54:51 AM): GOKI’S GROIN: A Place for Comic Book Readers
Gokitalo (12:54:51 AM): YES
spiffygy (12:55:04 AM): haha
Gokitalo (12:55:02 AM): I really should call it that
spiffygy (12:55:36 AM): I was trying to think of G words
Gokitalo (12:55:52 AM): It has the pizazz my other blogs were lacking
spiffygy (12:56:04 AM): i have a gift
spiffygy (12:56:10 AM): ooh gift is a g word too
Gokitalo (12:57:47 AM): Goki’s Gift Groin
Gokitalo (12:58:15 AM): The Gift That Keeps On Giving
spiffygy (12:59:29 AM): haha
spiffygy (12:59:32 AM): MONEY
spiffygy (12:59:40 AM): not a good title
spiffygy (12:59:44 AM): but definitely a good user title
Gokitalo (12:59:43 AM): Yes
spiffygy (12:59:49 AM): Goki’s Gift of a Groin
spiffygy (12:59:53 AM): i dont know
Gokitalo (12:59:53 AM): Goki’s Giving Groin
spiffygy (1:00:01 AM): haha
spiffygy (1:00:04 AM): there it is
Gokitalo (1:00:13 AM): Our reviews will be awesome
Gokitalo (1:00:22 AM): “This comic was so good, I had sex with it and never called her back”
spiffygy (1:00:47 AM): “Even Goki, with his omnipotent giving groin wouldnt give this to a bum on the streets!”
spiffygy (1:01:02 AM): i like yours better
Gokitalo (1:01:14 AM): And instead of Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down
Gokitalo (1:01:18 AM): We could have Fly Up and Fly Down
Gokitalo (1:01:27 AM): This comic left Goki’s Fly Up!
spiffygy (1:01:31 AM): Or Erect and Flaccid
Gokitalo (1:01:32 AM): Also good
spiffygy (1:01:44 AM): Both work with the groin theme
spiffygy (1:01:57 AM): Fly Up, Dick Out
spiffygy (1:02:02 AM): now THATS a good comic
Gokitalo (1:02:00 AM): BWAHAHA
Gokitalo (1:02:26 AM): We could call it “FUDO” for short
spiffygy (1:02:38 AM): The only thing this comic was missing was ejaculation, and believe me true believers, I took care of that after the final credits
Gokitalo (1:02:43 AM): BWAHAHA
spiffygy (1:02:58 AM): FUDO has a nice ring to it
Gokitalo (1:03:19 AM): “I have one thing to about the art: FUDO”
spiffygy (1:03:42 AM): Of course you can interpret it as a good and a bad thing
spiffygy (1:03:44 AM): the FUDO
spiffygy (1:03:48 AM): a) so good youre jerking to it
spiffygy (1:04:02 AM): b) so bad, youre jerking over it, because you can pencil better with your dick
Gokitalo (1:04:15 AM): BWAHAHA
Gokitalo (1:04:35 AM): We should copy/paste this chat
Gokitalo (1:04:39 AM): And call it our Manifesto
spiffygy (1:05:20 AM): haha
spiffygy (1:05:33 AM): If I remember, ill save the chat
spiffygy (1:05:36 AM): you do the same
spiffygy (1:05:46 AM): and when we talk to each other again in a month, well hatch our plans for world domination
Gokitalo (1:06:02 AM): “pulling down our pants,” as it were
spiffygy (1:07:20 AM): my pants are always down when im talking to you
spiffygy (1:07:29 AM): you just make me want to FUDO
Gokitalo (1:07:47 AM): Dude, I FUDO’ed 10 minutes ago
spiffygy (1:07:59 AM): lmao
spiffygy (1:08:02 AM): and i dont lmao often anymore
spiffygy (1:08:16 AM): i used to be liberal with those babies
spiffygy (1:08:29 AM): but my ass was literally off after one of them
spiffygy (1:08:33 AM): and that was an expensive surgery
Gokitalo (1:08:31 AM): ROFL
Gokitalo (1:08:36 AM): (as you can see, I’m a rofl guy)
spiffygy (1:08:46 AM): that was shitty sitcom material right there
spiffygy (1:09:36 AM): Speaking of sitcoms….
spiffygy (1:09:38 AM): You must watch one
Gokitalo (1:09:40 AM): I dunno dude
spiffygy (1:09:43 AM): Its the best since Friends. Better.
spiffygy (1:09:50 AM): How I Met Your Mother
Gokitalo (1:09:52 AM): Ohh yeah
spiffygy (1:09:56 AM): Watch it
Gokitalo (1:09:54 AM): I heard of that
Gokitalo (1:10:27 AM): Is it grointastic?
