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Another introduction

January 10, 2009

Since new guy Rob made his introduction already, I suppose it’s time to do mine.  I’m a bit different from the other guys on this blog, in that I am a woman in my (early) thirties.  Also, though I occasionally read comics in my youth (Archie, Ninja Turtles, X-Men, Swamp Thing…even an over-sized comic adaptation of the original Battlestar Galactica, which I still own), I didn’t really get into them until university. 


My roommate watched the FOX X-Men cartoon, and I got hooked, feeling compelled to research and find out more about these characters on the Internet and in the comics.  I became a devoted fan of Mystique and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants/Freedom Force, collecting all their back issues and dedicating a website to them (which still exists today, in all its late-`90s style glory).


Years went by, and as Marvel killed off, depowered, or sent them into limbo, I became a bitter, bitter fangirl — and believe me, there is nothing more vengeful than an angry fangirl.  I’d never been interested in DC before, but slowly got into it through an obsessive love of the Flash Rogues.  I still love my Marvel favourites, but concentrate most of my fannish energy on the Rogues and DC these days. 


So that’s where I am now; I run a Rogues fan community, am the forum administrator at a comics website, and occasionally update my old Freedom Force site.  Yes, I’m a nerd.  But being a nerd is awesome, so why not embrace it? 


Brief introduction!

January 9, 2009

Hello readers. I’m Rob, the newest blogger here on GGG, and I’ve never blogged before. That’s the truth. So, fear for your mind as you read my friendly introduction. I learned this from Jeff, folks! Blame him.

When I was ten years old I was introduced to the world of Marvel Comics, the X-Men specifically. A girl in my fourth grade class gave me a Rogue trading card and a Captain Britain trading card. I remember thinking that Britain looked like some sort of Batman in an armoured suit (there were several strange Batman action figures in circulation at the time), and I couldn’t figure out why they had changed his name. Rogue was just… Well, why’d she have a white spot of hair? My little grade-school friend has no idea what those TWO trading cards would do to my life. Comics are an expensive addiction!

My father owned a bakery at the time, which was located in a shopping plaza two doors away from a comic book/sports card specialty store. The shop owner also had a young son of my age. We struck a deal. When I couldn’t scrape together the $2.00 to buy a pack of cards we’d trade candy bars for trading cards. I realize that we were both stealing from our fathers, but that is the flawed logic of a child. It was an equal trade, nothing lost and nothing gained. I slowly collected the entire set, and eagerly read the characters biographies on the back of each. Over and over. Practically memorized them.

“So is this from a cartoon or something?” I asked my friend, idly, as I sorted through a new pack. “I’ve never seen it.” He led me from the trading card half of the store into another portion of the store I’d never bothered to enter. “You’ve never seen the comics?” Before my eyes, laid across so many horizontal shelves, was… the future.

And that is how my 16 year (and running) love of serialized graphic entertainment began. It has definitely waxed and waned at times, but as we speak it is slowly waxing…

So what I hope to contribute to this blog, is a look back at the era of comics I grew up with, the late 80s to the early 2000s.

I’ll also be trying to keep you up with as many comics related animated series as I can! We’ve got Batman: The Brave and the Bold airing on Cartoon Network in the USA at 8:00PM Eastern, and Wolverine and the X-Men which launches in the USA on January 23rd on Nicktoons Network.

So hopefully you’ll get to read from me on a regular basis!

Who is Jeffery Simpson?

December 2, 2008

Me in B&W


Jeffery Kelly Simpson was born in Edmonton Alberta in the year 1978 at a very young age.  Like most children he eventually grew up, though unlike most he had the poor sense to go online instead of going out with pretty girls.  In high school he had a blog before people knew what blogs were, and by the time that people knew what blogs were he had several of them.


Blogger profile: davidry214

April 13, 2008

Handle: davidry214

Name: David Youngblood


Blogger Profile: Gokitalo

February 20, 2008

(Believe it or not, I actually do kind of look like this. Kind of.)


Blogger Profile: Spiffyithaca

February 20, 2008


Note: Picture taken almost a year ago. I have gorgeous hair now. 

Like I said earlier, I think it’s important to give you guys an idea of who we are. So to start a series of profiles from the guys at Goki’s Giving Groin, we will start with myself. (more…)