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Spiffy and AA talk TV

September 26, 2010

So, Saturday night, Spiffy started texting me incessantly about all kinds of shit, but his one noteworthy idea was he and I teaming up for a Previews Reviews-style post on the first week of season premieres from the fall TV schedule. Due to my lack of AIM on the computer I was using, we ended up on Facebook (he’s Andy, I’m Me). This was the result.

One of us was drunk, but I’m not telling who; try to guess for yourself.




September 19, 2010

Holy FUCK I;m drunk. I just did a post about Ben Affleck, for whatever reason, and it literallt took me seven edits to get the post seemingly mistake-free (and there was probs still somethign wrong). But now, I’m even drunker, and it’s time for the coup d’grace, and there shall be no edits this thing; whatver drunkenly happens, haoppens. I’m way too far gone to care about typos now, assuming I get through this post at all.

I found DC’s solits for December on newsarama for Dec, but not Marvel’s so I’ll theoretically do just Nov for both, assuming I don’t pass out before completion. BTW, I texted Spiff before starting this endeavor (don’t have Goki’s cell, sadly), but got no immediate response and can’t delay without crashing hardcores.e


Preview Reviews: April: Marvel time

January 30, 2010

God, I sucked it up trying to do DC just now. I should really just stop. But what if Chuck Austen had stopped? Then he wouldn’t have had some villain rape a girl in Superman. Or turn Northstar into a steriotype and Angel into a pedophile during Uncanny X-Men. Or earn the ire of millions of fans. Or become unemployed ever since both companies fired him. That sounds like mor evidence I shoukd quit, no? Well, consider this: Apple just came out with a “revolutionary” new computer, the iPad. Two years from now, Chuck Austen will help design its high-speed upgrade, the MAXI-PAD.

lmao, i should really go out on that joke. But whatever, I’m going to do Marvel Preview Reviews from April (2010) really quickly.


Preview Reviews for April: DC edition, BITCHES!

January 30, 2010

Guess what? I’m drunk. But guess what else? Right now I think it’s a good idea, for some reason, to revive the legendaty Preview Reviews!!! Shouldn’t I probably wait until I’m sober, then try to get someone else to team up with me? Mayhaps. But what if Superman had waited until he sobered up and got a team-up to fight effing Doomsday? Perbe, he might have lived. But if he’d lived, then the tpb Death of Superman would have seemed like false advertising. Yeah, think about that.

I’ll start with DC, because it comes first in the ol’ alphabet-aroo, and because Bendis doesn’t work there.


July ’08 Preview Reviews: Marvel (Part 2)

July 16, 2008

Do you think when Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and the others were creating the Marvel Universe, they ever sat back and thought to themselves, “Man, I really hope someday there’s an electronic information sharing system so that two idiots, a thousand miles apart, can sit around and mock the sincere efforts of hardworking creators trying their best to uphold our legacies”?

I like to think they thought just that, and someone agress with me.

Goki: YES

Here it is, folks, the end of the line for July Preview Reviews. We hope you enjoy it, and join us next month/never again for another installment!


July ’08 Preview Reviews: Marvel style (Part 1)

July 16, 2008

Sure, July is nearly half over, but it’s never to late to find out what to buy in the remaining weeks, and what you should have been buying the previous weeks. With that in mind, Spiffy (Andy/SpiffyGy) and myself (David/AA/MrStanza) present the Marvel version of our critically acclaimed Preview Reviews. Join us as we take a tour through the House of Ideas and see what made us say “Excelsior!” and what just made us angry (you wouldn’t like us when we’re angry).

Marvel was a little longer than DC, so we decided to split it up into two parts. Here’s the first edition.


Preview Reviews: AA and Spiffy Discuss DC Comicbooks For July

July 8, 2008

Preview Reviews: AA and Spiffy discuss DC Comicbook Solicitations for July 2008

Back in the days when we frequented my message board Comic Castle, David and I came together online each month (on a very timely and organized schedule and sometimes accompanied by Goki) to discuss the coming titles for the big two (it takes too much time to do anything more than that, and our apologies) in the only way we can: sarcastically, hilariously and with as little prerequisite knowledge of titles as possible. These humble and honest conversations were dubbed “Preview Reviews”. Behold, here’s our monstrous discussion of the DC books coming out this week. Be sure and wear a condom (to warn off any other horrible jokes like that one that may be incurred throughout this post). Enjoy, and watch out for fake Goki sightings!