spiffygy (1:11:13 AM): You wont be able to FUDO anymore after a lot of the episodes
spiffygy (1:11:26 AM): whoops, sorry about the video thing, if you got that. didnt mean to
Gokitalo (1:12:38 AM): That’s cool, we should only show off our groins when we feel ready
spiffygy (1:13:55 AM): haha
spiffygy (1:14:06 AM): i laughed out loud there
Gokitalo (1:14:07 AM): YES
spiffygy (1:17:21 AM): so we gotta figure a way to bring our humor to an audience
spiffygy (1:17:30 AM): even if the audience will be potentially repulsed by it
Gokitalo (1:17:30 AM): I agree
spiffygy (1:17:37 AM): and ODUF
spiffygy (1:17:40 AM): (inverse FUDO)
Gokitalo (1:17:40 AM): AWESOME
Gokitalo (1:18:10 AM): We could definitely tell some of the old gang
spiffygy (1:18:22 AM): AA’s the only worthy one
Gokitalo (1:18:26 AM): I’d say Lia is too
spiffygy (1:18:37 AM): We can fight T5 for interstellar domination
Gokitalo (1:18:39 AM): Yes
spiffygy (1:18:47 AM): Because he’s cylon
Gokitalo (1:18:45 AM): Penis Sabers
spiffygy (1:19:00 AM): (Battlestar Galactica reference)
Gokitalo (1:19:06 AM): I’m such a bad nerd
Gokitalo (1:19:11 AM): I’ve never watched that show
spiffygy (1:19:40 AM): Its galactastic
spiffygy (1:19:43 AM): or something
spiffygy (1:19:52 AM): While Im at home, ive been watching it with my dad
spiffygy (1:19:54 AM): Its sweet
spiffygy (1:20:14 AM): Ive pretty much replaced my comic obsession with tv shows and movies
Gokitalo (1:20:23 AM): “Son, does this show make you as erect as I am right now?”
“Sure is, Dad!”
“I love it when we have these father-son moments, son”
spiffygy (1:20:42 AM): since youve done a few, and i have yet to give one
spiffygy (1:20:45 AM): BWAHAHA
spiffygy (1:20:48 AM): i loved that
spiffygy (1:21:00 AM): So belovedly awkward
Gokitalo (1:21:22 AM): Yes. Yes, it is. I don’t even want to know what you two did next
spiffygy (1:22:01 AM): We watched another episode
spiffygy (1:22:13 AM): and FUDO’d in complete synchronization
Gokitalo (1:22:27 AM): Knew it
Gokitalo (1:22:36 AM): But it still made my skin crawl
Gokitalo (1:22:57 AM): Aim somewhere else next time
spiffygy (1:23:11 AM): ill work on it
Gokitalo (1:23:37 AM): Some kid started licking me because he thought I’d spilled yogurt on myself
spiffygy (1:24:09 AM): Thats a horrifying prospect
spiffygy (1:24:20 AM): i actually
spiffygy (1:24:22 AM): ODUF’d
Gokitalo (1:24:28 AM): AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
spiffygy (1:26:32 AM): so you still read comics, then?
Gokitalo (1:26:38 AM): Oh yeah man
spiffygy (1:26:50 AM): what are the good ones?
Gokitalo (1:26:57 AM): Green Lantern just hit the stratosphere
spiffygy (1:27:07 AM): doesnt he do that every issue
spiffygy (1:27:12 AM): HILARIOUS
Gokitalo (1:27:12 AM): It is
Gokitalo (1:27:19 AM): But I’m still going to say “Shut up”
spiffygy (1:27:29 AM): then say it
Gokitalo (1:27:29 AM): Fine
spiffygy (1:27:33 AM): without the formalities
spiffygy (1:27:39 AM): give it to me straight
spiffygy (1:27:42 AM): and hard
spiffygy (1:27:50 AM): i knew you couldnt do it
Gokitalo (1:27:47 AM): You’d better not flinch this time
Gokitalo (1:27:51 AM): AGH!
spiffygy (1:28:00 AM): hehe
Gokitalo (1:27:58 AM): I just can’t perform
Gokitalo (1:28:06 AM): under these conditions
spiffygy (1:28:11 AM): I never flinch
spiffygy (1:28:29 AM): Well Im going to call it a night, actually
spiffygy (1:28:34 AM): An online night, rather
spiffygy (1:28:41 AM): Im going to read/play madden/etc
Gokitalo (1:28:49 AM): No prob dude. We’ll talk comics and our awesome site next time
Gokitalo (1:28:57 AM): But yeah, Green Lantern’s gotten pretty good
spiffygy (1:30:10 AM): Ive never been a big GL guy
spiffygy (1:30:13 AM): But I believe it
spiffygy (1:30:24 AM): I’ll talk to you later, and sooner rather than later this time
Gokitalo (1:30:33 AM): Right on
Gokitalo (1:30:49 AM): We sure slacked off on Goktastic Spiffiness
spiffygy (1:31:16 AM): Yeah I know. I blame myself. I owe you.
spiffygy (1:31:20 AM): And I will repay you with this
spiffygy signed off at 1:31:21 AM.
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spiffygy signed on at 1:31:37 AM.
spiffygy (1:32:06 AM): Sobe sure to save this, because I sure as hell forgot
spiffygy (1:32:17 AM): and ruined it with my badass sign off
Gokitalo (1:32:36 AM): Dude, thank goodness you told me
spiffygy (1:32:49 AM): good im glad i signed back on
spiffygy (1:33:11 AM): bu anyways, good night my friend
spiffygy (1:33:13 AM): have fun in merry land
Gokitalo (1:33:24 AM): Enjoy thy Merry Madden
spiffygy (1:33:32 AM): oh i will
spiffygy (1:33:35 AM): its super bowl time
spiffygy signed off at 1:33:42 AM.